Tips for Normal delivery

Congratulations on your pregnancy.. Are you also searching for the tips for normal delivery which will be done by almost every pregnant woman..If yes, it is a very good sign since you have the hope that you can have a normal delivery which will certainly give you a positive vibration and make you mentally ready for delivery. Read more books on pregnancy, how your baby is growing inside, how to take care and so on. I was reading, reading, reading the 'What to Expect When you're expecting' book all the time even post delivery time. It has all the information what you would like to understand in all the stages of pregnancy. It has all the do's and  don'ts starting from calculating due date, what to eat, what exercise we can do and how to get normal delivery.. What I like the most is, it walks you through week by week development of the baby inside you. It is really exciting to read what organs will develop and when and amazing to see the picture of how the baby develop week by week. I am referring all my friends to buy this immediately after they get pregnant. Thanks to my friend who gave such a wonderful gift to me.

The preparation process of a normal delivery is similar to the process of an interview. Yes. We don't know whether we will succeed in the interview. But still we would like to prepare for it since we do not want to lose just because of the lack of preparation. In the same way, we cannot sit idle saying all will happen as written in our head. A popular message says, sometime God has written for some things in our life to happen as we wish:-) Why don't we wish for a normal delivery.

There are so many uncontrollable factors which lead to C-section like baby passing stool in the womb, baby's weight is higher, baby is not coming down and so on. In the same way, there are so many things which we can do for a normal delivery.
I share a few tips for normal delivery here..

1. Build confidence and always say in your mind that you can deliver the baby normally.

Note: Consult your doctor before you follow the below tips(2-5) and she will advice you based on your body's condition.

2. If you are not put up on bed rest, consult a physiotherapist for per-natal exercises. Usually you will be asked to do twice or thrice a day. She will suggest you few exercises and the frequency based on your body's condition. You can try Yoga classes also.

3. Walk for 20-40 minutes a day once or twice. It need not be a long distance walking. Even you can use your terrace for walking. You will feel refreshed by the fresh air.

4. If your health is absolutely normal, you can take care of small household work after your doctor's go ahead is received.

5. Take adequate amount of water around 3 litres per day. Use a water bottle, so that you can measure and ensure your water intake is sufficient. Even taking too much of water leads to C-section rarely. So, please ensure to ask the doctor about your water content level which can be known by scanning to plan accordingly.

6. Be happy, listen to music and feel relaxed thinking about your little one who is going to be with you in just few days.

7. Take a healthy diet and avoid food which can increase your sugar and blood pressure levels.

8. Do kegel-exercises which is useful for normal delivery. You can get the how-to procedure in the following link

Happy pregnancy and delivery.. Whatever the mode of delivery, you will feel like flying when you see your little one...

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