Apollo White Dental Review

I have never had wonderful experiences with dental clinics. Like many of you, I am also just scared to visit dental clinics. We will postpone our dental check-ups naturally when we are scared to visit dental clinics.

My mindset has changed after I visited Apollo Dental White clinic in Adyar. My father had undergone a minor surgery in Apollo, Kanthanchavadi, and the treatment and experience were quite good. They are the only one who can make even a hospitalization experience to be a pleasant one. When my father was worrying about the surgery, his friend convinced him saying that he did not need to worry at all as he was with his daughters and in the best hospital in India.

With a very good experience with Apollo already, I was not too scared to visit Apollo Dental clinic like before. I was very confident that it would be a good experience only.

I chose to visit Adyar branch of Apollo White Dental. I got an appointment at 2:30 PM on February 13, 2016, and it was well coordinated by Mr.Vijay, a support staff.


Entering into the clinic itself was a pleasant experience. I went along with my kid and sister. It was like entering into a wedding hall where you would be greeted very nicely.


Mr.Vijay and Mr.Venkat, the support staffs were at the reception. They immediately switched on the TV and played a cartoon channel to engage my kid. I was thinking how my sister would be able to engage my kid in the clinic. To be frank, he did not even want to watch the TV. He was quite comfortable with the clean and the enormous free space. He was calm as there was no chaos at all, unlike other clinics.


I met Dr.Lakshmanan who is an Orthodontist. He is the head of the clinic too. He thoroughly checked my mouth and explained about the problematic teeth and treatment options. He took X-ray too and showed me the problems. I threw a lot of doubts to him. He patiently listened to my doubts and clarified one by one.


Then it was Dr.Arti who took over the rest. She is the one who did scaling and polishing for me. I am not the one who gets scaling done every 6 months. Yes, I felt bit uncomfortable during scaling. But it was done in few minutes. My teeth were well cleaned. It takes 2 days to feel normal. I was feeling like having glass teeth for 2 days as the mouth was well cleaned.

She explained me about the enamel problems that I have and suggested me to use Sensodyne Repair and Protect for a month. She also demonstrated how to brush the teeth properly. She told me clearly that she recommend toothpaste only based on the teeth condition and it might not be the right toothpaste for everyone.

With Dr.Arti, It was a professional conversation initially. But very soon, she became very friendly. I was quite comfortable to ask all my doubts I have in mind about the different dental treatments.

"I am too scared about getting Root Canal Treatment done. There are a lot of myths around it. Is Root Canal having any side effects?", I asked her. She told that there are no side effects at all and she had done it for her mom. She gave me so much confidence and made me feel very comfortable. My cousin who is a dentist also suggested me to go for root canal treatment without worrying.

I was about to extract my tooth because of the misconceptions. Now I am all set to get a root canal treatment done. Thanks to Apollo White Dental for helping me to save my tooth.

The clinic is clean and maintained well. They are looking for renovating it too. With Apollo White Dental, you will get only a convenient, relaxing and pleasant experience. Yes, the price is expensive. Every good thing has its own price tag.

Only a single dentist do all the dental treatments in many dental clinics. In Apollo White Dental, there are different doctors who are specialized in different dental areas. That is one of the biggest advantages with Apollo White Dental.


Website:  http://www.apollowhitedental.com/

Clinic Address:

Apollo White Dental Clinic, No.36, 1st Main Road,
Gandhi Nagar (Above Spencer's Daily), Adyar, Chennai-600 020.

Phone: 044 - 24403464

Have you ever visited Apollo White Dental? Let us know your reviews and opinions too.

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