Manjakani | Majuphal | Masikai Uses and Health Benefits

Manjakani | Majuphal| Masikai Uses and Health Benefits:

Masikai or Oak Gall is scientifically called as Quercus Infectoria. It is a medicinal herb popular for its tissue tightening benefits in women. It is also used as a protective herb for infants soon after birth, in few parts of India. They are available in all kinds of organic drug stores and can be stocked for longer durations after proper drying in the sun.

The oak galls are formed as a reaction to the attack by gall wasps in this plant. The time taken for formation of these hard oak gulls is about six months. The powdered form of gall oaks is found in tooth powders recommended for fighting against gingivitis and toothaches.

Manjakani or Masikai consists mainly of, Tannic acid and Gallic acid. These components are known to provide astringent action, nti-diarrheal, anti-hemorrhagic, anti-dysenteric, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to the oak gall, besides the ability to burn fat. It also has  antidiabetic, antipyretic, antibacterial, antiviral properties.

“Majuphal, as it is widely known in Indian traditional medicine have been used as dental powder and in the treatment of toothache and gingivitis.” - Indian Journal of Pharmacology.

According to the Indian Medicinal Plants published by Kottakkal AVS in 1995 and Handbook of Medicinal Plants by Bhattacharjee SK. (2001), Manjakani has been used as a dental powder to treat toothache and gingivitis.

"Majakani is being used topically for its astringent properties to cause skin whitening and just like your good old rubbing alcohol, it is also good for killing germs. Manjakani has also been used as ink and for manufacturing black dye." - From the book “Edible and Non-Edible Medicinal Plants” by T.K. Lim.

Listed below are few tips wherein use of Masikai helps tide over the painful symptoms.

Benefits of Majuphal |  Manjakani | Masikai for Babies:

Masikai is used as part of Urai Marunthu in Tamil Nadu. We use this along with other herbs to make Urai Marunthu. Your grannies should be well aware of it and must have used it for you and your mommies. Check with them before starting to use it for babies. It helps to relieve gas in babies and also helps to remove milk residue on tongues.

Benefits of Masikai | Majuphal |  Manjakani for Vaginal tightening:

Masikai has a lot of uses and health benefits for Women. It has a skin and tissue tightening property. Manjakani is considered to be the best remedy for vaginal or uterine prolapse, abnormal uterine bleeding, abnormal vaginal discharge, leucorrhea. Its use as a topical applicant in the form of a paste or its powdered solution used in wash care routine helps heal tissues and overcome prolapse conditions quickly. It is used with other herbs and given to women after childbirth to restore the elasticity of uterine wall.

Benefits of Masikai | Majuphal |  Manjakani for Urinary Infection:

Manjakani helps relieve urinary tract infections. Its astringent property helps overcome infection in urinary tracts, besides healing the damages in tissues, and rejuvenating skin and tissue health in the vagina. Its consumption internally is recommended along with other herbs to be effective, but its astringent property makes it the best solution for external cleaning to get rid of ulcers and tissue damages in any part of the body.

Benefits of Masikai | Majuphal |  Manjakani for Bad Odors:

Masikai helps overcome bad odor from genital areas. Use of Majakani extract solution for washing infected or smelling parts helps overcome foul smell emanating from private parts in women, besides terminating bacteria or fungi residing in these areas.

Benefits of Masikai | Majuphal |  Manjakani for Post Pregnancy:

Majuphal is highly beneficial for dealing with Post birth body. Sagging breasts, vaginal looseness are common conditions, which a mother experiences after birthing. Consuming Manjakani helps firm the sagging breasts and topical application to the vagina, used in conjunction with vaginal exercises, helps tighten vaginal tissues.

Benefits of Masikai | Majuphal |  Manjakani for Kids:

Manjakani has a lot of uses and health benefits for Children. Children suffering from Diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome or rectal prolapse after a bout of diarrhea may find relief by using Oak gull. Its anti-diarrheal property helps heal all abdomen related disorders. To tide over these conditions, oak gall powder along with cinnamon powder is consumed in honey, twice in a day.

Benefits of Masikai | Manjakani | Majuphal Benefits for Rectal Bleeding:

Oral consumption of Manjakani helps to get relief from rectal bleeding. Masikai being antihemorrhagic helps overcome rectal bleeding. Powdered form of oak gall is used in conjunction with other herbs such as dried ginger powder and mesua ferrea in sugar and clarified butter to be consumed twice daily for relief.

Benefits of Masikai | Manjakani | Majuphal for dental problems:

You might have seen some Indian herbal tooth powders and toothpastes using 'Majuphal' as one of the key ingredients. Patanjali Dant Kanti toothpaste is actually having Manjakani as one of the main ingredients. You can see the scientific name of Masikai 'Quercus Infectoria' in the ingredient list on the label of that toothpaste.

Oak Gull fights gum infections in adults. The powdered Majuphal when mixed in powdered forms of babul bark and neem in black salt and used as tooth powder for oral cleaning, helps overcome bleeding gums, pyorrhea, and other oral infection conditions.

It is also used for improved oral hygiene in Children. Mouth ulcers in children is a common concern, and use of Masikai, as a mouth wash, helps heal the ulcers fast. Toothpaste and toothpowders that has Masikai is recommended for prolonged use to maintain total oral hygiene in children and adults.

Benefits of Masikai | Manjakani | Majuphal for healing wounds:

Masikai is an excellent wound healer.The antiseptic property owing to its astringent characteristics helps heal wounds faster. Upon washing the wounds in a solution obtained from boiling oak gulls in water, the wounds heal faster besides avoiding secondary infections. It is safer than commercially available antiseptic lotions and creams.

Benefits of Masikai | Majuphal |  Manjakani for Skin and Face:

Manjakani is famous for its skin tightening properties. As per Wiki, a small insignificant dosage of Masikai can help in skin whitening and treating skin diseases. High doses might cause skin drying.

Other than these benefits, Manjakani is also said to be helpful in treating PCOS and weight loss.

Where can you buy Manjakani | Masikai?

All the country drug stores must have having it in stock. You can find it some super markets too. Majuphal is available as whole or manjakani extract is available in manjakani gel form, manjakani powder form(masikai powder), manjakani pill, manjakani capsule, manjakani creams, manjakani tablets, manjakani oil, manjakani capsules.

Masikai | Manjakani Side effects:

Like any other herb, Masikai is dangerous in case of overdosage. Pregnant woman, woman during their menstural cycles, people who have chronic diseases should avoid it. Before taking it for the first time, it is better to consult a qualified doctor.

There are some controversies in using Manjakani. In Tamil Nadu, small dosage is being used to treat different problems. However, please consult a doctor if you are new to Masikai. 

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