Biotique Review - Bio Walnut Bark Shampoo review

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Today I am going to share my experience with the Biotique Bio Walnut shampoo. I tried this product when my friend suggested that all the Biotique products are herbal and can be used without side effects. She has been using the Biotique products for all her needs starting from hair, skin etc.

Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Shampoo review:

Pack sizes:

120 ml for Rs.99

210 ml for Rs.159
1000 ml for Rs.600

What they claim:

This rich body-building formlula is a blend of pure walnut bark, musk root, amla, soap nut and black malya flowers, to thoroughly cleanse, and revive hair for a fuller, thicker, lifted look.


Akhrot Chal

Himalayan Water Q.S

How To Use:

Apply liberally to wet hair and work lather through strands, from scalp to ends. Rinse well with water.

My View:

This is the first Biotique product I have started using followed by the products for skin like Sunscreen lotion, cleanser etc. I will post their reviews soon. When compared to the other products of Biotique, I feel the range of hair products didn't suit me well. I have dry hair and this Biotique bio walnut shampoo is not suitable for dry hairs. It makes my hair more dry after taking shampoo bath. It does not lather so much. You can easily find out that the shampoo is herbal since it does not smell too good. I stopped using this shampoo. But my friend who has suggested me to use this is using it continuously. She has oily hair and this shampoo works out very well for hair. It makes her hair styling much easier. In fact, she is using the shampoo thrice a week.


Herbal shampoo with good hair care ingredients like Amla,  Rita, Bhringraj.

Not very expensive.
Can get in different sizes. I would suggest you to try with the smallest size first.
Cleaning the hair and scalp well.
Can be used daily for oily hair.
Preservative free.
No strong chemicals.


Certainly a no-no product for dry hair.

Fragrance is not good.

My suggestion about the Biotique Bio walnut bark shampoo is to try this shampoo only if you have oily hair since it gives good results for oily hair. It will give you a lifted look. Please try with the 120 ml pack.

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