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Many online shopping websites have started showing their interests towards moving to mobile apps. That is the reason we are getting a lot of deals only when we shop through their apps. They like to get their customers to have experience and realize the advantages of shopping in their apps. More than 75% of the traffic of many giant Indian online shopping websites is from mobile. There is no doubt that most of the people who shop online have smartphones with them. 

Instead of running three different platforms(desktop site, mobile site and app), it is obviously good to have a single platform which can benefit the customers . Mobile site is the least preferred as it does not give superior performance. It is just a smaller version of desktop site and also not so interactive like app. Desktop site is good but the shopping takes really more time and desperately requires a desktop to shop as it is quite difficult to shop from a desktop site in mobile. So, I invite Myntra's decision to go app only as we can reap a lot of benefits and deals.


Myntra is the first shopping site which went to app only mode from May 15, 2015. Initially, it might be difficult for the customers to drop their love for desktop site completely. It may take sometime for all of us to feel comfortable with mobile app only site. But I am sure that we can get unbeatable experience with mobile apps. When online shopping started booming in India, customers feel hesitated to buy online due to several factors but now everyone prefers online shopping only. In the same way, once we taste the advantages of app shopping, we will never turn back to desktop sites.

Here are some daily life situations where I feel that I can only use Myntra app.

1. Last Minute Shopping:

When I don't have time at all even to think or waste a minute of time, I straightly go to Myntra app and shop instantly. Shopping in mobile apps is quite easy and simple with zero compromises in the shopping experience.

2. Clutter-free interface:

When I like to order a particular item for me, I do not like to head onto the desktop interface as I think it is cluttered. Not only me, no one likes clutter unless they never had experience with clutter-free interface. I want a simple and straight-forward interface which does not divert my shopping mood. So, I will use only app for its beautiful clutter-free interface.

3. Shopping on-the-go:

Does traveling mean to pause the shopping? No, I don't believe. Of course, I love to shop while traveling. When I have my lovely smart phone in my hand, I quickly plan my shopping needs and shop in just a few clicks. Even if I have my laptop with me, I don't prefer it as I do not want to make the shopping a difficult one.

I don't want to waste my time while traveling unless I have a beautiful scenery to watch. I plan my shopping needs and head onto the mobile app to shop. It saves my time a lot.

4. Personal shopping:

Sometimes I love my shopping to be so personal. I do not love to shop in desktop when I am surrounded by many people or when I want to shop something secret or something as a surprise gift for my hubby or kid. So, I like to use only mobile app and not a desktop site.

5. No access to desktop or laptop:

When I go to my native for vacation, desktops or laptops are not available in every relative's home. Some might have some decade old desktops which takes half an hour even to complete the start-up process. Thanks to mobile apps, you have been the savior in those situations and I cannot live without you there.

6. Poor broadband connection:

The poor broadband connection is not only a matter of low cost internet connection. It happens even with all broadband connections. Sometimes, it takes 5 minutes just to check my email. OMG, I am not even able to think about online shopping where so many images have to get loaded. Mobile app is the only best way to shop.

8. Internet Downtime:

Some internet connection offers very speed connectivity but fails to be up all the time. I pay around 1800 INR for my broadband connection. But it is mostly down for 3-5 days in a month due to different reasons. I don't have any other way other than depending on mobile apps for shopping.

9. Grabbing the best deals:

Nowadays, most of the online shopping websites offer app only deals and weekend app deals. It shows their interest towards moving their customers to mobile apps. So, most of the desktop websites have no interesting deals. If you want to buy in low price, you need to have their app. Again, mobile app is the one who wins.

10. No time to waste:

When I decide to shop something specific, I don't prefer buying in desktop site. I feel that it is just a waste of time. Turning on the computer, switching on the internet, connecting the system to internet, waiting for the desktop to complete the loading process, opening the internet browser and then going to the particular website are required to just start the shopping process. Then only, we can start the shopping. But with the app, it is just one click to start the shopping.

With hundreds of occasions to shop, let us celebrate shopping with Myntra app. As usual, we will get a lot of deals and discounts on quality products with easy return policies. You can expect more personalized shopping experience too. I am going to try my hand on the personalized shopping experience. Are you ready? Of course, #ItsPersonal.

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