Wednesday, 28 January 2015

How To Make Ghee From Milk At Home | Desi Ghee | Clarified Butter | Homemade Ghee Recipe

Homemade Ghee can be made from milk, cream, butter and curd. The quantity of the homemade ghee is low when compared to the cream you use. So, I suggest you to collect at least 1 cup of cream before you make the ghee.

Ghee Recipe 

I make ghee once in a week or twice a month nowadays. I use it for daily consumption especially for my kid. I use homemade ghee to add it to the rice. I also keep a bottle of store bought ghee to use while making sweets at home which require more amount of ghee. I strongly believe that homemade ghee is definitely better than the store bought one. So, I make sure that I add homemade ghee for my kid as far as I can. Elder people advise that vegetarians(especially kids) should consume more ghee.

You might feel the making process of ghee as a difficult one initially at least when you make it for the first time. But I swear that you will find it as easy after you try once or twice. Just you need one time practice.

To make ghee from milk, you need a good amount of cream from the milk. When I was using milk packets with 3% fat, I found that the cream is not enough to make ghee and it takes very long time to collect even half cup. When I start buying cow's milk directly from milk vendor here, I am able to collect good amount of cream daily.

Here I am going to show you how to make ghee from scratch at your home from milk.

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Order food online from the comfort of your home

Time has gone when you need to stand in a very long queue to taste your favorite food. There are lot of food takeaway restaurants which have online food ordering facility available in Chennai. Ordering food online is easier than ordering in person or over phone call. Even small restaurants started accepting orders online. There are lot of food takeaway restaurants emerging in Chennai. Ordering food online has a lot of advantages.

Advantages of Online Food ordering:

1. Home Delivery:

You can enjoy the home delivery food quite easily. Most restaurants delivery the food at your doorsteps for free. You can save your time and energy. Even you can choose pick-up option also.

2. More time to browse through the menu:

Waiting for the menu cards in restaurants is one of the difficult things when you are really hungry. Now you can check the menu cards online, choose and order the food items even before you feel hungry. You can take your own time to browse through the entire menu leisurely. Each and every one of your family members including your kids can take a look at the menu items and discuss without any time constraints.

3. No errors in orders:

There is a high possibility of making errors when you order directly in restaurant or over phone calls. There can be misunderstandings and errors in communication between the customers and the person who takes order. But when you order online, everything is digitally recorded and you do not need to worry about any confusion with the orders.

4. No waste of time:

Don't you think waiting time in a restaurant is absolutely a waste of time unless you have plenty of free time? Sometimes we need to wait for more than an hour to taste our favorite food. We will lose the interest in the food because of the prolonged waiting time. Sometimes you might even need to cancel some of your favorite dishes too as you are not sure how long you need to wait more. Thanks to the online food ordering, you do not need to just wait for food. Order online and you will be informed about the expected time of delivery. You can concentrate on other works without sitting idle.

5. Ratings and Reviews:

Ratings and reviews are available for the restaurants in online food ordering systems. If you are not sure about a particular restaurant, just take a glimpse of the reviews and ratings before placing your order. This will avoid disappointment after spending your valuable money.

6. Lot of Deals and Offers:

Even restaurants have a lot of benefits in taking orders online. They get more orders as customers find online food ordering as quite easier and convenient. They can take more online orders with fewer employees and space. Even their electric bill, maintenance and other expenses become low when people order for home delivery. Hence restaurants offer a lot of deals and offers for people ordering online. It helps to boost their sales and reduce their cost. You can enjoy the deals and save your money easily.
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Monday, 19 January 2015

Paneer Fried Rice Recipe | How To Make Paneer Fried Rice

Paneer fried rice is a very easy one pot meal recipe which can be made in a jiffy. Yes. One day my hubby went for his friend's marriage in Kerala. I had to cook only for me and my kid. I opened my fridge to see what to prepare for lunch. There was crumbled paneer sitting for more than 3 days. Immediately I decided to make paneer fried rice.

About the taste:

Tastes great with nicely coated olive oil. Tomato sauce, Carrot and sugar gives sweetness. Drop capsicum if you want only sweet flavor.

Paneer Fried Rice

About the recipe:

Quite easy and very tasty. You need to chop only onion, carrot and capsicum. Crumbled paneer or finely cut paneer cubes works well. Great for lunch and dinner. Serve it for guests, kids to delight them easily. Best for bachelors and to pack in lunchbox.

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Time to Get.Set.Bolt - Amazing features of Tata Bolt and Review

Its time to Get. Set. Bolt. Yes, I am going to review the all new Tata Bolt today which has lot of interesting features.

Tata Motors' newest offering, the all new Bolt helped me to give a relishing moment to my hubby and kid. I was truly excited when I was invited to check out the new Bolt. Due to several personal appointments, my hubby promised to take me to Chennai Trade Center last Sunday. The day was too hectic with lot of shopping and traveling. We had planned to visit post lunch. But it became too late to reach the place. There were lot of traffic and few traffic diversions as well due to political events. It was actually last hour of 3 day event. Every other stall people started closing the stalls and packed their items to leave the place. We were rushing directly to the place where Tata Bolt was available. To our surprise, Tata Bolt was standing bold with too many people hanging around. More people were standing in queue to get inside the car. The people in the help desk were too busy in answering lot of enquiries. It was the only stall which was active even in the closing time. Thank God! It was not a hasty visit as the place was overcrowded:)

I do not know whether you will believe me. It was difficult for me to take even a single photo with the BOLT as too many people were trying to take photos with it. I did not have even a slight feeling of embarrassment to pose for the photo. Although I was completely tired, I felt fun to take a snap. Even the old people looked like children when they were trying to take a photo.

It is difficult for me to say who enjoyed the visit most in my family. My kid who is just 3 years old was running here and there around the car. He was posing for so many photos with pride. After taking a good number of photos of the car, we had decided to check the features of the car. Read more to check out the most interesting features of the all new Tata Bolt.

Do you think it is actually closing time? It was for the other stalls in the CTC but not for BOLT - that's for certain.

Interesting features of Tata Bolt:

Generation Next Safety:

Safety comes first. Isn't it? Although the new TATA BOLT has several mind blowing new features, I write about its safety first. If we need to enjoy our drive, we should feel safe. Well, Tata has kept our safety in their mind while designing this new car. Hence they have loaded this car with an array of advanced safety features.

When we were thinking about buying our first car, I was insisting my hubby to buy a car with advanced safety features. Every woman expects safety in everything. Except dual air bags, I hardly knew what other features could make a car more safe to drive. So, I was telling my hubby to choose a car with dual air bags. He told me that cars with dual air bags were not affordable for us. Very few cars had the dual air bag feature but most of them were too expensive. Few of them lack other critical features.

Now, Tata Bolt not only had dual airbags, but also has 9th Gen ABS by BOSCH for improved braking efficiency and Corner stability control(CSC).

What is 9th Gen ABS by BOSCH?

9th Gen ABS(Anti-lock Brake System) allows the driver to steer around an obstacle while emergency braking. Uncontrolled skidding is one of the main reasons for road accidents. Tata Bolt allows the wheels to maintain tractive contract with the road surface according to driver inputs while braking. It prevents the wheels from locking up and it helps to keep the car in directional control.

What is Corner Stability Control?

Corner Stability Control(CSC) is another advanced feature to enhance the safety while negotiating tight corners. It helps us to avoid single-vehicle crashes, skidding in corners and prevent roll-overs. Skidding in a bend is never our intention. CSC prevents the car from such unintended skids in bends.

So, you can drive safe and stay in control all the times with these advanced features of Tata Bolt.

Multi-Drive: Sport | Eco | City:

Are you bored of Eco car? Do you want to have some fun with sports car? Well, you do not need to spend some lakhs to buy a sports car. With the new Tata Bolt, it is just a matter of a press of switch.

Do you have burst of power inside you and expect the same from you car? Choose 'Sports' mode. You are all set.

Choose 'Eco' mode when you want to make your father and wife happy with less fuel cost. Of course, your car will use the fuel efficiently.

Do you need a perfect balance between the two when you ride in the city? Choose 'City' mode when you need a perfect balance between these two.


Tata Bolt is powered with 1.2 Turbocharged Multi-Point Fuel Injection engine. It is no wonder that you will get an exceptionally powerful driving experience.

Excellent space and Superior Comfort:

Whether we travel alone or with our family, we need comfort. I avoid traveling in cars with less space. It makes me to hate traveling when the car is not quite comfort and spacious. Tata Bolt has spacious interiors and it has comfortable rugby shoulder seats.


Tata Bolt has touchscreen infotainment system. It provides you an array of entertainment and connectivity features like smartphone enabled navigation from MapMyIndia and advanced voice command recognition.

“This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda.”.
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Friday, 26 December 2014

Eggless Apple Pudding without Sugar Recipe - Easy Apple Pudding Recipe

Eggless Apple Pudding Recipe - I wanted to try it for a long time whenever I had plenty of apples at home. I finally tried it 2 weeks before even I tried Eggless Chocolate Pudding Recipe. But I have posted chocolate pudding recipe first as it was christmas time :)

Chopped Apple pieces are for crunchiness. Dates and nuts are added for healthy and tasty topping. You can skip those to make a simple and basic apple pudding. In that case, reduce the quantity of jaggery syrup. Also, 1/2 cup of roughly chopped apple is enough. As I thought plain apple pudding might not impress my family, I have added them :) I have replaced sugar with Jaggery. Jaggery is a natural sweetener and is a rich source of nutrients.

About the recipe:

The process of this recipe involves 3 stages. 

1. Making basic apple pudding.
2. Adding chopped apples to the pudding for crunchiness.
3. Making topping for the pudding

As I said, you can just go ahead with step 1 if you want to keep it very simple. In that case, reduce the quantity of jaggery syrup. Also, 1/2 cup of roughly chopped apple is enough.

About the taste:

This apple pudding is eggless and sugarless. It is crunchy and sweet.

Easy Apple Pudding without sugar

Now let us see how to make easy eggless apple pudding recipe without sugar and egg of course.

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Wall Stickers for Room - Room Decorating Ideas - Home Decor

I have recently bought a wall sticker for my bedroom. I never thought of buying a wall sticker for my home until my kid had scribbled in our bedroom.

One fine afternoon when I was half asleep, I was hearing some weird sound. When I woke up, my son was scribbling in our white wall with a black sketch pen. I managed to stop him immediately. But I knew that whatever he had scribbled could not be undone until we cover it up with something.

I was feeling both happy and sad. It was his first scribbling in our wall. So, I wanted not to cover it up completely. I also did not want to leave the room as it was. Then I decided to buy a wall sticker which can go along with his scribbling well.

After a thorough research, I bought a wall sticker in ebay. Let me write a review of that wall sticker in a separate post.

Do you think wall stickers are waste of money?

Some might think wall stickers are waste of money. Actually it is not. Even the stickers priced at Rs.200 have been marked as re-usable. I am not sure whether you can re-use them after you repaint the wall. To say that, I need to wait for 4 more years at least. But there are some expensive stickers from genuine brands which claim that their stickers are re-usable. So you can decide and choose.

Anyways, we are not going to paint every year. On an average, we repaint our home every 4 years. So if you buy a sticker worth Rs.300, you are not even spending Rs.100 for a year for wall sticker. It can give you real pleasure whenever you and your guests see your wall. Do you think it is a waste of money? I don't think even if the stickers are not re-usable after removing them.

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Dettol Muti-Use Wipes Review

I started using wet wipes after my kid was born. He is now 3.25 years old. I still take the wipes in my handbag whenever I take him outside. The best thing I like about wipes is they are ideal for instant-cleanups. We do not need to carry more water bottles unnecessarily.

When I came to know about Dettol Multi-Use Wipes, I wanted to try it immediately. Since they provide better protection from a wide range of germs, I was attracted to it. I kept the Dettol Multi-Use wipes pack in my dressing table. My kid took it and asked what that is. Thinking that he would not understand what that is, I told him that it is nothing related to him and it is for me. But to my surprise, he told that it is "Dettol". I have never taught him anything about Dettol before and I have not even talked anything about it before. I think that he knew it by TV advertisements.

Usage Instructions and Ingredients:

Check out them in the below image.


Rs.115 for pack of 10 wipes
Rs.135 for pack of 30 wipes
Rs.345 for pack of 90 wipes
Rs.225 for pack of 50 wipes
Rs.575 for pack of 150 wipes

My experience with Dettol Muti-Use Wipes - Review:

I am a great fan of Dettol Antispetic Disinfectant Liquid. I always make sure that it is available at home all the time. I never washed my son's clothes when he was a baby without Dettol. My mom told me to always use Dettol while washing the baby's clothes. Now, Dettol Multi-Use Wipes also started to take place at my home. It comes in re-sealable packing.

I never had satisfaction in cleaning fridge before using these wipes. I was searching for a good product to clean my refrigerator especially to clean the immovable parts. I can use normal tissues, wet cloth or usual wipes for both removable and irremovable parts of fridge. But I really doubt whether they can protect from germs. I am sure the refrigerator should have a lot of germs inside it.

When I came to know about Dettol Multi-Use wipes, I thought to use it for cleaning my fridge. Yes, that was the first thing I did with the wipes. My son took one of the wipes before me and he started cleaning his toys with it:) Also, he liked the fragrance too. He asked me also to smell it.

Next thing I tried with wipes was cleaning worktops. First, I clean the worktops with normal cloth and then I clean with Dettol wipes. I feel that it is a cost effective way.

I use it for cleaning my face and neck too while going outside.


1. Multi-Use Wipes from a trusted brand "Dettol". So, there is no need to worry about reliability and quality of the product.
2. Can be used for personal uses - hand, face and neck.
3. Can be used in the kitchen - worktops, refrigerators, microwaves and other similar devices.
4. Can be used to clean home surfaces like tables, door knobs, children's toys and chairs, and other similar surfaces.
5. Just few times of wiping is enough even for heavy stains and dirt.
6. Not only it can be used for cleaning but also gives protection from germs.
7. Best for travel. Must take it everywhere we go.
8. Easy to use.
9. Being pH neutral, it will not affect my skin's natural protection, and the emollients present in the wipes keep our skin moisturized.
10. Worth the money.


I could not really think about any cons. I love the product totally.

Check more details about Dettol Multi-Use Wipes on

I recommend you to also try Dettol Multi-Use Wipes and share your experience with us. You buy through flipkart here.
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