Thursday, 26 February 2015

IBuyFresh Ware House visit and Review

You might have seen some cool skyscraper ads about in popular daily newspapers. I got an invite to visit their warehouse where they keep the stock of fruits, vegetables, groceries and other items to deliver for their online orders. It is located in Industrial Estate in Perungudi. I absolutely love the concept of their website and it is a boon for not only for working women but also for stay-at-home moms.

About IBuyFresh:

About us

IBuyFresh Warehouse:

The warehouse is well organized, clean and maintained neatly. There is no question about hygiene. The products you buy are from a hygienic and well maintained warehouse. I can confidently tell you to expect only clean and good products.


They tell that their online price is same as the price in their Kovai Pazhamudhir Nilayam outlets. However, they offer deals and discounts from time to time in their website. If your order value is less than 1000 INR, you might need to pay 30 INR as delivery charge. If it is more than 1000 INR, delivery is absolutely free. Another good thing is, there is no minimum order value.

Quality Control:

All the products are going through 2 level of QC process. They handpick the fruits, vegetables, green leaves and all other products. The groceries are checked for expiry dates. They make sure that they pick only good items. Items which are not good are rejected even while picking. Another level of QC process is there to ensure 100% quality. You can also check the items when you receive the products at your home.


They have divided Chennai into 4 hubs. They are Tambaram, Anna Nagar, T Nagar and OMR. There are different trucks which carry the ordered items for each hub. They have four delivery slots - 7 AM to 10 AM, 10 AM to 1 PM, 4 PM to 7 PM and 7 PM to 10 PM. You can choose your convenient time slot while ordering.

You can also check the earliest delivery slot in their website for your pin code. If they cannot deliver the items within their committed time, they are currently giving 10% discount on your bill value.

Order Modes:

IBuyFresh takes order through their online website, phone and Whatsapp. I like the WhatsApp mode very much .You can either type the items or just write down them in a paper and send a snapshot to them through WhatsApp.

Payment Modes:

You can pay either through cash or card.

Exciting Offers:

They provide exciting deals and discounts from time to time. When you register in their website currently, you will get Rs.100 in your wallet. When you refer your friends and relatives, you get discounts when they place their order. They also announce offers during special occasions such as Women's day. You can register here.

Photos from the actual warehouse:

Separate cold storage room for keeping dairy products and other similar products
Fresh fruits are getting ready for delivery.

Neatly packed curry leaves !!!
Fresh Green leaves and spring onions ready for packing!!
Workers are busy in handpicking and manually packing the items.
Fresh oranges are ready to go!! 

Half the work done!! No soil and dirt in the green leaves. Just clean with fresh water, chop and cook. Thats it
Automatic packing machine
Worker is in the process of picking the best green leaves, cleaning and chopping them neatly for packing
Wide range of personal care items are well-stocked here.
Well-stocked grocery section with crates for carrying the ordered items

Workers are busy in processing the online orders. Each order is being taken care separately.

Workers in Grocery section are busy with their assigned orders. Loading the crates with the ordered items. They use a high-end handheld device for the list of ordered items.
Workers with their assigned ordered items reporting to their manager for each online order. 
Crates are ready for loading into the truck for delivery. At present, Chennai is divided into four hubs - T-Nagar, Anna Nagar, Tambaram and OMR. They might need to increase the hubs as the no of orders are increasing day by day. Right now, they are processing 400+ orders everyday. 

Overall Thoughts:

I am quite satisfied with their quality, price and delivery process. I am going to place an order soon. You can expect a separate post about it. I recommend you to try placing your first order. I am sure that you will have a nice experience and start placing frequent orders. Save your precious time, avoid long queues and fuel charges by placing orders online through now.
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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

FAB BAG REVIEWS - FEB 2015 Valentine's Day Edition Review

Getting premium cosmetic samples is now simple with FAB BAG. FAB BAG is a monthly bag of happiness with full of best beauty and grooming products for hair, skin, makeup, bath & body, fragrances and much more. You can subscribe for 1 month, 3-months, 6-months or 1-year plan. There are lot of Indian Beauty Boxes and Bags available in India and this is one of the best Indian Beauty Bags available for both Indian men and women.


How it works?

As this is my first post on FAB BAG, let me tell you how it works. You need to sign up and fill a fun quiz which is all about your beauty profile. The quiz is designed to help their beauty & grooming experts understand about your hair, skin conditions and your preferences. Based on your profile, the experts curate a truly FAB BAG especially for you.

What is a FAB BAG?

FAB BAG  comes out every month with samples of new amazing high class products. You get full size products too sometimes. I got full size nail color and lip couture this time. The samples are designed to come for one week approximately, basically a good trial period within which you can know whether it works for you. After trying the samples, you can order full-size products from their online store in juicy discounted price. FAB BAG is available separately for men and women.

Okay, now let us see the amazing products which I received in this month.

Products #InMyFabBag:

Before writing about the products inside the bag, I must mention about the bag itself. It is a stylish heart-shaped black color bag as the bag is Valentine's Day special edition.

There is one FAB POST magazine also. It has instructions for each product on how to use and get the best out of it. The magazine has some beauty tips and useful information too.

1. Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus Nail Color - Practical Plum:

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus Nail Color protects weak and brittle nails.

The bag has full size nail color.

Full-size price is Rs.475 for 13.3 ml

2. LA Splash Lip Couture - Poison Apple:

LA Splash Lip Couture is matte and transfer-free. You can wave bye bye to lipstick stains.

The bag has full size Lip couture.

Full-size price is Rs.1000 for 3 ml

3. Kama Mridul Soap Free Face Cleanser:

Kama Mridul Soap Free Face Cleanser is a combination of herbs, cereals and Pulses. You have to use this powder face cleanser by making a paste with rose water(oily skin) or milk(dry skin).

Sample size is 5 gm.

Full-size price is Rs.295 for 40 gm

4. Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream:

Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream is a special blend of precious and rare ingredients that will brighten up the skin by the time you face the day.

Sample size is 5 gm.

Full-size price is Rs.1195 for 50 gm

5. Avenue D - Pigment:

The regular use of Avenue D - Pigment in the evening helps to fade dark spots and smooth uneven areas of the skin. Your skin tone becomes even and radiant.

Sample size is 3 ml.

Full-size price is Rs.1350 for 30 ml

Overall Thoughts:

My uncle once ordered one year subscription of children's magazine for me when I was little. In beginning of every month, I used to wait for Indian Post to deliver my monthly magazine. Still I remember it quite well. In the same way, you can delight your spouse or BFF with FAB BAG. It is a classy-yet-affordable gift for anyone. I am sure they will remember you every month of their subscription even if you are far away.

You must fill in your beauty profile carefully so that you will get relevant samples. If you do not like the products you receive in the FAB BAG, you can feel free to drop your feedback to them.

Love to try FAB BAG? Check out and try a FAB BAG right now. If you have already tried, kindly leave your feedback in the comments section.

Meet you with another useful post. Stay tuned!!

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ingredients Names in English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada

Here is the glossary of ingredients in different languages such as English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada. I kept this list in my system. As I thought it would be useful for many people, I am sharing here. The list is not completely updated as I was using it for my personal reference till now. I will complete it gradually. Feel free to share if you want me to update anything. Thank you!!

English Tamil Hindi Malayalam Telugu Kannada
Nellikkai Amla Nellika Rasi Usiri Nellikkaai
Asafoetida Perungaayam
Hing Kaayam Inguva Ingu
All Purpose Flour/White 
Refined Flour
Maida Maavu Maida Maida Mavu
Maida Podi
Maida Pindi Maida Hittu
Basil Tulasi Tulsi Tulasi Tulasi Tulasi
Bay Leaf Birinji ilai Tej patta Karuva Ella Talisapatri Bevina Elae
Kathrikkaai Baingan Vazhuthananga Vankaya BadaneKaayi
Bengal Gram(Split) Kadalai Parruppu Channa Dhal Kadala Paruppu Senga Pappu Kadale Bele
Bengal Gram(whole)
Kondai Kadalai Kabuli Channa Asijah Kabuli Cenagalu Senagapappu
Bitter Gourd Paavakkaai/
Karela Kaipakka/
kaakarakaya Hagala kayi
Black gram Ulunthu Kala Chana/
Urad dal
Uzhunu Parippu
uddina bele
Banana Vaazhai pazham Kela Ethakka/
Arati Pandu Balehannu
Cashew nuts Mundhiri Paruppu Kaaju Jeedi Pappu Parangi Yandi Geru Beena
Cinnamon Pattai Tuji/Dalchini Ilavangam,
Dalchina chakka Dalchini
Carom Seeds Omam Ajwain Ayamodagam Omamu,Vamu
Clarified Butter Nei Ghee Neyy Neyyi Tuppa
Cloves Lavangam Lavang Kariampo Lavangalu Lavanga
Chayote squash Bangalore Kathirikkaii Chow-Chow Seema Kathirikai Bengaluru 
Seemae Badhne Kayi
Cumin Seeds Jeeragam Jeera Jeerakam Jilakarra Jeerige
Cucumber Vellarikkaai Kakari Vellirikka Dosakaya Sautekayi
Cabbage Muttaikkos Patta gobi Muttakoos Kyabeji Elekosu
Corn Makka cholam Makai Cholam Mokka Jonna Kalu
Kothamalli Dhaniya Kothamalli Dhaniyalu Korthambari
Curry leaves Kariveppilai Kari patta Kariveppila Karivepaaku Karibevu
Cardamom Eelakkai Illaaichee Elakka Elakulu Elakki
Bell Pepper
Kudai Milagaai Simla Mirch Kurumulaku Goranta Donne Menasina Kayi
Cottage Cheese Paneer Paneer Paneer Panir Paneer
Taro Root
Arbi/Arvi Chembu kilangu Chaama Dumpa Kesu/
Cauliflower Poo Kosu Gobi Cauliflower Cauliflower Hu kosu
Dry Mango Powder Maangai Podi Amchur Manga Podi
Mamidi Kayi Mavina Kayi
Dried long pepper Kandan Thippili Pippali Tippali/Pippali Pippali Hippali
Dried Ginger Chukku/Sukku Saunth/
Chukku Sonti/Allam Shunti/Ona
Dried fenugreek leaves Kaaindha Vendhaiya keerai Kasoori Methi

Drumstick Murungakkaai Shing phali Muringakkaya/
Fennel Seeds Perunjeeragam/
Badi saunf Perum Jeeakam Sopu/Pedda
Fenugreek Vendhaiyam Methi Uluva Menthulu Menthya
Flattened Rice/Beaten Rice Aval Poha Aval Attugulu Avalakki
Ginger Inji Adrak Inji Allam/
Garlic Poondu Lashun Velluli Ullipayilu Belluli
Gram flour Kadalai Maavu Besan Kadala mavu/
Kadala Podi
Senaga Pindi/
Chenaga Pindi 
Grapes Dhraatchai Angoor Mundiranga Draakhsaa pandlu Dhrakshi
Green onions
Spring Onion
Vengaayathaazh Hari Pyaaz Ulli Thal / 
Ulli Chedi
Ulli Paraka Erulli Kaavu
Green gram Split Pachchai payiru Moong Chilka

Green gram dhal Payaththam Parruppu Moog Dhal

Green gram Whole Paasi Parruppu Moog Sabut

Green Chilli Pachai Milagaai Mirch

Jaggery Vellam Gura

Lemon/Lime Elumichai Nimbu

Mace Jathipoo Jaiphal/Kathal Jathipoo Jajikaya Jati phala
Mint Pudhina Pudhina

Mustard seeds Kadugu Rai/Banarasi Rai/Kalee Sarson Kaduku Avalu Sasave
Nutmeg Jathikai Jaiphal Jathikka Jajikai Jayikai
Vendaikkaai Bhindi

Onion Vengaayam Pyaz

Oil Ennai Thel

Peas Pattani Matar

Pearl Millet Kambu Bajra Kambam Jonnalu Sajje
Pudding Paayasam Kheer

Peanuts Veerkadalai Moong falee

Pepper Milagu Sanchal

Plantain Vaazhaikkaai Kela

Plantain pith Vaazhaithandu Kele ka guda

Plantain flower Vaazhaippoo Kele ka phool

Pineapple Annaasi Ananas

Pickle Uurugaai Achar

Poppy Seeds Gasagasaa Khuskhus

Pumpkin Poosanikkai Kaddu

Potato Urulai Kizhangu Aaloo

Raddish Mullangi Mooli

Raisins Kaaindha Dhratchai Kishmish

Red Chilli Kaaindha Sivappu Milagaai Laal mirchi

Rice Arisi Chaval

Semolina Ravai Sooji

Snake gourd Pudalangaai Padval

Serrated gourd Peerkkangaai Chinese Okra

Saffron Kungummappo Kesar

small onions
Chinna Vengaayam Gandana

Spinach Pasalakkeerai Palak

Turmeric Powder Manjal Podi Haldi

Tomato Thakkaali Tamatar

Tamarind Puli Imli

Tindla Kovaikkai Tinda

Yellow split peas/
Pigeon Peas
Thuvaram Parruppu Toor Dhal
Vermicelli Semiya Seviyan

Wheat flour Godhumai maavu Aatta

Yam Karunai Kizhangu Sooran

Yogurt Thayir Dahi

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