Night suit for women

After a long day of hectic schedule, the one thing that gives immediate comfort for a woman is nightsuit. A comfortable piece of clothing can make a lot of difference when it comes to a peaceful sleep. Night suit for women are available in different designs, shades and price. Those days are gone when night suits are preferred only by young girls and middle-aged women. Nowadays, women of all ages prefer night suits when it comes to the choice of night time wear.

Different styles of nightsuits:


Pyjamas are well known for their comfort and stylish look. Pyjamas mostly come as a loose-fitting clothing - a jacket and trousers. Most of the trousers comes with a drawstring and nowadays even they come with elastic.

Pyjamas are also called as jammies. The advantage of preferring pyjama is you can use it even as a daywear at home.

With elegant pyjamas, you do not need to think twice before stepping out in day time for buying something from your next door shop. That is the advantage of going for a pyjama.


Nightgowns are the most popular night wear in India. Nightgown is also known as nightie. Most of the women prefer long gown whereas some prefer to wear 3/4th as well. It is better to choose loose fitting nightwear. Thought night gowns come in a variety of materials, choose the one which will give you the ultimate comfort. Cotton nightgowns are best for summer. Satin nightgowns can give you a visually appealing look but not preferred for everyday use. Silk and nylon are the other materials used for making night gowns.


Babydolls are the most suitable style for young girls. Babydoll night wear comes mostly with sleeveless or with short sleeves. Babydoll is one of the visually appealing night wears available for women.

Babydoll nightwear mostly comes in a loose fitting style and that gives you a very relaxed feeling. As its name says, this style of night wear really make you really look like a babydoll.


Chemise is almost similar to Babydoll but it is not all loose fittings like babydoll. With Chemise you will feel tighter at hips. Hence Chemise is all about adding a little bit style to your nightwear whereas Babydoll is all about stylish look and total comfort.

Slips and camisoles:

Camisoles are best for summer. While long camisoles are not that popular as regular ones, still there is a demand for long camisoles. Camisoles come in a wide range of materials like cotton, nylon, silk, lycra and spandex. Cotton is the best for summer.

 There are other few types of night wear also available like Sleep Shirt, jumpsuit, shorts set and capri set.

Night suit for women come in a different price ranges. It is worth spending few extra bucks for a better comfort and elegance. Instead of choosing one particular style of night wear, go for different styles so that you can wear according to your mood. The key for a good night sleep is all about a comfortable night.

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Alarm - Trailer Review

Alarm - Trailer Review
I am here with ZEE5’s web series Alarm’s trailer review. The much-awaited series was recently launched on the platform and I’ll be sharing my views on the trailer.

Rakka Katti Prakkuthu Manasu, Oru Oorla Oru Rajakumari, Poove Poochadava, Yaaradi Nee Mohini and Sembaruthi are some of the serials which become a huge hit among Tamil TV audiences. Zee Tamil is known for offering a variety of shows for its viewers. With an array of serials breaking the stereotypes, Zee certainly knows to entertain its audiences. Now with their Tamil original web series Alarm, ZEE5 is ready to blow your mind away.

When I watched the trailer of Alarm which got released on 22nd November, I was surprised by 2 things. First one is the BGM. I found the background music to be fantastic which make us feel that we are watching a big budget movie in a theatre. The next one is about the gripping power of the trailer. The trailer takes you through a roller coaster ride with so many twists and turns.
Performances of Prem Kumar and Subadhra grabs our attention very quickly. It is tricky to say whether Subadhra plays a negative character though. I always like Subadhra for her matured acting. Hence, her intense character with grey shades in this series came across as a surprise.

I have never seen any of the performances of Anjali Rao so far. So, I am now excited to see her role in this series.
Overall, I found the trailer to be quite gripping. But the major highlight of the show seems to be the story. Narrating the story of a gipsy girl’s kidnapping, the mother of the girl gives the investigating cop a cursed pocket watch and 12 hours to save her daughter. With every passing hour, something bad will happen in the cop’s life.
It was interesting to see how various genres come together to form the story of the series. With elements of an investigative cop thriller, black magic and fantasy involved, Alarm surely looks and feels different from most web series I have come across till now.
So, those were my views on the Alarm trailer. I would highly recommend you check out the series like I will be doing. That’s because Alarm seems to offer a unique cinematic experience in Tamil and I really appreciate ZEE5 for taking a step in this direction.
Let me know what did you like about Alarm in the comments below.
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Himalaya Face Pack - The Best Face Packs for Indian Skin

Himalaya Face Pack - The best face packs in Skin Care:

Himalaya brand is quite popular in India which comes in the form of different herbal products. Himalaya started its operations in Dehradun in the 1930s. The company later started its operations to Mumbai and across the country.

Himalaya Herbals operate in over 90 countries with their products are prescribed by even doctors worldwide. They have millions of customers for their health and personal care needs.

Himalaya has come up with different face packs like Himalaya Neem Face Pack, Himalaya Oil Clear Mud Face Pack, Himalaya Fairness Kesar Face Pack and Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Pack.

Which Himalaya Face Pack is best for what?

Himalaya Purifying Neem Face pack is very good for getting clear skin and treating pimples. It is very good for oil skin. It helps in removing impurities and different types of infections.

Himalaya Fairness Kesar Face Pack is what you should try if you are looking for a face pack for your fairness needs.

Himalaya Oil clear Mud Face Pack is for people with oily skin.

Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Face Pack is suitable for everyone to make your skin glowing as it hosts goodness of different fruits.

Himalaya Refreshing fruit Face pack: 

Himalaya Refreshing fruit pack hosts natural fruity ingredients in plenty like extracts of fig, papaya, cucumber, fuller’s earth and crab apple, which nourishes the skin and to improve skin glow. It also helps in rejuvenating and smoothening your skin and make it soft. This himalaya face pack helps in removing impurities too from your face.


Benefits offered by Himalaya Fruit Face Pack: 

The main ingredients such as papaya help to promote regeneration of newer skin cells. This helps to exfoliate the skin and to restore it. The rich antioxidants and vitamins present in papaya restores the skin moisture and to heal the skin. 

Plenty of antioxidants are present in fig that helps to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. 

Crab apple helps prevents aging and skin degeneration as it is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins. 

An excellent toner is cucumber to tighten up the skin pore and to rejuvenate the skin. It has antioxidants as well which rejuvenate the skin and give a soft and smooth skin.

Fuller earth is utilized to eliminate deep seated dirt within the skin. As you all know it is an excellent cleanser.

How to use Himalaya Fruit Face pack?

Clean the neck and face with water and apply evenly the refreshing fruit pack over the neck and face. However, avoid areas surrounding the mouth and eyes. Allow it to dry for around 15 minutes, rinse in water. Skin will appear rejuvenated. This product is recommended for dry and normal skin.

It will be better to first check out the type of skin and accordingly use the face pack that is suitable.

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Pack: 

Himalaya Neem Face Pack brings out goodness of Neemturmeric and Fuller’s Earth to regulate excess oil secretion, clean clogged pores and prevent the recurrence of pimples.


Few benefits availed from using Himalaya Herbals Neem Face pack: 

o   Neem is an important skin care ingredient because of its antibacterial properties. It improves general skin health and immunity, combating bacterial infections such as acne, boils and ulcers. It fights the bacteria from the root and hence prevents the recurrence of pimples and blemishes. 
Neem oil provides relief to dry skin and soothes irritation and itchiness of the skin.

o   This Himalaya Face Pack combats bacterial infections such as boils, ulcers and acne.

o   Fuller earth lightens the skin and helps it to glow, while being a cooling agent. It cools the skin and removes dirt from skin.

o   Turmeric is said to have excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to soothe gently the skin.

How to use this Himalaya Neem Face Pack? 

Firstly, dab some water on face and apply the purifying face pack in small quantities, in an even manner, all over neck and face. But do not apply it close to mouth or eyes. Allow it to dry for around 15 minutes. Wash with cool water. Use this pack at least once a week to derive the best results. It offers excellent result to pimple and oil prone skin.

Himalaya Herbals Moisturizing Cucumber Peel Off Mask: 

this Himalaya Cucumber Peel Off Mask is Packed with herbal nutrients such as AHAs and antioxidants. It peels away dead skin cells and rejuvenates facial skin. Since this Himalaya face mask is enriched with Cucumber and Almond, it cools, moisturizes, tones and firms facial skin.

Cucumber is considered to be an important ingredient used in the face mask. It is popular for its cooling properties. Some benefits offered on application of this pack:


o   Moisturizes and cleanses the skin.

o   Almond and cucumber’s cooling effect soothes the skin, making it supple and soft.

o   Peels away dead skin to rejuvenate the skin.

o   Acts a good toner, to provide the glow to skin.

o   Having strong smell, many may not prefer to use it.

o   It tightens the pore of the skin.

Himalaya Oil Clear Mud Pack: 

Himalaya's Oil Clear Mud Face Pack refreshes and rejuvenates facial skin. It absorbs excess oil and removes impurities. This Himalaya face pack is enriched with Walnut, which removes blackheads and dead cells, and Fuller's Earth, which removes deep-seated impurities. Mineral Clay helps in improving the blood circulation and makes skin soft and tender.


It is fabulous for oily skin and helps to remove impurities, blackheads and dead cells. Few benefits derived from using this mud pack are:

o   Clears impurities like acne, blackheads and dead cells.

o   Can hydrate skin and has cooling properties.

o   Comprises walnuts to remove dead cells and dirt. It also has khus khus to tone and clean the skin.

o   Fuller earth removes dirt and cools the skin.

o   Mineral clay ingredients present in it can help improve blood circulation and to heal.

o   It is affordable and easier to be used.

o   It removes pimples and tan.

o   It eliminates excess oil, to provide supple, refreshed and soft skin.

Directions to use Himalaya face pack:

Clean neck and face with water.
  1. Apply mud pack evenly on neck and face
  2. Avoid area around mouth and eyes.
  3. Allow mud face pack to dry for about 15 minutes
  4. The pack is to be used once or twice weekly for supple and healthy skin.
  5. Rinse cool water, pat to dry skin

Himalaya Fairness Kesar Face Pack:

This Himalaya Face pack helps to provide glowing skin. Unique combination of saffron, turmeric, walnut and Indian Aloe to help remove skin impurities. Himalaya's Fairness Kesar Face Pack evens out skin tone with its Turmeric, Walnut, Indian Aloe and Kesar. This Himalaya face pacl rejuvenate and cleanse your skin of impurities, to reveal a natural glow. Walnut and Indian Aloe helps in healing the skin and removing blackheads. Turmeric and Kesar enhance your skin's complexion and elasticity. It has their patented CINNABLOC, a herbal sunscreen agent that protects your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays.


·         Indian Aloe and walnut helps to remove blackhead and to cleanse the skin. Walnut is effective against skin acne and bacteria.

·         Saffron and turmeric improves skin elasticity and complexion. Turmeric comes with anti-inflammatory properties to soothe gently the skin.

·         It helps in skin regeneration and to eliminate the dead skin.

·         It helps to heal, soft and hydrate the skin.

Saffron improves skin tone and to lighten up the skin. It also clears the spots and improves complexion.

In addition to these products, Himalaya has Neem Peel-Off Mask, Tan Removal Orange Peel-off Mask. What is your favorite Himalaya Face Pack? Share with us now.

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Music Learning And Child Development

Music Learning And Child Development:

I’m sure no one exists in this world without the love for music. The choices and preferences might differ but everyone loves to indulge themselves musically once in a while. A trend has started off late with more and more parents enrolling their kids into music schools. Research proves that music influences a child’s motor skills, language learning capabilities, cognitive development, and social as well as academic abilities.

Parents have unanimously understood this positive impact of music, and want to tap on it by helping their children build their passion in a disciplined manner.
Music is also s great means of self-expression. Children have their fair share of emotions too, be it negative or positive.  Music serves as the best outlet for them to express their personality, moods and intelligence through unspoken words.

Both my husband and I never had the chance to learn music as kids. So, we were naturally excited at the prospect of our son learning music, and wanted to figure out whether he shared our view on this as well.

We decided to take our son to a pianist who gives music lessons in our neighborhood. Although he wasn’t thrilled in the least about the visit at first, once we got there, he took an instant liking to all the keyboards lined up and the sounds that were emanating from them.
Honestly, it makes me so proud to watch my son move his adorable little fingers while playing ‘twinkle twinkle little star” and “happy birthday” on his Casio Mini Keyboard.

After researching a bit on the Internet, I’m pretty sure that his new hobby is responsible for his better grades in Math, not to forget his teacher flashing me a big smile and congratulating me for having a very well mannered and social child at hand. Yes, my child is the cool kid in class cum piano master.
If you too want your child to explore the wonders of music, then you better not waste time any more.
Start off with a basic yet functional instrument like the Casio Mini Keyboard #CasioMini as I did. It not only comes highly recommended by music patrons but personally too, I found it to be unarguably the best choice with a good practical design and easy-to-learn functions.

It also comes with a 3 year warranty incase you run into any system wear and tear.
Trust me, learning music is a joy and it will come easier with a good instrument at hand. Up your parenting game and introduce your child to the world of magical music that’ll help him become an all-round individual with a smart brain and pleasing personality.
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Anarkali Dress Designs - Latest Designs in Anarkali suits

Anarkali Dress Designs - Latest Designs in Anarkali suits:

Anarkali, a favourite Indian top worn with matching Churidar is a popular choice for all ages. The elegance and style of this attire are unmatched for. This dress befits a workplace or a formal-do or for grand occasions like a marriage, everything depends on the layering and artwork that goes into stitching the dress. While formal and workplace Anarkali may not have an elaborate design or many layering, a function like a marriage sure requires louder colours and heavier artwork in the body of the Anarkali. This dress usually looks good when the fabric material is chosen is silk or georgette. Listed below are the five different types of Anarkali patterns observed in the market.

Anarkali Stitched using Vertical Panels: 

The Umbrella shape of the top is achieved through different shaped full-length Vertical panels. Using many panels with smaller width gives the attire a grandeur suited for a function. When this stitching is carried out on thin fabrics like net or georgette with cotton or silk fabric for lining, the attire gets a royale look. This style of stitching is suitable for almost all the body types, except the Rectangular or Skinny type.

Anarkali Stitched using Half Vertical Panels: 

The bodice of the Anarkali carries a princess seam to which vertical panels are attached to give the flare skirt look. The fabric materials like silk and cotton for lining go well with this type of stitching while the main fabric is usually net or georgette material. This type of Anarkali can be stitched to match the grandeur of a function with heavy embroidery designs on the princess seam or stitched with different coloured silk material to give it a formal yet elegant look. Except for the inverted triangle and pear body types, this Anarkali style compliments your body when stitched to perfection and with proper selection of fabric.

Anarkali Stitched using a Circular Umbrella Cut Pattern: 

This Anarkali type requires a stitched-to-suit bodice with a full-flare umbrella-cut pattern. The main fabric used to give the elegant look can be silk or georgette, chosen with appropriate lining fabric. The flared skirt usually begins from the waistline. A pear or inverted triangle body type may get the flared skirt to begin at a higher waistline. This type of Anarkali is suited for formal do's and is perfect attire for the workplace. Leggings or churidar can be worn to match the Anarkali tops. This type of Anarkali can compliment all the body types when the length at which the flared skirt begins is altered.

Anarkali Stitched using many Layers of Main Fabric: 

This type of Anarkali is becoming a favourite at many gatherings and do's. The bodice carries a princess seam while the skirt can have two or more layers stitched to varying lengths showcasing the hemline borders. Depending on the colour or fabric of the layers, the elegance and grandeur of this dress can be set. Since it requires stitching of multiple layers, thin fabric like chiffon is used for lining while the main fabric is usually net or georgette. This is the most suitable Anarkali style for the skinny or the rectangular body type. But, when stitched to perfection, this style can compliment any body type.

Anarkali Stitched like the Tiered Skirt: 

This Anarkali has horizontal panels stitched together to give the tiered skirt look to the flared skirt. The bodice can be made to look grand by making use of layered fabrics or embroidered designs to match the attire. The flared skirt can be made to look more elegant by stitching a lace at the tier joints. This style of Anarkali can be stitched to suit every body type by altering the length of the bodice. A short bodice for skinny or hourglass body type gives it a regal look.

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Lehenga Choli Types - The Most Popular Designs

Style Statement of Different Types of Choli - Lehenga Choli Types:

Lehenga Choli is a popular attire for many important functions which require one to be illustrious. With modern metallic embellishments making an entry into the choli designs, choli fashion has gone through a metamorphosis. The fresh designs of gold embellishment is a trending fad observed in the celebrity attires.

The different types of choli designs are based on the type of fabric and artwork selected for the choli. Listed below are few types of choli designs and the occasion to match them for.

We have provided some of the top most popular Lehenga choli designs.

Lehenga Choli Types:

Lehenga Choli stitched out of Silk:

Lehenga stitched in silk gives an elegant and regal look. Crop top or short choli design is a popular choice for choli stitched in silk. It can be simple or grand according to the pattern or style of stitching combined with the embroidery work on the lehenga. Plain silk lehenga's stitched in box pleats, in contrast, goes well with matching jewellery when you are a guest at a wedding. If you want the lehenga to be majestic, brocade silk lehengas are stitched with horizontal tiers of embroidered silk of varying or similar colour. If the tiers and fabric colours are chosen appropriately the style statement for the silk choli is sheer grandeur. You can complement this look by going for a silk brocade top stitched to suit your body type.

Fusion Lehenga Choli stitched using Silk, Sequin and Net:

This type of lehenga choli is the latest fad among the celebrities. The fusion designs of the top which stand out in the crowd of brocade tops are designed to complement the lehenga. Peplum style, long sleeves or similar unique designs of the top fuse the western style into the traditional choli wear. Use of silk, sequins and net fabrics for giving different layers for the flared skirt gives an elegant and royal look to this lehenga choli design. This outfit can be stitched to match any formal occasion or a traditional ceremony like a wedding. The grandeur of the design is enhanced with layers of sequin or net patterns on the lehenga.

Crop Top Lehenga Choli Design using Silk, Net and Velvet:

The crop top design is the latest fad observed among the crowd of celebrities. The brocade silk, plain silk, net or velvet is the usual choice for the choli designs. The Lehenga design is given layers by the use of net and sequin or stitched in brocade silk. The crop top lehenga choli designs are best suited for sangeet ceremonies or any party which requires you to be elegant without being loud. Also, choosing light jewellery for the crop top compliments your style statement.

3-Piece Lehenga Designs in Silk, Sequin or Net:

The three-piece designs for Lehenga choli are a result of the fusion of western and traditional styles. The two-piece top will usually have a short choli design or crop top design matched with the full-sleeved tunic or jacket design. Velvet, sequin or net fabric are suitable for stitching the two-piece top designs. The lehenga is usually plain in silk. The grandeur to this design is visible in the two-piece top, and prominently in the tunic or jacket. This design is best when you prefer to be comfortable at the party or ceremony. Go for a short choli design with an embroidered net design for the jacket if you have an hourglass body type.

Single Colour Embroidery Choli Design on Net fabric:

The simple yet elegant look created when the lehenga and choli designs are stitched using the embroidered net in single bold colours can transform you into a diva. This is the latest fad prominently visible in all the Sabyasachi lehengas. Use of fusion top designs gives you a unique look at your ethnic wear parties.

Hope you liked the types of Lehenga cholis. Now tell us which is your favorite choli design.
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Top 10 Best Mixer Grinder Models in India 2018

Top 10 Best Mixer Grinder Models in India:

Mixer grinders, in contrast to their size, plays a major role in our kitchens today. We are dependent on it for our everyday meal preparation right from making chutneys, curry pastes to juices. Since most of our Indian menu is based on grinding fresh ingredients, it becomes difficult without a mixer grinder. Almost all the top brands provide a sturdy, long motor function and multi jar mixer with multiple jars. It is recommended to go for mixer grinders that have an inbuilt overload protector. A mixer with additional ventilation is an added advantage. A transparent lid is also helpful as it is required to open and check the contents very often. Here is a list of some of the fast moving and efficient mixer grinders.

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