Thursday, 30 October 2014

Deals on Online Food Service

Eating out is fun but getting to the restaurant of your choice only to find it crowded is not quite what you had expected. You may like one type of food and may want to go to a particular restaurant whereas your spouse or kids may pick another one. The easiest way to resolve all these issues is to stay at home, watch TV or have a party or just relax and let the food be delivered to your doorstep from the restaurant of your choice. In addition enjoy the benefit of deals on online food services. Services like fulfill a long-felt need of modern families. If you are a foodie but hate having to negotiate traffic and wait in queues then the best alternative is to order food to be delivered to your home. If you are a busy executive and find little time to cook or even visit a restaurant, use your smartphone to visit this site and order food to be delivered to your office so you can work but do not stay hungry.

Intense competition, better deals
  • There is intense competition among restaurants to entice more customers, but they have limited space in their premises to serve customers.
  • Delivering food costs less than serving it on premises considering the overheads so they can offer doorstep delivery at the same price or even offer food at discounts.
  • Restaurants introduce special deals on special occasions such as Mother’s day, Valentine ’s Day, Diwali and other festivals.

Convenience like never before
  • Go online to site, pick your city and your location and find the listed restaurants in your neighborhood. Pick from their menu and place your order, paying online or opting for cash on delivery. If you pay by credit card, you receive a discount.
  • If you are concerned that the restaurant you plan to visit is likely to be crowded, book a seat at the restaurant of your choice and indicate the time when you will arrive. When you do, your table is ready, reserved for you, at no extra cost.
  • Place your order for food in advance for an event or a celebration and you can be sure it will be delivered at the time you specify. Restaurants associated with phone to confirm your order and then again on the day when you want the food delivered, just so if you have changed your mind you are not saddled with food you do not want.
  • If you are ordering from a restaurant you do not know anything about, there are reviews left on the site by satisfied users and that helps you take a decision.
  • You don’t have to access the internet and place order online. also has telephone service.
  • Create an account and become a regular on As a regular customer you become entitled to deals, offers and benefits from time to time. is the perfect solution for people with very busy lifestyles and helps you get exactly the type of food you need at the time you specify, with least hassles. Whether it is for routine dining or for a party or a special event, order food online and enjoy deals on online food service like never before with this wonderful website that makes it all so easy to enjoy the best cuisines at the best prices.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu | Easy Urundai Kulambu Recipe

Paruppu Urundai kulambu has become my recent favorite kulambu recipe. It is a famous recipe in Tamil Nadu. Frankly speaking, making urundai kulambu never struck in my mind till last year. Thinking about the long list of ingredients and lengthy process, I did not think about trying it. But believe me, even though the process looks lengthy and cumbersome, it is not at all difficult once you try it once. All you need to do is reading this urundai kuzhambu recipe and plan accordingly. It contains multiple small tasks but not complicated. You might need to read the paruppu urundai kuzhambu recipe multiple times to get a hold of the complete process if you are trying this for first time.

I did not try intentionally urundai kuzhambu while making it for the first time. I was planning to make paruppu vadai but ended up preparing paruppu urundai kuzhambu somehow. The taste was so good. It is definitely a treat for vegetarians who have limited options for kuzhambu. Kulambu with those tasty balls really make your lunch a special one. We have it for dinner also as side dish for dosai.

Urundai Kulambu

You can use either Chana dal/Bengal gram(kadalai paruppu in Tamil) or Toor Dal(thuvaram paruppu in Tamil) or mixture of both for making the balls. Both of them tastes good. But I personally like balls made with chana dal(kadalai paruppu).

Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Salna Recipe - Parotta Salna - Vegetable Salna

Salna is the first side dish which comes in our mind for parotta. I am sure every one drools for salna. Parotta  and salna is a wonderful combination which cannot be beaten by anything else. I have posted parotta recipe already. Now it is time to post recipe for salna.

Last week was loaded with fun at home. Kid was at home for the whole week due to holidays for diwali and continuous rain. Parents and sis were also there. I became lazy as usual as mom took in charge of kitchen:) I rendered a little help to her. Still the laziness has not gone. I had too many posts to write but I chose veg parotta salna for posting as it is an easy recipe. The ingredients list is too big but the instruction is quite simple. Yes, you can make the parotta salna quite easily and you can take rest actually. I make it for chapathi too and it tastes well.
Parotta Salna

Having raitha is an additional complement which can make the dinner a complete and tasty one. I have posted how to make amla raitha and capsicum raita to give a break from regular onion raita. I made vegetable salna for chapathi last time when I took the pictures.

Salna Recipe

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Rasagulla Recipe - How To Make Rasagulla

Rasagulla recipe I have shared here is a simple one and there will be no mess when you try to make rasagulla at home. It is beautiful even to see the little white paneer balls floating in the sugar syrup.


I am telling you that only 1 percent of people get perfect rasagullas in the first attempt itself. My case is even worse. I got it perfect in the first time. But failed in the next attempt and passed in third attempt :) I have added troubleshooting notes at the end of this post based on my experience. It is okay even if you fail 4 to 5 times. You can make perfect rasagullas after practice and several experimentation.

Rasagulla Recipe 

But nowadays I am making rasagulla lot of times. The reason is not only me but my kid also loves rasagulla. Sometimes I plan for a paneer dish for dinner. But I ended up doing some other easy side dish because of shortage of time. At that time, the crumbled paneer takes a beautiful form. Yes, they form as beautiful round and round rasagullas. Even when paneer refuses to take cube shapes, they become yummy rasagullas or paneer dosa at my home. 

How to make Rasagulla

My hubby asks me to add more sugar in sugar syrup like store bought one. But I do not listen to his words always. Sweet guilty consciousness :) But make sure that your sugar syrup is sweet when you make it for guests.

Okay. Lets see how to make rasagulla at home now.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Dates Halwa Recipe - Dates Recipes

Dates halwa is my first Diwali Sweet recipe I have prepared for this year at home. Yes, Diwali has started for us with Dates Halwa. The taste is yummy. It is a super hit in my home. Hubby, kid, mom, dad and sister loved it so much. It is getting over soon. I thought of taking pictures tomorrow once my kid goes to school. Seeing everyone's love for this Dates Halwa, I have decided to do it today itself and post it today. So, Dates Halwa is the newcomer in this blog for this year Diwali.

Dates Halwa is the second recipe of dates which I have tried having Dates as main ingredient. I used to frequently make dates milkshake whenever Dates is available more in stock. As Diwali is nearing this time, I want to make a sweet recipe with Dates.

Dates Halwa Recipe

I felt Dates halwa is very easy halwa recipe. But what really you require for making halwa is your time. You have to stand and stir once you switch on the stove. But this dates halwa takes only 20-30 minutes. So, it is not a big deal I guess. It is absolutely worth the time when you see the kids enjoying it. Okay. Now let us see how to make dates halwa at home.

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Monday, 6 October 2014

Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipe - How to make Sweetened condensed milk at home

Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk is one of the ingredients which can be eaten as such. It tastes yummy. It is definitely a quick sweet item when your kid asks for something sweet. I remember skipping many recipes since the recipe asked for condensed milk. It is not available in our nearby super market. I forget to buy even when we go to some other super markets.

One day I wanted to try a recipe for ice cream. But condensed milk was there in the ingredient list. I thought of skipping it. But I wanted to find out how to make sweetened condensed milk at home.
Finally, I found out that sweetened condensed milk recipe is quite simple and  can be made in a jiffy.

Homemade condensed Milk

Moreover, it saves your money a lot when you make at home. Hmmm.. I prepared sweetened condensed milk at home for making ice cream. But me and my kid finished it up as soon as I prepared. The taste is awesome and yummy. You cannot save it for later unless you prepare in large quantity. So, beware and prepare large quantity if you have plans to try some recipes using sweetened condensed milk.

Now, let us see how to make sweetened condensed milk at home.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Itchy Eyes Home Remedies - Home Remedies for Irritated Eyes

Home Remedies for itchy and irritated eyes shared here are easy and very effective in treating the eye problems like itching and irritating. Even swollen, tearing, painful, red and burning eyes can be treated by following these simple home remedies.

Eyes are beautiful and precious. They can speak thousands of words silently and express your feelings apparently. Instead of using chemical drops, protect your eyes with simple and easy home remedies in case of minor irritations and itchiness.

Common Causes for irritating, Red, Swollen, Burning and itchy eyes:

There could be several factors which causes eye irritation and itchiness. But the top 5 common causes are listed below.

1. Stress given to eyes due to excessive reading books, watching tv, seeing monitors of computers and mobiles for prolonged hours, and so on.
2. Common cold and fever can cause irritating and itchy eyes.
3. Mild Allergy and pollution
4. Lack of sleep
5. Overall tiredness

If the severity is high and if you think that there could be any severe medical reason behind the itchiness, please consult a doctor.

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