Best Face Wash for Oily Skin In India With Price - Our Top 11 Best Face wash for oily skin list

Best Face Wash for Oily Skin In India With Price - Our Top 11 Best Face wash for oily skin list

One of the most common problems that are faced by a majority of Indian women today is oily skin. If no proper attention is given earlier, it can result in more complicated skin problems like acnes, pimples and blackheads. All such skin problems must be treated earlier. Otherwise you might have to fight with them for lifelong.

So what is the first step that is to be taken to treat oily skin? Choosing a suitable face wash depending on your skin type is the answer. There are a wide range of facial cleansers that are available in the Indian market for oily skin. In order to make your life simpler, we have listed some of the fast moving, effective and best face washes available exclusively for Indian oily skin are listed below.

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There can be times when you may think that “I wish I could have customised my kitchen cabinets in my way so that they would make more space for me”. The only problem here is, though that your budget forms an obstacle. So are there no alternatives? Obviously there are. The alternatives here are the modular kitchen cabinets. These are very easily available in any good home interior shop and for special experiences you can look for them in the sites like MyGubbi which sells home interiors online.

Modular Kitchen Cabinets MyGubbi

So why are the modular kitchen cabinets the best for your kitchen?

  • It is low in cost compared to other alternatives:
This kind of modular cabinets helps to save you a lot of money. It helps to keep your budget yours and doesn’t let you shell out more money. The modular kitchen will give you good amount of storage in the budget you had actually planned for it.
  • Saves your time:
These modular kitchens will help you save your time. These don’t need installation days to wait. These are always ready to be installed once out of the box. 

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Top 10 Best Fairness Creams In India for oily skin and dry skin

Best Fairness Creams In India for Women With Price - Best Fairness Creams for Oily skin & Best Fairness Creams for dry skin:

Whenever you turn and look around, you would find yourself covered in dust, smoke, and polluted air. These are all extremely good in damaging your natural skin glow and complexion in addition to spoiling the health of the skin. Purchasing skin fairness and skin lightening creams has become vital for many Indian women today. Therefore, some of the top best fairness creams that are easily available in the Indian market are listed below for your reference. We have tried our best to pick up the best fairness cream for all skin types including best fairness creams for dry skin and best fairness creams for oily skin available in India. These are just recommendations based on our experience and benefits of the cream.

1.[My Most Favorite] Best Fairness Cream #1 - Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream:

Best Fairness cream in India - Vicco Turmeric Cream

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you must have known why this has become my favorite. Most of the women apply fairness creams daily once or twice. Though I am not very sure how harmful they are because of the chemicals ingredients, I hope we can give our best to the skin by choosing some natural products. That's why I picked Vicco turmeric cream as my favorite. 

Suitable for: Men and Women with all skin types. I have dry skin and I am using it happily.

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Best Face Wash for Men In India With Price - Top 10 Best Men's Face Wash

Best Face Wash for Men In India With Price - Top 10 Best Men's Face Wash for oily skin, acne, skin whitening, fairness - Best Face Wash for Male in India:

Gone are the days when taking care of skin was only the forte of women while men would be proud of their roughness and rawness. Women used to fall for that wilderness back then. But that seems like a 100 year old story. Times have changed, the concept of ‘Meterosexuality’ is fast pacing with our current Generation ‘Y’. Men and boys both have started taking care of their physical appearances, women have also started to like men who take good care of themselves physically since this shows they are well polished.

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Stylori - A Pure bliss for all your jewelry needs

It was very early in the morning at five, when someone called my mobile number. I was not at all able to get up from bed as I woke up from a deep sleep. It was too cold and no one would be willing to wake up so early in the misty morning. The phone stopped ringing and I immediately fell back to asleep. I do not like forcing myself to wake up early as I would feel very lazy for the rest of the day. The phone started ringing again within just a few minutes.

"Something important.", I convinced myself to get up. I grinned cheerfully as it was Deepa who called me. Deepa is my best friend who always care for me and who is always there for me. She is staying in USA currently for her long term project assignment. "Hello Deepa, How are you dear? Why are you calling so early? Anything important?", I asked her straight away as I know that she would not call me so early without any significant reason.

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Gokshura | Gokhru Powder | Nerunjil | Tribulus terrestris Uses and Side Effects

Gokshura | Gokhru Powder | Nerunjil | Tribulus terrestris Uses and Side Effects:

Gokshura or Gokhru is also called as Puncture Vine as Gokshura plant is covered with spines. Fruits, leaves and root of the Gokshura plant (Gokhru Plant) are being used in medicines. Gokshura is very popular in improving the athletic performance. There are limited studies available to prove it.

Gokshura or Gohkru is helpful in balancing all doshas. It calms the nerves and it helps to maintain a healthy nervous system. It is used in ayurveda widely. It has been used as one of the ingredients in ayurvedic medicines. It is combined with different herbs to protect the health from different diseases.

Gokshura plant(Gokhru plant) is popularly used in Ayurveda and Chinese medicines. It has been used for centuries by ancient Greeks.

Gokshura | Gokhru for Men's health, Body Building and Athletic Uses:

Gokshura is used as a natural herbal supplement. It is used to gain strength and lean muscle mass. It is used as a short term course like 5 days - 28 days. It is believed to help in enormous muscle building. It is also helpful in increasing endurance. It is considered as a natural anabolic. It is used as a supplement supporting normal levels of testosterone production. It is also used in case of erectile dysfunction and as libido enhancer. It helps to maintain a healthy male reproductive system.

Gokshura | Gokhru for females:

Gokshura is used to rejuvenate uterus and it helps to promote fertility.

Gokshura | Gokhru for Kidney:

Gokshura is maintain the health of kidney and efficiency of urinary function. It is helpful in reducing renal discomfort. Gokshura promotes the healthy urine flow. It cools and soothes the membranes of Urinary tract. It is also used for problems like kidney stones, bladder and many other urinary tract infections. It helps to get rid of painful and bleeding urination and reduces the presence of crystals in urine. It is considered as a rejuvenating tonic for genitourinary system. It has diuretic propertoes as per wiki.

Tribulus terrestris in different languages like Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada:

Family Name: Zygophyllaceae
Common Name in English - goathead, bindii, bullhead, burra gokharu, caltrop, cat's head,devil's eyelashes, devil's thorn, devil's weed, Puncture Vine, Puncturevine, and tackweed (Reference - Wiki)

Gokshura | Gokhru - Hindi
Gokhru - Hindi
Nerunji Mull | Nerunjil | Palleru Mullu - Tamil
Nerinji - Malayalam
Cinnpalleru - Telugu 
Gokhru Kanta - Bengali
Sannanaggilu | Neggilamullu | Neggilu - Kannada
Sarate | Gokharu  - Marati
Gokharu - Gujarathi

How to eat Gokshura | Gokhru?

Gokshura is available in powder form and capsule form. Consult a doctor and buy according to your needs. Check the doctor about Gokshura | Gokhru dosage too. Gokshura powder can be boiled and consumed with water or milk in common. Mostly Gokshura is taken with other herbs for treating various problems like urinary, kidney, gynaecological, skin, nervous problems.

Himalayas Gokshura is available in capsule form.

Patanjali has Gokshura fruit powder. Gokhru Churna from different brands is also available in the market.

Gokshuradi Guggulu is one of the products available with Gokshura root as one of the main ingredients. Gokshuradi Guggulu is one of the ayurvedic products which is used to manage the proper function of genitourinary tract. Gokshur rejuvenates kidneys and prostate. Guggulu family of herbs detoxifies the deep tissues of the body. Gokshuradi Guggulu is a combination of many ayurvedic herbs like Gokshura root, Guggulu resin, amalaki fruit, haritaki fruit, pippali fruit, ginger root, black pepper fruit and few other herbs. These are traditionally used in Ayurveda for Pitta and Vata related problems of genital and urinary tract. Hence Gokshuradi Guggulu might be helpful to revitalize the kidneys affected by Vata and Pita.

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Diwali Recipes Collection | Indian Diwali Recipes - Snacks and Sweet Recipe

Diwali Recipes Collection | Indian Diwali Recipes - Snacks and Sweet Recipe:

Here is our exclusive collection of Diwali Snacks and sweet Recipes from PinkandPink. These recipes are quite easy to make even in last minute. Try our Indian diwali snacks recipes and Indian diwali sweet recipes and let us know how it comes and how much you like it.

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Diwali Contest from Pink and Pink - Updated with Diwali Recipes from Contestants

Diwali is the time when we prepare different snacks at home to delight our family and friends. We have come up with a small contest to give you a chance to win fabulous prizes as part of the Diwali Diwali celebration.

Contest Details:

Send us the photos of the sweets and savories that you prepare for this Diwali with the recipe. Send it to or post in our facebook page.

Submission Start date - 05-Nov-2015.
Submission End Date - 11-Nov-2015.
Result Announcement - 13-Nov-2105.

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Haritaki | Kadukkai Health Benefits and Uses for hair and skin

Haritaki | Kadukkai Health Benefits and Uses for hair and skin:

Haritaki is an amazing gift from mother nature to treat multiple diseases and to maintain overall health of body. Dry Haritaki fruits are widely used in natural remedies. It is known as Kadukkai in Tamil Nadu and widely used in tamil medicines. Haritaki is one of the popular ingredient in ayurvedic formulations too.

Kadukkai | Haritaki in different Indian languages like Hindi, English, Tamil and more:

Botanical Name - Terminalia Chebula
Tamil - Kadukkai
Hindi - Harad | Harra | Harada | Haritaki
Sanskrit - Pathya, Abhaya, Haritaki
Marati - Hirada | Hirda
Kannada - Alalekaayi
Horitoki - Bengali
Xilikha- Assamese
Karakkaya - Telugu
Malayalam - Kadukkai
Kannada - Alalekaayi
Gujarathi - Hardo
Bengali - Haritaki | Horitoki
Telugu - Karakkai | Karakkaya
Oriya - Haridra
Punjabi - Har | Harrar
Assamia -Hilikha
Urdu - Harad

Kadukkai also has some more common names like Chebulic myrobalan, ink-nut, Harde Whole in English.

Kadukkai | Haritaki Health Benefits:

Kadukkai is believed to balance three doshas as per ayurveda. Many ayurvedic medical preparations include kadukkai as one of the ingredients because of its amazing healing properties.

Kadukkai is used in popular ayervedic medicine called 'Triphala'. Triphala helps to detoxify and cleanse the colon. It detoxifies the liver. It is a natural blood purifier. Triphala is made from Nellikai, thandrikkai and kadukkai. It can be taken without any side effects. It suppresses all the side effects from other medicines and gives good health.

Haritaki is also used as one of the main ingredients in making natural medicines for lyme treatment.

Kadukkai | Haritaki for stomach problems like stomach upset, indigestion, acidity, constipation:

Haritaki has laxative properties. Mix a teaspoon of kadukkai powder in a glass of hot drinking water. Stir it well and consume it. You will get good relief from many stomach problems like constipation, dysentry, diarrhea, indigestion, acidity. It is recommended to drink before going to bed.

Haritaki is good in inducing appetite. As it increases the digestive powder of the body, you can maintain healthy diet.

Kadukkai | Haritaki for cough and cold:

Haritaki can be used to treat cold and cough in kids and adults. Most of the tamil marundhu for infants and babies include kadukkai in it. Continue giving those homemade natural medicines when they suffer from cough. They will become normal soon.

Mix a pinch of haritaki powder with honey. Give it to babies above 1 year. Mix 2-3 pinches with honey for toddlers. For adults, you can give 1/2 teaspoon of haritaki with honey.

Kadukkai | Haritaki for diabetes:

Haritaki is good in lowering blood sugar levels. Hence it is good for diabetes people. However, you need to consult your doctor if you are already taking medicines for diabetes. There have been studies about it.

Kadukkai | Haritaki for weight loss and obesity:

Because of the cleansing effect of haritaki, it is useful in controlling obesity and weight loss process. Include haritaki powder when you want to lose your weight and obesity. As it can remove the toxins from your body, you can easily shed your weight along with healthy diet and regular exercise.

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