Headsupfortails.com Review - Online shopping for Pet dogs In India

Here is a good news for all pet dog lovers. You do not need to take your car anymore to buy food, apparel, bowls and beds for your dog. You can now fulfill each and every need of your pet just by few clicks in the comfort of your home itself. Headsupfortails.com is a one stop shop for all the pet lovers to shop for their cute pets. They have stuffs for puppies and cats too. They deliver fast and for free. Cash on delivery option is available.

One of my friend loves pets so much and she has 3 dogs and she used to tell me the main problem is shopping for the dogs. She used to tell me that there is no shop nearby and she has to travel 12 kms from her home to buy pet related stuffs. Also, she needs to take an auto to bring all the stuffs which also consumes more money.

When I saw the website http://www.headsupfortails.com/, I immediately sent the website link to her. She told that she can find all the pet stuffs she need.  She thanked me for informing her. I thought this post will be useful for all the pet lovers like her. Okay, I will give you a quick glimpse of the products available there.

1. Apparels:

In the apparel section, you can find jackets and sweaters, rain coats, special occasions and all weather wear.

2. Bowls:

Lot of stylish bowls and feeders available in bowls section to let your pet eat in style. There are fun dining mats too.

3. Beds:

Upscale, cosy and comfy beds and blankets are available in this section. You can choose from a range of soft or firm beds, round and rectangular beds, basic or luxury beds.

The good news is they also customise dog beds to fit into your home. You need to email them and they will get back to you.

4. Collars:

You can find a huge range of fashionable collars and leashes to match your pet's personality in the collars section.  They also provide range of fabulous personalised products that can be customised within few minutes for your pet.

5. Toys:

They have toys for dogs of all age groups. They have toys for any style of play - chewing, tossing, tugging and fetching. You can choose from a range of cotton, latex, plush and rope toys.

6. Food:

This is the main section where you can choose from a range of lip smacking dog treats and dog food. They have wet dog food, dry dog food, vegetarian and non vegetarian dog treats. You can find the food from a variety of quality brands like Royal Canin, Pedigree, Drools, Harley's corner and Kennel kitchen.

The good news is, if you need something which they do not have, you can send them an email. They will try their best to organise it for you.

7. Grooming:

This sections is really awesome. There are so many grooming products available to make your pet look good and feel great. Lot of shampoos, brushes, fresheners, de-tanglers, colognes/perfumes, tick solutions, bathing accessories are available here.

If you need anything which is not listed there, you can send them an email. They will try to arrange it for you.

8. Accessories:

Pendants, dog charms, hats, bandanas, clips, party wear and many more accessories are available to make your pet look beautiful.  All the accessories are fun and fashionable.

9. Cat stuffs:

This section is for all cat lovers. Currently they have a small but growing cat corner. You can find cat collars, grooming accessories, beds, toys, treats and bowls here for cats.

What are you waiting for? Just visit Headsupfortails.com right now and shop now.

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  2. I am looking for a site which is safe for online shopping in Pakistan and which offers cash on delivery facility at your doorsteps?