7 Healthy Tips to Help You Maintain Your Hair Texture and Retain its Beauty

Hair problems are currently one of the most common issues for people of all ages, genders and hair types like straight hair, curly, etc. Factors like stress, pollution, and lack of care drive your hair through progressively worse stages until you are left with dull, lifeless hair with severe hair fall issues.

Taking care of your hair is a process that yields slow results, but the end is undoubtedly worth it. Here are 7 simple steps that you can incorporate into your daily routine to maintain your hair texture and retain its beauty:

  1. Know Your Hair Type: This is the most important tip, as not knowing your hair type will lead to the wrong kind of care and cause all your efforts to go down the drain without reflecting any real benefits on your scalp. The various hair types are curly, wavy, coily, combination, afro-textured and straight hair.

  2. Shampoo Your Scalp: It is essential to concentrate only on your scalp as the whole purpose of shampoo is to get rid of the dirt on the scalp. Plus, shampooing your hair will cause dry and undernourished flyaway follicles.

  3. Condition: While it is unnecessary to condition your hair after every wash (especially if you have smooth, straight hair), conditioning at least a few times a month is essential. It protects your hair from external damage and increases shine, strength, etc. Make sure only to condition the length.

  4. Oil Before Washing: Your scalp naturally produces oils that alert you when your hair needs washing. This oil is essential to avoid any damage shampoo can cause to your hair and protect it from stripping away its natural protein, texture and such. So, apply a bit of oil and leave it on for an hour before washing.

  5. Lay Off the Heating Tools: Heating tools are among the most harmful products for your hair. The sun's heat is harsh enough; this additional heat can make the damage irreversible. Make sure to limit your usage of heating appliances like curlers, straighteners, hair dryers, etc. If you need to, apply some heat protectant or serum beforehand.

  6. Choose the Right Products: The hair care industry only sometimes recommends the most beneficial products to its customers as it is a profit-run industry. You have to know your issues and choose organic products that will benefit your hair and care for it naturally. Avoid parabens, sulphates and other such toxic chemicals.

  7. Eat Right: Lastly, your diet significantly impacts your hair, so if you are not eating right, your hair care efforts might not even work. Fill up on protein, poultry, fish, beans, lean meat, zinc, omega acids, vegetables, fruits and more to give your hair all the necessary nutrients.

With these simple tips and more from Myntra Studio, you can flaunt your shiny, smooth straight hair without any problems. Check out Myntra Studio for more information!


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