Inversion Method for hair growth

Inversion Method for hair growth:

Inversion method - A One week hair growth program which can help your hair to grow 1- inch(approximately) in a week of time. You have to massage your scalp with your oil and invert your head upside down for 4 minutes of time. It is one of the popular methods which can help your hair grow naturally rather than running behind different oils and formulas available in the market for promoting hair growth.

Inversion Method for Hair growth

Some people want long hair while some prefer to have short hair. I am a person who loves short hair. Even though if you do not want long hair or want to get few more inches of hair, you can try inversion method as it is good for overall health of your hair. Hair growth is just a visible result of the inversion method. Apart from that, you can reap several benefits because of the increased blood flow to your head and scalp. Your mind will relax. It is just another way to meditate if you can keep your mind relaxed from all kind of stresses in those 4 minutes.

What is Inversion Method?

Inversion Method procedure - Massage your scalp with your favorite oil for 5 minutes with your fingertips. Then invert your head. It should be upside down. This will help in increasing the blood flow to your head and scalp. Increased blood flow to your head and scalp helps to rejuvenate your hair follicles. Visible hair growth and overall improved health of the hair are results of inversion method. You have to repeat this daily for one week. Take a break for the next 3 weeks before you start another session.

You can really feel the blood flowing down to your head when you have your head upside down once you invert your head.

Of course, everything is not suitable for everyone. Some people should not try this inversion method. You can check in the warning section at the end of the post.

How to do the inversion method? 

Here are the steps involved in the inversion method.

1. Getting ready with the oil for Inversion Method:

You can use your regular oil to massage your scalp. It is better to stick with natural oils. Coconut oil is the simple and best oil for your hair. You can also use any essential oil which is suitable for your hair. You can also apply a mixture of essential oils or natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, rosemary oil, olive oils and so on.

Once you have decided the oil to you use, you can either massage it directly on to your scalp and hair strands. Or you can slightly warm it before using for better results. You can heat a cup of water in a small wide bowl. Take the oil in a tall stainless steel bowl, tumbler, cup or any container which can stand inside the water bowl without falling. Once the water is hot and starts bubbling, switch off the stove. Place the oil container inside the water bowl.

Take care that the oil container does not fall down inside the water bowl. Choose the bowls and water level appropriately. The oil will become slightly warm. Carefully take the oil container out and you can use the oil to massage your scalp and hair strands.

Massaging scalp and strands:

Gently massage the scalp and hair strands with the oil for 5 minutes with your finger tips. You can do this in circular motion. Massage your scalp first and apply it on the hair strands. Make sure that you massage gently and do not apply enormous pressure or rub it hard as your hair might break down. Using finger tips can help you to concentrate and cover all over your head. So, it is highly recommended.

Inverting head:

You have to invert your head gently. Do not rush in inverting. Also, make sure you are well hydrated before starting. It is good to do after 1 hour from your meal time.  It is not good to do when you feel hungry or when you feel your tummy full. In both the cases, you cannot concentrate on the procedure.

If you cannot invert your head upside down, you can invert your head at a slightly inverted angle.

Have a timer set for 4 minutes and invert your head. You can invert your head in different ways. Try to make yourself comfortable and it should not stress your other parts of your body. You can sit on a chair or on floor and invert your head at a slightly inverted angle. Or you can lie on a bed and hang your head upside down from the edges. I prefer sitting on the floor and inverting since it is quite easy way and I feel quite comfortable. Choose what works best for you.

Be in the inverted head position for 4 minutes. Try to listen to your favorite songs or music. You can also meditate in this position. Do not think about anything which can stress you. Try to feel relaxed. Keep calm and enjoy the relaxation it provides. You can concentrate, follow and feel what is happening inside.

To reap the maximum benefits, try to do it when you are alone as it is important to be away from any kind of distraction to ensure your mind enjoys the relaxation.

Once you are done and timer beeps, you can slowly come to the original position. It is important not to rush back to original position. Come back slowly.

Leave the oil on your hair as much as you can:

It is good to allow the oil to work on your hair for a minimum of 2 hours. So, leave it as such. You can comb your hair and tie it but not tightly. I prefer leaving it overnight as it can get the maximum benefits. You can wash your hair next day.

How many times can you do the inversion method?

You can do the inversion method everyday for one week in a month. Try to leave a gap of 3 weeks between each session.

Inversion Method - Warning:

If you are physically well fit, you do not need to worry about trying this method.  If not, it is dangerous to try inversion method.

People with abnormal pressure(either high or low), obesity, stroke, pregnancy, hernia, ear infection, detached retina, any injury or fractures, unhealed wounds, heart problems or any similar problems should completely avoid trying this as it might further complicate your problems. So, if you are suffering from any kind of problem, try to avoid it.

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Do you have any question about inversion method? Have you tried this inversion method and got results? Do you have any experience on this method? Whatever it is, you can leave in the comments section below.

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