Karpooravalli | Omavalli | Ajwain Leaves Benefits for Cold and Cough

Karpooravalli | Omavalli | Ajwain Leaves Benefits for Cold and Cough:

Karpooravalli or Omavalli are Tamil Names for Ajwain Leaves. Ajwain plant is easy to grow in houses like Tulsi plant. Karpooravalli(Omavalli) has lot of Medicinal uses and benefits.


Few of Karpooravalli - Ajwain Health benefits include remedy for cough, cold, stomach problems, indigestion, reduced appetite and diarrhoea. I am planning to do a separate post for writing the benefits of ajwain.

In this post, we are going to learn how to use ajwain leaves(karpooravalli) as home remedy for cold and cough. One grandma in my apartment gave this recipe and it showed result from the first dose itself for my kid. The result will vary based on the severity of cold but it will be surely effective for common cold.

When you see the cold symptoms, you can give this homemade tonic in the initial stage itself to avoid the cold becoming more severe.


Homemade Karpooravalli Cough syrup:


Ajwain Leaves(Karpooravalli) - 1 big leaf
Tulsi leaves - 2
Betel leaves(vethalai) - 1/4(If you do not have betel leaves you can use Garlic - 1 peeled)
Turmeric powder - 1/8 tsp
Asafoetida - A pinch
Rock salt - 1/8 tsp
Whole Black Pepper - 2 nos

*Measurement is for kids. For Adults you can use 4 times the measurement.


1. Clean karpooravalli(ajwain leaves) and Tulsi leaves with water.
2. Crush the ajwain leaves, tulsi leaves, betel leaves(vethalai) or garlic(whichever you are adding( and pepper.
3. Heat 1/4 cup water and add crushed items, a pinch of asafoetida, turmeric powder and rock salt. I have not added turmeric powder as I was already giving turmeric milk also in that time.


4. Boil till the water reduces to half the quantity. Switch off the stove and allow to cool down.


5. Grind it in the mixer with the boiled water till the juice gets extracted.


6. Give the mixture(1 tsp - 3 tsp) based on the age of kids with honey. You can mix the juice with honey. Or else give 1 tsp of juice followed by honey immediately and then juice like that.

Dosage Instructions:

Do not give this mixture for children below 2 years. For small kids, give 1 tsp 2 - 3 times. My kid is 3 years old. I give 3 tsp as single dose in the evening.
For adults, prepare in more quantity. Adults can have 100 ml thin juice. As kids will not have this juice in more quantity, I prepare thick extract and give to my kid.

Karpoorvalli/Ajwain in Different Languages - English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu

Scientific name : Plectranthus Amboinicus and Coleus Amboinicus(once identified)
Family: Lamiaceae
Karpooravalli in English:  country borage, French thyme, Indian borage, Indian mint, Mexican Mint, Soup Mint, Spanish Thyme, Big Thyme, Thick leaf thyme or Broad leaf thyme(Guyana), Poor man pork or broad leaf thyme (Barbados), broadleaf thyme, Cuban oregano, Mexican thyme,queen of herbs, three-in-one herb, allherb, mother of herbs
Kannada: Doddapatre Soppu, Saviara sambara
Tamil: Karpooravalli, Omavalli
Malayalam: Panikoorka
Telugu: Vaamu aku
Karpooravalli in Hindi: Pathorchurpatharcur, Patta ajavayin
Flavor and Odor like : Oregano
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  1. I heard about this syrup and this is very helpful as well. It is better than the medical store cough syrups. I was unaware that how to prepare it. But thank u so much for the recipe. I am surely going to prepare it.

  2. I remember in my childhood days my mother used to give me one ajwain leaf with one or two pieces of rock salt and ask me to chew and swallow the juice slowly. It works for cough and common cold.