How To Remove Warts Naturally - Home Remedies For Warts

Paalunni(in Tamil) is called as Warts. I have never ever thought of researching about warts before I got them in my neck. I got two in my neck and I have ignored it as they were not painful.

I had to attend my close relative's wedding and had to wear neck pieces most of the time. One of the warts got hurt badly and started paining. I ignored it and thought I might have scratched it with nails. When I looked in the mirror, it became like a small balloon sadly :(

I was worried about it and my hubby asked me to check for natural remedies for warts removal. I asked my mom to check with old granny. She told me that it will fall off naturally in sometime. But when? That was my question since I already had pain in the wart.

Initially it was like a small black seed. It became like a small ball somehow. It was painful and I think it might be because of scratches.

My mom clearly told me that it will get spread if we scratch it or cut it. So, I did not touch it after that.

I searched for home remedies for warts removal. There are so many sources with different remedies available. I went through each and everything. I have dropped many remedies as it is out of my reach. I do not want them to give a try. Some of them are like using some acids. So, I was looking for only easy home remedies to remove warts.

Warts Removal Cream Online:

I checked whether any wart removal cream available online. Oops. They are too costly and had it as last option. I went ahead in search of home remedies for removing warts.

Home Remedies for Warts Removal:

The options which I liked are below.

Natural Remedies for warts removal - Using garlic or potato. The below are the tips I saw in various sources. I have not tried but I have found them meaningful and they are easy remedies to get rid of warts. So, I am sharing here.

Warts Removal With Garlic: 

Clean and dry the wart. Peel off and cut a garlic flake into half. Rub the garlic flake on the wart gently. Cover the wart with a bandage. Whenever the bandage falls, repeat the same process until the wart gets removed. The wart should go off within 2 - 6 weeks. I am not sure about it as I have not tried it.

Warts Removal With Potato: 

Clean and dry the wart. Peel off and take a small potato slice. Rub the potato flesh on the wart gently. Cover the wart with a bandage. Whenever the bandage falls, repeat the same process until the wart gets removed. The wart should go off within 2 - 6 weeks. I am not sure about it as I have not tried it.

As I had pain in the wart, I thought it is not wise to rub it. Also I did not have bandage at home, I was not able to try these options.

Other options to remove warts easily include apple cider vinegar, hair, tooth paste and duct tape.

How to remove warts using hair?

Many people mentioned that a horse hair or women's hair is effective in removing warts naturally. Absolutely it is not possible to use men's hair as it is very short. It is instructed that to tie a hair around the root of the wart twice and put a knot. You need to cut the excess hair and leave it on the wart till it falls off.  I tried this option but I was not able to tie the hair around the wart. It was very difficult for me. You need lot of patience or some one's help to try this method. It is believed that the blood flow to the wart is stopped in this method and the wart gets dried. So, the wart falls off naturally.

I did not have apple cider vinegar at home. I do not want to use duct tape to remove the wart as I had pain.

How to Remove Wart using Toothpaste?

So, the last option I had was using toothpaste. Even it has been mentioned to leave the toothpaste and put a band aid to keep it on the wart. I asked my hubby to buy a band-aid that evening. But before that I thought I would keep toothpaste on the wart.

I applied the tooth paste on the wart and covered it completely in the evening. I slept before my hubby came. So, I did not put band-aid. I just slept with the toothpaste on the wart. It was a surprise for me in the next day morning. The wart was removed :) I was so happy that tooth paste helped me to avoid running to a beauty parlour or a doctor. It was very easy.


1. I do not know about the stages of warts and other biological things. I just want to give a try it before consulting a doctor or a beauty parlour to remove warts. My wart was not a major one. I have heard that there are different type of warts. You might need to consult a doctor based on the severity of the wart.

2. There was a remedy to remove wart using match box sticks and incense sticks. I did not want to try it as it was scary. I recommend you also not to try it.
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  1. I really appreciate the home remedies you shared but do they remove the wart for lifetime or they may come back again? What is your opinion on the treatment by the dermatologist or skin care specialist?