Importance of Wearing Sunglasses in Summer

Scorching Summer has arrived finally and everyone is suffering a lot. It is time to buy sunscreen with right SPF, some pure cotton dresses, scarfs, umbrellas, caps and sunglasses to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. Many people are not giving sufficient importance to their vision. Our precious eyes also need care and protection especially in this summer. Most of the people see the sunglasses just as another fashion accessory and they do not realize that it is more than that.

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Green Chili Stew | Green Chile Recipe | Hatch green chile recipes | Easy Green Chili recipe

Green Chili Stew | Green Chile Recipe | Hatch green chile recipes | Easy Green Chili recipe:

Green Chile Stew Recipe is the one which I had recently tried and I was completely doubtful whether this easy green chile recipe would come out tasty before preparing. My hubby does not like very hot dishes even the ones which have capsicum. So, I was quite doubtful while cooking too. But I wanted to utilize the Hatch Green Chiles(Bajji Milagai - in Tamil or and Bhavnagiri Green Chillies) which were sitting inside the refrigerator for more than 5 days. I bought it for making Mirchi Bajji(Milagai Bajji). But I was unable to do it.

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Corn Pulao | Sweet Corn Rice | Sweet Corn Pulao Recipe

Corn Pulao | Sweet Corn Rice | Sweet Corn Pulao Recipe:

Corn Pulao - Pulao cooked along with sweet corn. Corn Pulao recipe is a very simple and delicious one. I swear you that it has nice aroma if you follow the recipe exactly. Sweet corn rice can be cooked in few minutes. So, Sweet corn pulao is one of the easy dishes that can be prepared quickly in the early morning for packing lunch boxes. Kids will love it and there is no doubt in that. Also, it is such an easy recipe which can be prepared by bachelors too. Serve it for your guests too.

Corn Pulao

I have used Basmati rice here. As you know, Basmati rice has a wonderful aroma and flavor. Hence it is the best rice variety for pulao recipes.

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White Sauce Pasta Recipe - How to make White Sauce for Pasta

White Sauce Pasta Recipe - How to make White Sauce for Pasta:

White Sauce pasta Recipe is quite easy. Once the white sauce is ready, all you need to do is just adding cooked pasta in white sauce and cook for some more time. My hubby does not love to have Pasta as main course. My kid eats white sauce pasta a little but not much. It is only me who likes Pasta at home. So, making pasta is very rare at my home. I also prepare this white sauce pasta as evening snacks. If your kid loves pasta, you are lucky as you can prepare white sauce pasta very quickly to serve as evening snacks once your kid returns from school.

Easy White Sauce for Pasta

After a lot of research about making white sauce pasta, I understood that butter, milk, flour and cheese along with some herbs make a tasty white sauce pasta. The white sauce pasta recipe which I have given here is very simple and I did not add any vegetables except onion. I made it on a lazy Sunday morning. But I will make this homemade white pasta sauce again and cook pasta along with few vegetables. Hope that will be more tasty than the plain pasta in white sauce.

White Sauce for pasta 

Dried basil and Oregano are the best herbs to get a flavorful white sauce pasta. You can just add the herbs mix which you get from Pizza shops. Carrot, capsicum, sweet corn are the best vegetables to add. You can add garlic paste too if you like garlic flavor.

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Methi Ka Paratha Recipe | Methi Roti | Methi Chapathi | How to make Methi Paratha

Methi Ka Paratha Recipe | Methi Roti | Methi Chapathi | How to make Methi Paratha:

Methi Ka Paratha is the first thing which comes to my mind when I see a bunch of fresh methi leaves. It is not required to do anything extraordinary to prepare tasty and healthy methi parathas. Adding few ingredients along with methi leaves to our normal wheat flour turn normal chapathi into a tasty and more healthy one. Every one will agree methi paratha has its own unique flavor. All credit goes to Methi leaves(fenugreek leaves). We call it as Venthaya Keerai in Tamil. If you want a paratha in different flavor but with not more effort, Methi Ka Paratha should be your choice.

Methi Roti

Methi Ka Paratha Recipe was introduced to me by my friend Amrutha. She offered few parathas to my kid when she prepared once. My son ate it without any complaints and he liked it. I asked her the recipe. But she used to add few more ingredients like besan flour.

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Charm your lady with a stunning necklace

Gifting your loved ones needs no special occasion, especially when it is for your woman. A simple ring can make difference, yet beautiful necklaces can make her fall hard for you. Next time when you like to gift your lady, charm her with a stunning necklace.

Without matching accessories, one looks bland and incomplete in any kind of outfit. Wearing a stunning necklace is an easy and breezy way to look outstanding. Although there are different types of necklaces available, I particularly like the below types.

1. Pearl Necklace Sets:

Pearl Necklace

Any woman can shine and look exotic when she wears a necklace with perfectly round pearls. Pearl necklaces can complement our Indian, traditional and contemporary outfits. Matching pearl earrings can uplift your look.

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Know about Lakme School Of Style - India's first Fashion Video Magazine

With wide array of beauty products, Lakme is one of the pioneers in the beauty industry. Lakme has just #LakmeSchoolOfStyle, India's first fashion video magazine. The editor-in-chief of Lakme School Of Style is Karan Johar. The channel is India's largest youth and fashion revolution.

There is a lot of useful videos available in #LakmeSchoolOfStyle. Here I have picked two of my favorites to write about. Don't stop just with these videos. Check out their youtube channel and subscribe to keep you updated.

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Satiate your cravings at ice-cream parlours in Bangalore

Summer has arrived and it is time to relish yourself with some brilliant flavors of smooth and creamy ice creams. I am sure that scorching summer is torturing you not only physically but also mentally. Take time to chill yourself by heading into some of the best ice cream parlours in your city. We present you a list of best ice-cream parlours in Bangalore.

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Things to consider before having a hair transplant surgery

Guest post from 24 Hair Transplant(Medispa):

Hair transplant surgery is a briskly pacing trend among the Indian population. It is the leading hair restoration process that has ever been introduced in the medical field so far. It’s a medical boon for People with alopecia and complete baldness. This is a very simple yet invasive procedure. During the process the surgeon moves individual hair follicles from a different part of the body and implants it on the bald part. The part from where the follicle is taken is known as the ‘donor site’ and the latter is known as the ‘recipient site’. This not a very intricate procedure, however, it has some risk factors involved which need to be considered before undergoing the surgery.

unnamed (1)

Therefore, below are a few points that one must consider before undergoing a hair transplant surgery:

1. Skin and Hair type:

Basically Asian hair and skin type needs special attention during a hair transplant surgery as there is always a risk of hypertrophic eruptions and darkening of the skin of the scalp. Thus an Asian needs a very experienced surgeon. A thorough research is very much mandatory.

2. Risk and Complications:

Hair transplant surgery has a number of risks and complications involved. During the procedure, dissolve suture can cause an adverse reaction in various patients, which generally makes the healing process difficult, which needs further medical procedures. Like this, many other complications are associated with the procedure. Consider all these factors before going ahead with your decision.

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