How to Make Exfoliating face Scrub for oily skin

Make this exfoliating face scrub with curd and rice powder to get a glowing skin even when the summer is in its peak. Protect your face from being dull and losing its glow. It gives wonderful results for the people with oil skin. You don't need to rush to any shop or parlour to give you the instant glow.

Exfoliating face Scrub with curd and rice powder for oily skin:

Benefits of using this homemade facial scrub with rice powder and curd will keep the pores free of clogged oil, remove the sun tan, dead skin cells and pigmentation. It also lighten your skin color with regular use.


1. Take one teaspoon of rice powder.
2. Take one tablespoon of curd.
3. Mix them well and wait for five minutes for the scrub to get smooth.
4. Moisten your face. Take your own time to rub gently in circular motion.
5. Wash off.

Go out with the glowing skin with the rice powder and curd face scrub.

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