Gingelly Oil in Tamil and Benefits

Gingelly Oil in Tamil and Benefits:

Gingelly oil in Tamil is Nalla ennai. We use gingelly oil in Tamil Nadu widely for both cooking and beauty care purposes. Gingelly oil is very good for health. Taking gingelly oil bath is regularly followed here. How many ever cosmetic products may step into the market they are all made of artificial colors and fragrance. We can get so many benefits if we follow the homemade beauty products which are being followed from the age of our ancestors. They are all organic, can be made easily at home and can be very effective on skin for a longer run. Right from the powder, body wash, cream and moisturizers we have an alternate homemade product available easily. As the winter is approaching we might look for the best cream and moisturizers in the market to take care of the skin dryness. Oils are the best product to maintain the skin moisture. We have heard people using coconut oil, sesame oil, and olive oil for cooking and they provide a lot of goodness to the health. Apart from cooking these oils can also be used for beauty purposes.

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Pulli Kolangal Collections - Small kolam with dots - Rangoli designs with dots images

Pulli Kolangal Collections - Small kolam with dots - Rangoli designs with dots images - Pictures:

Kolam is one of the traditional practices mostly followed by south Indians. They consider it to be auspicious because they believe that these patterns drawn in front of the house brings Goddess Lakshmi to the house and also gives a decorative welcome to the house. Actually, the truth behind drawing these geometrical patterns was that they are drawn using rice flour and this feeds the ants and other small living beings wandering outside. The Hindus considered this as a good sign. This was one of the favorite hobbies for women in those days as they increased their creative thinking skills.

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Best OTG in India

Best OTG in India:

OTG is Oven Toaster Griller. People who love baking but do not want to buy microwave oven can opt for OTG. There are so many OTG available in India in different capacities from different brands. Based on the size of the family, you have to choose the OTG capacity. Brand should be chosen based on the reviews and availability of the service.

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Best Washing Machine in India 2018

Best Washing Machine in India - Our Top 11 Washing Machine Brand Models 2018:

As you spend your hard-earned money on buying your home appliances, you need to do some research before you buy them. Many of you might have brand preferences. In that case, shortlist the washing machines based on your brand. Then choose the budget. If you do not have a budget constraint, you can go ahead to choose based on the features. If you have a budget constraint, shortlist the washing machines which fit into your budget, then choose the one which is best and having more features that you desire.

Here we have listed top 10 best washing machine brand models available in India for your reference. The list is prepared based on our personal opinion and consumer reviews from Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

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Best Food processor in India

Top 10 Best Food processor in India:

In this busy world we need things to be done very fast. Preparing variety of food in the short span of time especially remains a big challenge for housewives and working women. Unlike earlier days where people were supported with relatives to do different task, in present world managing kitchen core alone itself a big challenge in stipulated time.

Women can take a relief since the markets are flooded with so many products in cooking segment which makes life simple and less time consuming. Instead of having separate product for each task like chopping, cutting, dough preparation, juicer which also occupies space, food processors are blessing in disguise. The food processor facilitates repetitive tasks in the preparation of food. These use interchangeable blades and disk which helps in serving different purpose like cutting, chopping, juicer, Shredding etc. So many options are available in choosing from the available food processor. People need to consider the following before purchasing the food processor.

  • Bowl: Size should be based on the family number
  • Blades: should be of high quality and rust free. Must be easily detachable in order to clean and dry the parts.
  • User Friendly: The use of food processor must be simple to use for layman
  • Warranty: Check the warranty on motors and machine
  • Power Consumption: Around650to 700 watts is ideal for the use of food processor to carry complex process.


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Get Warm with Winter Styles

Get Warm with Winter Styles

Winter is on, and we all love to hang out on a night out, especially girls who have big love for the winter season. We long so much for the winter season throughout the year and once the winter arrives we can’t keep calm and just go crazy. That chill breeze and drizzling clouds give us a very pleasant mindset. On the other hand, it is also risky as the climate can spoil our health too. It may cause cold, fever and other undesired illness. It is always better to be protected to avoid catching a cold. So, do not have a second thought when it comes to buying a great jacket. Not only does it protects you, but also it gives you a stylish look when you pick the right one. There are so many types of winter jackets available for the women which give you a great comfort and keeps you warm however the weather may be outside. Jackets give the women a very stylish look and can be worn with all types of outfits. In this article let’s see the different styles of winter jackets available in the market.

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Fab Bag November 2016 Review

Fab Bag November 2016 Review:

This month's FAB BAG has arrived quite early. In fact, I expected a delay due to Diwali season. I am a little bit late to post about it as it was hard to get back to work after the festive season. I had a great expectation on this month's fab bag as I was given a choice to choose a shade from a wide range of City color Be Matte Lipstick shades. 

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