Kadai Paneer Recipe - How To Make Kadai Paneer

Homemade Kadai Paneer Recipe doesn't sound interesting?  Yes, it should be. Even a basic punjabi dhaba will have this humble Kadai Paneer listed in their menu. The fact is people would blindly choose Kadai Paneer or Paneer Butter Masala easily. I use homemade paneer to prepare kadai paneer.

Kadai Paneer is paneer(Indian Cottage cheese) cooked in Kadai(Indian wok). Basically, Kadai paneer is cooked in tomato mixture with capscium cubes. You can see the capsicum chopped in bigger size and cooked in the kadai.

Kadai Paneer Restaurant style copy

This Kadai Paneer recipe will give you dry or semi dry kadai paneer. I will soon post Kadai Paneer Gravy version in restaurant style. The secret of getting restaurant style kadai paneer is using freshly ground masala. Here, I have used coriander powder and red chilli powder. So, it would not consume more time. So, I can call this as Easy Kadai Paneer recipe. Believe me if you have paneer at home, it would take only 10 minutes of your time excluding its cooking time.

Now, let us see how to make Kadai Paneer at home.

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Homemade Pickle Recipes - How to make pickles at home - Easy Pickle Recipe

Homemade Pickle Recipes - How to make pickles at home - Easy Pickle Recipe:

I have compiled the list of Homemade Pickle Recipes here. I have included all the homemade pickle recipes which I have posted in this blog. All new post on homemade pickles will get updated here.

As you know, homemade pickles are healthier and can be made fresh as and when required. Absolutely no preservatives need to be used. Moreover the taste can be altered according to your ow taste buds. Love spicy hot pickle? Add more red chilli powder. Love Salty pickles? Add more salt. Don't want oily pickles? Add less oil.

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Amla Pickle Recipe | Gooseberry Pickle | Nellikai Urugai - How To Make Amla Pickle

Amla Pickle Recipe | Gooseberry Pickle | Nellikai Urugai - How To Make Amla Pickle:

Amla Pickle or Gooseberry Pickle is one of the easy homemade pickle recipe which can be made instantly. I would say amla pickle recipe is all about trial and error method. Adjusting red chilli powder and salt is the main process in making this homemade pickle.

We don't need to wait till summer to make this pickle. It is quite instant pickle recipe.

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Orange peel recipe - Orange Peel Pachadi | How To Make Orange Peel Pickle or Thokku

Orange peel recipe - Orange Peel Pachadi | How To Make Orange Peel Pickle or Thokku:

Orange Peel Pachadi is a healthy way to use orange peel which we normally ignore. Orange peel cannot be consumed in large quantity in single sitting as it can induce digestion problems. So, making orange peel pachadi/ thokku is the best way to get the goodness of orange peel. I have already posted recipes of Mango thokku, Tomato Thokku, Citron pickle(Narthangai thokku). So, this one is 4th post on homemade pickles and pachadi. Why don't you make homemade pickles for every week alternatively?

In our region, people include more quantity of pickle every day. We eat rice with curd daily and pickle is the best accompaniment for it which cannot be beaten by any. So, if we make homemade pickles, it is better than store bought one with respect to hygiene, quality of ingredients and health factors.

Orange peel recipes

Benefits of Orange Peel:

Purdue University Horiculture and Landscape Architecture says 100 g of orange fruits has 40 mg of Calcium whereas 100 g of Orange peel has 161 mg of Calcium. Orange peel has almost 4 times of Calcium than the orange fruit. It also 1.5 g of Protein. It also has good amount of vitamins like riboflavin, Vitamin B5 and B6 and  also minerals.

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Frush Ville in OMR Review - Chennai Corner

You will love Frush Ville at first sight. Yes. Frush Ville is a real treat for your eyes when you cross it. I have seen it so many times while traveling in the OMR. Recently we did a shopping in a furniture showroom in Navalur, OMR. You can read about that furniture shop here. While returning, my hubby asked whether we could go to Frush Ville which is located in OMR itself. I already felt full but I couldn't say no as my hubby told that the ambience is so good. Frush Ville is very close to Polaris, Egattur in OMR.


The restaurant is small but if I say it is awesome, it is an understatement. Until I entered into the restaurant, I did not have plan to write about it in my blog. But I couldn't resist taking pictures after seeing the nice ambience and updating them in my blog. I took it in my phone as it was an unplanned shoot :) So, the picture quality is not so good.


Its a perfect place if you want to dine with your family. You can have light dinner in the lovely ambience. It was so greenery. I loved it so much. We have ordered juice, falooda and sandwiches.



You can have fresh juices, sandwiches, ice creams and even chat items. OMG, I have never seen so many juice options in my life. There is a lot of options available. They not only have common juices from fruits like Apple, Pomegranate but also fruits from all over the world including western fruits. I do not have the list of juices right now with me. If I have, I would love sharing it too. You should see the menu card to trust me. The options are plenty more than you could  imagine. My hubby is a fan of fresh juices and he was excited to see such a big list of juices.

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Paneer Kofta Recipe - How to make Paneer Kofta

Paneer Kofta Recipe - How to make Paneer Kofta:

Paneer kofta is tempting me even to think about it. It is so soft, tasty and perfect for kids and guests. It is good to learn Paneer kofta recipe especially who make paneer at home. See how to make paneer at home here. I am sure sometimes you will have left out crumbled paneer or you might have not got perfect paneer cubes. At that time you can make this Paneer Kofta very quickly. The ingredients are also not something you have to go out and buy.

I tried it yesterday and we all loved it so much. I cursed myself for making only 8. There was a tough competition from my kid for eating this paneer kofta. Even though I liked it so much, I limited myself to only 2 as he loved it so much. I also wanted my hubby to enjoy his share. So, I had to put boundary myself.

How to make paneer kofta

There was a time when all of my teammates used to compete with each other to eat as far as we can when I was working. We used to order more and more especially starters while going for treat. But now, nobody is there to order for more. Its me who has to prepare :) Laziness becomes a matter too. My kid is the only one in the world for whom I sacrifice my favorite snack items and ice creams :) I am happy about this change.

Aloo Paneer Kofta

Okay. Now let us see how to make paneer kofta at home.

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A healthy child makes a happy home

Health is wealth. We can regain the lost wealth anytime but not health. We can live happily even if we have poor wealth. But it is not possible with poor health. So, it is important to see health as primary factor of happy living.

If your child is not studying well, you can still be happy. If your child is not doing her exams well, you can still be happy. But that is not the case when child is sick. More than the children, parents become mentally upset when their children are sick.

When they grow up, they can take care of themselves. But in their childhood, we are responsible to keep them healthy.

When I was 8 years old, I suffered from jaundice. I don't know whether vaccination for jaundice was available at that time. My sister was less than one year old at that time. The doctor told my parents to admit me in the hospital. As my sister was a baby, we could not leave her in relatives house also. My parents took her also to the hospital. My parents put a cradle in the room for her. I had to be there for 1 week. I still remember how difficult the time was for the entire family. Only after I got cured, my family was back to normal state. But vaccines are available for jaundice nowadays.

Science has developed a lot and new vaccines have been found. But the germs are also getting stronger day by day. Diseases like Dengue, Ebola are threatening the world. So, it is important for us to make our children more immune.

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Tomato Chutney Recipe - How to make tomato chutney without coconut - Thakkali Chutney

Tomato Chutney Recipe - How to make tomato chutney without coconut - Thakkali Chutney:

Tomato Chutney recipe is one of the easy chutney recipes which have dominating tomato flavor. I have already posted another version of onion tomato chutney without coconut in this blog. Also, I have posted how to make onion tomato chutney with coconut. This is another version of tomato chutney. There are endless options to make chutneys and this tomato chutney is one of the easy chutney recipes. This thakkali chutney(in Tamil) is very famous in Tamil Nadu.

You can check many more chutney recipes here - Chutney recipes. I have posted chutney recipes that can be made with coconut and without coconut too.

This tomato chutney recipe is prepared without coconut. So, people who are in restricted diet can opt for this tomato chutney recipe.

I have few more recipes for the same tomato chutney. I will definitely post them soon here.

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Quikr is really Quikrrrrrrrrr

Today I am going to share my memorable shopping experience with Quikr.com. My sweet 3 years old son always likes to watch Quikr Ads in TV and never forgets to say 'Quikrrrrrrr' along with the advertisement. Not only my son, every one in India should have fallen in love for the words Quikr and Quikrrrrrrrr....  Never mind if I use the word 'Quikrrrrrr' instead of the words 'Quik' and  'Quikr' in this post. I absolutely love that word too much.

Quikr is India's no.1 Online classifieds platform which connects people. It helps them to sell or buy goods and services. Though it was started in just 2008, it has become India's no.1 online classifieds platform because of its salient features which no one else can compete. Quikr has also become the no.1 'Buyer Aur Seller Ka Perfect Matchmaker' with absolutely zero cost for matchmaking. Thank you Quikr :)

My Quicr Shopping Experience:

I have kept my budget as 5000 INR for shopping with Quikr. As I did not fix any particular product in my mind, I spent a lot of time in just browsing through Quikr.com. OMG, Quikr is indeed an ocean of products. Unless you have any urgent requirement in mind for a particular good, you will end up in spending lot of time in just browsing the millions of products. That is what I was doing for many days. As I always love shopping, I loved the browsing experience too. As a software engineer, I could say that Quikr application is well designed keeping common people also in mind. It is such an easy-to-use application. It has all the important features which can make your shopping smoother and easier.

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