Why are women forever in love with gold?

Well, there is an old saying that jewelry is a woman’s best friend. There is nothing that can make a woman go weak in her knees as much as jewelry does. Well, in this article, we will specifically talk about the yellow jewelry, i.e, gold. You might not realise it but gold jewelry is not just a piece of ornament for a woman but it is also a piece that has a lot of cultural and emotional significance to it. Especially, when we talk about a country like India, gold is passed on from generation to generation and is an heirloom to take care of. In fact, a woman will buy gold for herself and will pass on to her kids when they get married and then it will pass on from generation to generation and will form an essential part of love and family heritage. 

In this article, we try to discuss a woman’s fascination to gold, actually in India, gold jewelry is considered as ‘Streedhan’, we all understand that gold also has a lot of financial value as well, that makes it an asset for a woman. Once a woman gets married and moves to her new home, she would take a lot of her gold jewelry that are equivalent to her own assets. 
Earlier, it was considered that gold is something that work as an asset that will help people in the adverse times. So usually, people used to keep gold not only like an ornament but also as an asset that is supposed to help them in adverse times. 
Also, this might be a surprise to man but gold also works as a display of status.  The more gold a person owns, the higher the status would be of that person. In fact, marriages earlier used to be the occasion where people used to display their golds and make it a point to display their status through that. In fact, when a girl gets married in India, the more gold that her in laws will gift her will be a display of their wealth and status and the more gold that she will take with herself from her parents as gifts will be a measure of status and wealth of her parents. So, gold also serves as a symbol of status for people. As soon as a daughter used to be born in an Indian household, the mother used to start saving money and gold for her to be given to her as a gift when she gets married. So, this is the level where gold is treated in an Indian society.
You will find people searching for gold ornaments online as well, however earlier it was restricted to only offline means. Now you can buy anything from big heavy jewelry such as Gold stud earrings, heavy neck pieces etc to even the tiniest of jewelery pieces such as, dainty rings, Diamond stud earrings etc online.
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