Revisit these popular Telugu rom-coms on ZEE5

There are lot of telugu movies which became a huge hit and won the heart of many people. Zee5 has a lot of such beautiful telugu movies online. Though there are many movies getting released frequently, there are very few movies which we like to watch again and again. I have listed few of such telugu rom-com movies which you can watch online as and when you wish in Zee5.


Bommarilu is an evergreen Telugu romantic comedy film which was released in the year of 2006. Siddharth and Genelia D'Souza were the leading actors and this film is one of the best films for both of them. It is all about a son and father relationship with a good number of romatic and comedy scenes throughout the film.

Bommarilu clearly depicts of the feeling of a son who has so much influence from his father for each and everything in his life. While the son is longing to live his life in own terms, his father even arranges his wedding according to his own choice.

The son who got fed-up with these influences and finally starts to stand for himself when it comes to marrying the girl he likes. The father finally understands his son's feelings and decides to get him married to the girl which he really likes. You can watch this telugu movie online in Zee5.

 Geetha Govindam:

Geetha Govindam became a hit throughout in India because of the song - Inkem Inkem Kavale song. Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna were a lovely pair whose performance were beautiful to watch. The film starts with the actor who makes all the efforts to impress the actress. But the actor could gain the trust of the actress and he always seemed to be an irresponsible person. The story becomes interesting when the actor's sister get engaged to actress's brother. Watch the movie how the actor manages to prove his love to the actress.

Size Zero:

Size Zero got released in the year of 2015 and the story line is very powerful to break the traditional love stories. Arya and Anushka Shetty played the lead role. There is no words to appreciate the effort Anushka Shetty had put for this film. The film has a very good message for the society. The comedy scenes were also so good. Size Zero is a movie worth watching for sure. Do not miss watching this telugu movie online when you get time.

 Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule:

 Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule, the movie starring Venkatesh and Trisha is another Telugu rom-com which had a huge hit in the year of 2007. The actress motivates the actor who gets a good job with all her motivation and then he eventually proposes to the actress. The movie takes a twist when there is a sudden strategy take place in the actress's life. If you have missed watching this movie, watch this beautiful telugu movie online in Zee5.

A aa:

A aa is another Telugu rom-com film which stars Nitin, Nitya Menon, Haripriya. The actress is a rich girl who has an over protective mother who arranges the actress wedding without her consent. Meanwhile the actor and actress fall in love with each other.

All the above Telugu rom-com movies are available online in Zee5. You can watch these telugu movies online whenever you wish!
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A Complete Guide to Goa's Nightlife

A land of golden beaches and sparkling sea, Goa is synonymous with a lazy, relaxing holiday. But at the same time, this Konkan state is also one of the biggest party destinations in the country. With late-hours shacks, pubs, and clubs, groovy music, bustling casinos, and boat parties, Goa offers a nightlife to reckon with. Irrespective of your age, social status, or lifestyle choices, each and every party destination here caters to everyone under the sun.

For the itchy feet

Love to dance the night away? You will find plenty of discos and night clubs to fulfill your dancing desires. Hip-hop, trance, pop, Bollywood, metal, rock, or house; ask for it and you will have a place in some corner of this golden state where you can find the music to your liking. Tito’s on Baga Beach, Ziggy’s on Colva Beach, Temptations at Red Cab on Vagator Beach, Lido’s at Dona Paula, are few of the famous ones to rest your itchy feet. You can also go club hopping and experience the ambiance at each of them. Book a reliable and inexpensive cab in Goa for the entire night and you can hop in and out of any club at any time, without worrying about your travel.

For the monsoon lover

It rains hard in the monsoon in Goa. But that doesn’t stop the party animals from living the nightlife. A special place worth mentioning here is Bob’s Inn in Candolim. You can eat, drink, and sway to the music (live or otherwise), while the rains splash down the tiled roofs.
There’s also the Cavala Resort in Calangute, where every Saturday night, the club assumes a soulful avatar. They say this place exudes a special kind of magic during monsoon. They have theme-based nights with live bands playing your favorite songs. Although a part of a resort, Cavala is open to visitors.

For the beach lovers

Love music but don’t want to be away from the beaches? Then hit the beach shacks when they come alive as the sun goes down the laps of the Arabian Sea. Beaches like Baga, Calangute, Colva, Ashwem, and even Patnem Beach in South light up in the party mood. As you walk along the beach, lined with shacks, you can find almost all kinds of music from Goan tunes, blues, jazz, or rock, playing in each of them. You can indulge in the food, sit back and enjoy the music indoors, or sit in the open air while fine strains of music blend with the gushing waves and soothes your ears.

For the water babies

Enjoy an evening dip in the sea and laze on the beaches while the shacks and pubs gear up for the night ahead. You can order your food and drinks and eat on the beach (but make sure you clean up later). One of the best places to do this is Curly’s in Anjuna, where you can take a night swim and sit outdoors, enjoying a hearty meal and soulful music. You can also book a cab from Anjuna beach and explore the nearby beaches for similar experiences.

For the lovers of flames and fire

There’s no season for barbecues or bonfires. Places like Pine Shack on the edges of Calangute and Candolim organizes beachside barbecues on request. You can enjoy the char-grilled seafood delicacies while someone strums lilting tunes on the guitar- a perfect way to enjoy the night on a beach.

For cruise lovers

If there’s one place in India where you can drink, dine, and dance on a boat, it is only here in Goa. Book a party cruise on the Mandovi River. Most of these cruises start from Panjim right after sunset and goes on till late in the night. With live music and delectable local cuisine, complemented with a lovely view of the river banks, this is one experience of Goa’s night, you cannot miss.
For those who like a little more solitude through the night, there is an evening cruise that takes you down the more tranquil Mapusa River at the Chorao Island. Glide on the still waters as the luxury yacht crosses the sparkling skylines of Panjim and Miramar beaches on one side and the Aguada Beach on the other.

For the players

The only state in India that makes it legal to gamble, Goa is known for its casinos. There are cruises, resorts, and hotels with their in-house casinos. Try your luck at a game of Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, or Baccarat. Most of these casinos offer their dinner and drink services, making you feel like a mini Las Vegas, right here in India. Some of the best ones are The Gaming Club at the Leela Palace Hotel, Treasures at Majorda Beach Resort, Chances at Cidade De Goa, and many more on the banks of Mandovi in Panjim.
No matter what you choose to do for the night, don’t plan. Because that’s how the Goans live and when in Goa, live like the Goans do and let the magic of the land take you away.
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Take a break from Masala Blockbusters for Edge of the seat Tamil thrillers

Take a break from Masala Blockbusters for Edge of the seat Tamil thrillers

We are almost 3 months into 2019, and Tamil cinema is buzzing with masala blockbusters. Petta has probably been the best Rajinikanth movie to come out after 2010, no doubts about it. On the other hand, people also loved the Ajith starrer ‘Viswasam’, which if you ask us features the best performance from our Thala in recent times. The list does not stop there. However, as much as we love to see them, we want to see some good thrillers. In 2018, we got to see some amazing thriller movies like Ratsasan, U-turn, Imaikkaa Nodigal, Iravukku Aayiram Kangal, to name a few. However, a good thriller is yet to make a splash in 2019.

Unlike the other genres that exist in cinema, Thriller is one genre that can be watched by anyone, irrespective of the language. So, even when you watch a Tamil thriller, you will get almost get the same kind of feeling. We, personally, think Korean and Tamil Industry makes the best thrillers you can find on the planet. All it takes to make a good thriller movie is a good script and actors who can pull the role, that’s it. You don’t need a huge budget to make one, but despite that, we hardly have some good thrillers, period. But don’t let that dull you, If you are like us and looking for a thrilling Tamil movie online, then here is the list of movies that you must watch right away. Since all these movies are available on ZEE5, you can even save the efforts of googling to find the movie.

Soodhu Kavvum: What do you look for in a good thriller movie? A great plotline which will keep you on the edge of the seat all the time - Check, Great Cast - Check and an unexpected ending which is still palatable - Check. This movie got everything covered, and even more. With liberal doses of black comedy, this movie offers incredible thrills that keep you guessing about the next twists. This thrilling yet satirical tale of kidnapping, politics and greed is sure to make you think just as well as it entertains. According to Moving Images, this movie has the best setups and payoffs, making it a recipe to feed the thriller lover in you.

Kirumi: Kirumi is one of the most underrated movies in this list. The story of an informer who falls prey when his supervisor joins hands with the goons and tries to get him murdered will get you hooked to it in no time. Apart from having an engaging story and great cinematography, the movie also featured one of the growing actors in Tamil Cinema, Kathir. This 2015 thriller received some overwhelming response from the critics.

Kolamavu Kokila: By now we all must have got used to the phrase ‘The Lady Superstar is here to rule’, and Nayantara proved it again with her latest 2018 movie ‘Kolamavu Kokila’. A thrilling glimpse into the world of drug peddling with sharp wit, the movie was appreciated from all sections of the audience for tastefully handling the delicate subject. A major highlight of the movie is Yogi Babu, who delivers a knockout performance.

Thiruttu Payale 2: No matter how hard you try, you can never replace the original. Director Susi Ganeshan knew this from the start, and that’s why he decided to branch out into the cop thriller genre with the sequel of Thiruttu Payale. The movie is majorly a cat-and-mouse chase touching upon the themes of surveillance and hacking to thrilling effect. By the time this Bobby Simha starrer ends, you would think twice before posting something on your facebook again.

8 Thottakkal: The movie created a lot of buzz for its supposed inspiration from an international TV show. But the buzz majorly comprised of praises for creating a sleek adaptation, rooted in the local milieu. A thrilling tale involving a police officer, an ex-constable and 8 bullets (as suggested in the title), the movie successfully delivers emotional punches with its twists. With veteran actor M.S Bhaskar in top form, this is one movie you should miss.

These are some of the best thrillers that deserve multiple watches. So, what are your thoughts on these movies? We would love to hear from you in the comments.
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