Banana Peel Uses To Treat Acne, Dark Spots and Blemishes On Face | Banana Peel for Acne

Banana Peel Uses To Treat Acne, Dark Spots and Blemishes On Face | Banana Peel for Acne:

Most of us ignore the banana peels because of the lack of awareness on its uses. They are the least cost effective home remedy to treat acne, dark spots and blemishes removal. This home remedy was suggested by my colleague. When I was working, she told me one day not to waste banana peels. She told that it is the best home remedy to heal acne. Most of us eat banana and it is one of the cheapest fruit we can buy. So, do not waste the banana peels and use it to have a clean and clear face. Even the dark spots and blemishes are removed in a week. Using banana peel for acne can help you to get rid of other skin problems and to get glowing skin quickly and naturally.

Banana Peel For Acne

Banana Peel Uses To Treat Acne, Dark Spots and Blemishes On Face | Banana Peel for Acne:

1. Wash your face and pat it dry.

2. Take good ripe banana. The peel should be yellow - black.

Banana Peel For Acne

3. Eat the flesh part and save the banana peels.

4. Rub the acne, dark spots and blemishes with the inside part of the banana peels gently till the inside part becomes black completely. You can your whole face too with the peels.

5. Leave it till your time for next face wash or wash it after 20 minutes only if you feel uncomfortable.

The best thing in using banana peel for acne is you do not need to limit yourself with the no of application per day. You can do this 3 times a day to get rid of acne very quickly like 4-5 days. Using right organic banana peel is the important thing to get the visible results.

Other Benefits of Banana Peels:

1. Vitamins and minerals are found in banana peels enormously. They locks the moisture in and helps to get rid of dry and dull skin.

2. Regular application of banana peel can reduce the wrinkles and hydrates the skin well.

Note: Always use fresh banana peels. Use them immediately. Use at least for a week continuously to get good results.

The banana should be a ripened one. The banana peel should not be green in color.

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