Why Crocs are the Ultimate Comfortable Footwear for all seasons

 Crocs in India have become one of the most comfortable footwear. From children to adults to elderly people, everyone loves wearing crocs because they can be paired with the most casual attire for a casual and comfortable look. People who have started to shop for Crocs in India have started to gain the limelight because of their uniqueness as the build of these shoes is like no other shoe brand. The rubber material is soft and comfortable, something that you don’t usually experience in any other type of footwear. 

Crocs in India are everyone’s favourite these days as they are super light due to the footbeds being made out of foam. They are extremely flexible, which means they are shock-absorbing and can support your feet, knees and ankles. If you still aren’t convinced why you should be investing in crocs, let us tell you why you should wear this casual footwear.

  1. Comfort: You usually wear shoes and heels all day long, especially if you go to the office or college every day. After a tiring day, you need to rest your feet, which is why you should wear flat footwear. If you have to run errands or buy groceries, you can’t go through the pain of tying your shoelaces every time. In such scenarios, crocs are an ideal choice of footwear because they are comfortable to wear. You just have to slide your feet in and secure your feet with the buckle at the back end. They are light in weight and provide better arch support than any other footwear.

  2. Low maintenance: Your leather or suede shoes and heels might require you to shell out a few bucks on the maintenance part. But that isn’t the case with crocs. Crocs are low maintenance, which means you don’t have to polish them or anything. You can simply wash them with soap and water to get them cleaned thoroughly. Since they are made from rubber, they are durable and can withstand wear and tear.

  3. Not seasonal: Unlike certain footwear, crocs can be worn any time of the year because they are made from rubber. The tiny holes on them allow proper ventilation, making the crocs an ideal choice for summer. During the rainy season, the holes on the shoes will help you easily drain out the water and will also not let you slip. During the winter season, you can wear these sandals with warm socks on.

  4. Always in style: Irrespective of the current trend, you will never see the crocs go out of style. They can be paired with almost every casual outfit. If your outfit is too simple, like joggers or shorts with a simple T-shirt or a hoodie, you can run errands in this look by slipping your feet into a pair of crocs. You will remain comfortable and yet look stylish.

Crocs in India have become a cult-favourite footwear and a must-buy for those who wish to upgrade their casual look. These versatile shoes will help you create multiple casual looks. Once you start wearing crocs and realise how comfortable you feel in them, there’s no going back.
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5 Ways to Style Your Kolhapuri Chappal for Everyday Wear

Kolhapuri chappals, known for their attractive aesthetics and appealing fits, are experiencing a startling rebirth with young people nowadays since men can wear them with practically any outfit thanks to their versatility. The original T-strap has evolved into more strappy shapes that appeal to the present generation, making Kolhpuri chappal for men the finest option today. Needless to say, it has become a fashion staple for all types of outfits ranging from ethnic and western to even indo-western.

If you have a classic pair of Kolhapuri chappal for men in your closet waiting for the right fashion inspiration to strike, here are the 5 best ways to style them!

Kolhapuris can be worn in a variety of ways, but the simplest and most cliché is to wear them with a kurta and pyjamas, which keeps your overall look understated but elegant. This outfit is appropriate if you are going to a puja or another low-key occasion. You can select basic Kolhapuri hues like tan or black and brown to balance out the outfit. Accessorise with a simple watch to go with the vibe.

Wedding invitations are a integral part of any Indian's life, what with the never ending strew of uncles and aunties in the family. You can dress in a sophisticated way for the weddings of your loved ones by donning a lovely embroidered sherwani along with a stunning pair of Kolhapuri chappal for men. Invest in a pair with a pompom design on the top of the strap or heavy embellishments to make the outfit even more merry.

Waking up every single day to go to the office and wear your stuffy formal shoes can be a tiring job. Fortunately, Kolhapuri chappal for men are an easy substitute to your formal shoes if ever you get the feeling that your feet are not allowed to breathe all day long. The open design will allow you to be extremely comfortable all day when you flaunt neutral coloured Kolhapuri chappal for men with a pair of chino pants and a light coloured button down shirt.

The days you wake up in a funky mood and decide to dress up to match it, Kolhapuri chappal for men are your best companion! Pick out a printed short kurta to go with a pair of denim jeans and wear this combination with a vibrabt set of Kolhapuri chappal for men. You can also accessorise with beaded braceletes and rings to go all out with this boho chic indo western look that you can wear to parties or even casual get together with friends.

Lastly, Kolhapuri chappal for men are also an incredible casual option that you can pair with some simple jeans and a solid t-shirt. This is a look that is both comfortable and chic, making it an easy option for days when you cannot decide what to wear. 

With these Kolhapuri chappal for men outfits ready to go in your wardrobe, you will surely never run out of looks to flaunt! Take a look at the large selection of options available at Mochi Shoes and buy Kolhapuri chappal for men now!

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Flattering styling tips to wear your tunics

Whether it is for your everyday work pressure, or a day out with friends, tunics for women suit all occasions. These are comfy, airy and loose tops for women which come in various prints, styles and fabrics. So, when you’re confused on what to wear for a certain occasion, pick one tunic from wardrobe and start styling it with these tips for a fantastic appearance.

Tunics with jeans for regular office day — Going for a field day or it’s an urgent meeting in office- a tunic with jeans is a perfect attire to look stylish and comfortable at work! You can pick one with floral prints and cotton fabric during the summer days and a georgette or rayon tunic in solid shades during winter. In both these types, a jeans is always the best choice to pair the outfit. Grab a pair of your regular sandals, slip-ons or sneakers to complete the office look perfectly. 

Tunics with capris for a shopping day — Going out for shopping with friends? A tunic is a great choice to keep you cool during the tiresome task and even fit the fashionable appearance. You can pick a calf length capri pant to go with your tunic. The colour of this pant can match with any of the colour of the prints on your tunic. Next, wear a scarf and a pair of open toe flat sandals with this tunic! And last but not the least, a dark shade of sunglasseswill definitely enhance your appearance in this attire. 

Tunics with worked pants — Say, it is your best friend's mehndi function or you are invited to an office party or a festive occasion. If you are confused as to what to wear which is not as heavy as a lehenga or a saree and not as simple as a basic kurti, then the tunics for women are the perfect choice for such semi formal occasions. If you want to make these tunics look more celebrated, you can pair them with heavily worked pants. These can be embroidered pants or the one with lace on it even your tunic should be a bit heavy in appearance with some mirror work or lace work or embroidery over it. To complete the look, you can wear this attire with nice stylish mules and wear a good dupatta over it.

Tunics with palazzo pants — For a nice comfy feel at your home or a day at beach, wear tunics for women which are loose and comfy to the extreme! (They aren’t even as casual as your pyjamas!) So, you can look great in them and yet be at home donning them! However, to style this attire better, wear it with a pair of palazzo pants to match the comfort level. Normally, a solid coloured palazzo pant with the tunic looks perfect, but you can even go for prints if it is in trends! Wear your favourite sandals, crocs or slippers on this dress and tie your hair up so that you are extremely cool and relaxed in this dress.

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How to Wear a Kanchipuram Saree Perfectly – 3 Variations

This is wedding season if there’s anything that will get you to channelise your inner diva, it’s the Kanchipuram sarees. A Kanchipuram saree is not necessarily worn by the bride only. It is the first choice of south-indian women who want to make a classy yet ethnic statement in their traditional look.

If you think Kanchipuram sarees are only for older ladies, you need to check out the trending ways the younger generation is carrying this drape. To make your Kanchipuram saree a modern affair there are several different ways to style and drape it.

From wearing your Kanchipuram number with designer blouses to accessorising it with statement jewellery and styling your hair in a certain way, there are numerous ways you can style your saree to make a statement.

If this festive season you are planning on going all ethnic, we suggest you wear a

Kanchipuram saree. You don’t necessarily have to buy a new one because you can even style one of your mom’s Kanchipuram sarees in a trending manner. So, let’s check out a couple of trending ways to wear this drape.

Designer blouses: Instead of wearing your saree with the same blouse, you can beg to differ in a designer blouse. Since your Kanchipuram saree will comprise golden prints, you can pair the look with a golden embroidered blouse. Puffy sleeves or cold-shoulder blouses will give your traditional look a bit of a modern twist. These days high neck blouses are a hit, which can be paired with your plain Kanchipuram saree. In such cases, it is ideal if your blouse is heavily embroidered because that will balance out the look. You can opt for contemporary touches in your blouse designs such as tassels on the back or the hem of the sleeves or even a little feature work on the sleeves.

Amp up your jewellery game: Traditional gold jewellery will look regal with your Kanchipuram number. Long gold necklaces will give you a traditional look but if you are aiming for a modern look, choker necklaces are the ones to opt for. To tweak up your look, even more, you can accessorise with pretty headbands or even bracelets and bangles. Jhumkas and ear cuffs can also make a beautiful impact on your traditional look.

Play with the draping style: Instead of wearing your Kanchipuram saree in the same old way, you can amp up your style by changing the way you drape your saree. You can wear the saree in a lehenga style if you want a princess look. To keep your style aligned with the modern trends, you can accessorise your saree with a gold belt, which will also keep your pallu and pleats secured. But if you’re the bride, a nice, sheer veil on top of your head will set you up for a royal yet elegant look. You can opt for a different-coloured veil to keep up with the contrasting trend.

Try these amazing ways to style your Kanchipuram sarees and set yourself up for a whole new look which will make you turn heads in every party you walk into.

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