Kottakkal Nilibhringadi Keratailam Review - Neelibringadi Hair Oil

Neelibringadhi hair oil has been one of the secrets of healthy hair for many people. There are lot of brands selling Neelibhringadi hair oil in the market. But I would say Kottakkal Nilibhringadi KeraTailam has been my favorite for a long time.


When I heard about Neelibringadi hair oil for the first time, it was so new to me. My team mate told that the secret of the beautiful hair of her 65 years old mother is Neelibringadi hair oil. One of my neighbors in my native place also told that she has been using it for so many years. She is from Kerala with only 1 or 2 white hairs but she is around 50 now. So, I got good impression about Neelibringadi hair oil. Even one of my hubby's friend who is an Ayurvedic doctor also suggested this oil.

If you go to Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala for any hair problem related to hair fall, there is a high probability that they will suggest to use this hair oil. When I enquired them about maintaining the natural black hair, the doctor in the vaidya salai told me to mix Neelibringadi hair oil with Prapaundarikadi thailam.


The oil comes in a plastic bottle. It is not easy to use from the bottle daily. So, I used to transfer the into another oil friendly bottle little by little for easy application on daily basis.


Price and Shelf Life:

Price - In Kerala 160 INR and Out of Kerala 164 INR.
Shelf Life - 3 years.




Keralatailam, Nili, Bhringaraja, Satakratualata, Dhatriphala, Yashti, Gunja, Ajakshira, Mahisikshira, Dhenukshira, Nalikerakshira and Anjana are the ingredients in the Kottakkal Niligbhringadi kerathailam.

You can see the ingredients of Kottakkal Nilibringadi Keratailam in the below picture.


Consistency, Fragrance and Application:

The oil is thick and it is slightly greasy. So, it attracts dirt. The smell is so strong and you cannot go outside having the hair oiled well with this oil. My kid and hubby do not like the smell :) My kid tells me, "Amma, your hair smells bad" when I apply this oil before going to sleep. So, I apply early in the evening so that the oil settles down in the hair and do not disturb others with the herbal smell while sleeping. Or else, I apply in the morning and leave it for an hour before taking bath.


Benefits of Neelibringadhi Hair oil:

Neelibringadhi Hair oil is very good for hair. It treats hair fall, split ends, promotes hair growth, prevents premature greying, treats itching and dandruff problems.

Overall Thoughts:

Neelibhringadi hair oil is really helpful to maintain the overall health of your hair. I buy it from Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala as it is a trusted one. The only drawback I found in this oil is its strong smell. Washing hair with mild shampoo can help to get rid of the smell.

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  1. Hi am Priya from Chennai.. Here water is too salty whether it will work in this water..

  2. What is the difference between neeli bringadhi tailam & neeli bringadhi keratailam,.

  3. All Kera tailams have coconut oil as base oil.

  4. How to order or where to get it in chennai?!

    1. You can buy in Kottakal Ayurvedic shops. There are lot of branches in Chennai. You can google it.

  5. hello madam, எனக்கு 6 வருடங்களாக முடி உதிர்ந்து கொண்டு இருக்கிறது. நான் பல வகையான ஹேர் ஆயில் உபயோகித்து பார்த்தாச்சு இன்னும் முடி கொட்டுறது stop ஆக வில்லை.. இப்பொழுது என்னுடைய தலையில் கொஞ்சம் வழுக்கை விழுந்துருச்சி. இந்த ஆயில் லை பயன்படுத்தினால் 1. முடி உதிர்வதை தடுக்க முடியுமா, 2. வழுக்கை விழுந்த இடத்தில் மீண்டும் முடி முளைக்குமா. எவ்ளோ நாட்கள் இந்த ஆயில் லை பயன்படுத்த வேண்டும்…. உங்களிடம் தெளிவான பதிலை எதிர்பாக்குறேன்…..

    1. Hello sir. I have heard onion juice applied weekly twice can help for hair regrowth. But not sure whether how far it is effective. You can directly go to any Kottakkal shop to find a solution.

  6. Hello Sister, I'm having hair fall. Does it helps 2 grow in fallen areas r just prevent hair fall?

  7. Yes. It helps. Take care of your intake too. Try to include dates, spinach in diet. You can chew 15 curry leaves daily. It will help for controlling hair fall. Also, it prevents grey hairs. You can also have amla juice daily. Onion juice applied weekly twice will also help. Egg white can be applied. You can check my curry leaves hair oil recipe and amla hair oil recipe too.

  8. Mam, i'm a 19 year old boy.
    I like to make my hair grow...! But i've hair fall.... I've been using pure coconut oil since my childhood and baths twice daily.
    Can i use nilibringhadhi?

  9. Yes you can try it. Do not wash your hair twice daily.

  10. Where will you get in bangalore tat oil

  11. Hi ,which ayurvedic Neelibringadhi hair oil better to use .

  12. Hello ma'am, I had thick long hair,but losing hair since m constantly changing my destination. Now after delivery of a baby girl the hair fall is more. M tired of trying everything. Wat should I use,which oil should I apply