Top 10 Quick, Easy and Healthy Indian Evening Snacks recipes - Indian Snacks Recipes

Top 10 Quick, Easy and Healthy Indian Evening Snacks recipes - Indian Snacks Recipes:

I have compiled the list of quick and easy Indian snacks recipes. These Indian snacks recipes will surely be helpful for deciding your every evening snacks for kids here. Milk or Coffee with snacks in the evening is a refreshing combo for the kids once they come back from school. Be it Monday or Friday, the snacks and a cup of milk or coffee is a great way to start the evening afresh.

There are lot of Indian snacks recipes I have posted in this blog. I have handpicked 10 healthy, quick, easy and tasty kids-friendly recipes here to compile this top 10 Indian snacks recipes list. I have made a point to include few Indian sweets too to make the kids more happy. Also, I have included snacks which are stuffed with vegetables for including more vegetables in snacks too. I have included only 2 deep fried snacks to reduce the oil intake. The reason I have added them is the goodness of cauliflower and urad dal used.

I might include few more recipes too. So, please stay tuned for more recipes :)

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Gobi 65 

A perfect evening time snack with the goodness of cauliflower.

Cauliflower has anti-cancer properties. So, try to include at least once in 7 days in your diet.

Carrot Cheese Sandwich 

Carrot and cheese make the sandwich more healthy and tasty.

Carrot is rich in Vitamin A. Cheese is good in cancer prevention, cavity fighting and bone strengthening.

Sweet Eggless French Toast 

Tastes very sweet. Just one or 2 slices enough
 to start the evening fresh.

Choose whole wheat bread to make it a healthy one. It is good in complex carbohydrates. It is a rich source of protein and fiber as well.

Paneer Wrap 

You can play with paneer by stuffing as much vegetables as possible to make it more healthy. You can use homemade paneer to make it more healthy and pure.

Paneer is a great source of calcium and it is very good for teeth and bone health.

Cheese Pasta 

If your kid loves pasta and cheese, there cannot be any substitute for this recipe. Very quick but tasty recipe.

Choose a wheat pasta. It is good for bones and muscles. It is rich in Vitamin A and potassium. Hence it is good for the health of eyes and heart.

Cheese is good in cancer prevention, cavity fighting and bone strengthening.

Potato Bonda 

Potato Bonda is a comfort evening snack for everyone in the family. Bonda stuffed with potato and onions make it a healthy one. Your kid will like each and every bite. Make sure to reserve few bondas for you too.

Boiled Potato is good in Vitamin C, Potassium, Phospohorus and B-complex vitamins.

Medu Vada 

Who can say no to medu vada? The main ingredient is urad dal. Adding onion slices make it more crunchy and tasty.

Urad dal is an energy booster and rich source of iron. It is rich in protein. Urad dal must be included in the diet for the growing children to have healthier backbones in future.

Chocolate PedasVada 

Chocolate Pedas cannot stop kids from stopping with few. You can stuff the pedas with nuts and dry fruits to make it more healthy.

Milk powder contains host of vitamins such as A, D, E and K. Cocoa powder is good in iron, fiber and magnesium. It provides antidepressant benefits.

Rava Laddu (Sooji Laddu)

Rava Ladoo is a sweet evening snack. You can make it and stock for more days if you do not add milk.

Sooji is good in B-complex vitamins, Selenium and and Iron.

Peas sundal 

Peas sundal is a very healthy snack for kids. Some kids will directly eat the peas boiled with salt.

Peas has anti-oxidant properties. It is low in fat and high in everything else. It is good in stomach cancer prevention.

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