Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Review ZE550KL | Top 3 Reasons Why I prefer Asus Zenfone 2 Laser for Blogging

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Review:

I am not someone who inordinately scrutinizes the technology behind my gadgets. As a blogger, I always it to meet both my personal and blogging needs. Yes, I don't like to manage multiple gadgets for different purposes. But, mobile was the one thing which was not much helpful for my blogging needs as I chose one with a not so good quality camera.

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Gift Your Loved Ones With a Heart of Gold

Gifting is an art and to gift someone for whom you genuinely feel about, a bit of research is essential. You have to know their likes and dislikes pretty well. And to know the taste, you just need to observe that person closely. And if you have met that person recently, and therefore didn’t get the time to study him/her, you can go ahead with the gifts like flowers and cakes that suit every occasion. They never fail to impress because they are the simple ones.

F:\Pramod\christmas\Img Valentine\10888924_10153005603812760_2156839211276394947_n.png

Buying Gifts Online/Offline at Your Ease
There are many online gift shops where your job becomes really easy. You just need to place an order for the desired item and they would get it delivered at destination in minimum time. Personalized gift items are the most popular ones due to their uniqueness.  There are so many gift options for various occasions that you would feel flabbergasted. You can also go for combo packs of birthdaygifts where you get a little of everything. But if you have time, you can also walk down the street to collect a junk jewelry for your girl. The street food from a favorite restaurant would also sound fine. Do whatever you feel like, just remember one thing: This is his/her birthday so give all your best effort to make it a memorable one.

F:\Pramod\christmas\Img Valentine\12274375_10153749182807760_7305235012447390070_n.png

The best thing to start with would be gifting your girl/guy a lovely bouquet of birthday flowers. You can send the gifts online in case your loved one is based in a distant land like Dubai while he is busy at office. Once he wraps up with the office work, manage a surprise party at his office by sending birthday cakes to Dubai. The whole sensation of celebrating birthday at office with cakes and flowers from ones native land is a great feeling.

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Chin Acne and Jawline Acne - Causes, Home Remedies for Chin Breakouts | Pimples On Chin

Chin Acne and Jawline Acne - Causes, Home Remedies for Chin Breakouts | Pimples On Chin:

Every women wants to flaunt a radiant, bright, smooth and an absolutely clean face and it is something that is quite like a dream to the ladies due to the environmental and climatic conditions in today’s world. Have you beauties ever thought as how to make your dreams come true? Well, you nailed it! Clogged pores it is and this is the main cause for all skin problems, specifically, acne. Women often tend to develop a large number of acne around the chin or the lower face such as the areas around the mouth or the jawline. Chin breakouts and jawline acne have become quite now and you can see many girls and women with chin breakouts nowadays.

What is Acne on Chin and Jawline - Jawline Acne, Pimples, Acne On Chin Means?

There is link between the location of occurrence of the acne and the cause related to it. It conveys a message to the affected individual. Therefore, acne on chin means that you have a food allergy or that you are on a poor diet basically.

Chin acne Jawline Acne Causes home remedies

Causes for Acne on Chin and Acne on Jawline:

Why does someone have an Acne Problem? Here are some general reasons for pimples on chin and jawline.

  • Dirt 
  • Excess oil 
  • Presence of dead skin cells
  • Improper diet
  • Physical problem
All of the above easily encourage bacterial growth and hence, cause breakouts or pimples on the skin. It commonly occurs in women who are in the age group of 15 – 35 years.

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Buying the right shirts

Buying the right shirts : 

Our mothers used to take pains to drape a saree and look their best. However, we don’t have the time to do so. The constant race between work and personal life often makes it difficult for many of us to actually spare the time to get ready in complete finery. Instead a more comfortable and obviously better choice are the ladies casual shirts, women shirts, etc.

Pair it with your rugged denims or simply go out of the league by pairing it with your informal capris, these lovely shirts make you look nothing less than superbly sexy. However, buying formal shirts for women or picking up that casual tee is not as easy as it sounds. This is simply because shirts come in various colours, interesting prints and a whole lot of other details that need to be considered before making the right choice.


Now that we have introduced you to the awesomeness of casual and formal shirts for ladies, let’s check out some of the most happening trends in terms of designer shirts and T-shirts. While you can buy shoes online women prefer to go the traditional way when it comes to buying such accessories.
Apparels on the other hand are an exception to this rule. With the dawn of online shopping, women find it easier to buy their favourite apparels online.

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Castor Oil in Tamil - Uses of Castor Oil for Skin Whitening | Arandi Oil Benefits for Face

Castor Oil in Tamil - Uses For Skin | Arandi Oil Uses | Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin and Face:

Castor oil in Tamil - Vilaku ennai | Vilakennai | Vilakkennai | Vilakenna | Amanaku Ennai | Aamanaku Oil | Aamanakku Ennai. Castor oil is widely used for skin care like acne treatment, skin whitening, skin lightening and so on. Castor oil is a boon to women when it comes to treating skin problems such as acne, sunburns, dry skin, face wrinkles and even stretch marks. Castor oil is widely used by men and women for treating acne. Castor oil is popularly known as Arandi Oil in India. Arandi oil is the meaning of castor oil in Hindi.

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PinkAndPink Christmas & New Year Giveaway

Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and we have some exciting contest organised for you to celebrate this festive season. Special Thanks to Jabong and House This for sponsoring the prizes.  

We have already reviewed a bed sheet from House This brand. You can read it here.

What is the Christmas contest all about?

We will ask you 5 simple questions along with hints for which you have to give right answers during the contest period. The questions will be related from this blog, or HouseThis. I assure you that they are quite simple and you don't need to squeeze your brain harder.

Contest Period:

Christmas Contest - 18 - 24 December.
New Year Contest - 26 - 31 December. 

Check out my blog everyday during the contest period as new questions will be posted in this page anytime during the contest period. 

You can answer the questions anytime before the contest ends. But the ones who send the correct answers early can easily win the contest. I suggest you to bookmark this page for your convenience.


1. A HouseThis double bedsheet worth Rs.1000 for Christmas Contest Winner.
2. Jabong voucher worth Rs.500 for New Year contest Winner.
3. Rs.10 Mobile recharge for 10 people. Scroll down to check the details. 

How to win?

1. You should answer all the questions correctly to win the contest.

2. Try to answer the questions as soon as they are posted. People who answer early will have a higher chance of winning the contest if there is any tie.

Share the contest & Win:

Sharing is caring. Share the contest with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and answer all the questions. We will choose 10 participants and give Rs.10 mobile recharge for free. 

To win free recharge,

>> Share in FB or Twitter. FB Link to share is here. Twitter link is here.
>>Answer for all the 10 questions.
>> You might need to send us the screenshot of the link where you shared the contest to in case you are declared as winner.

We have all the rights to decide the winners. Our decision is final.

About the Brand - House This:

House This brings together years of experience in the manufacture of home fashions and a young and innovative design team to curate the most fashionable products for home.
House This aims to take India's rich handicrafts and textile traditions to people the world over with its enriching portfolio comprising of bed linen bath table and kitchen linen. Focusing on innovative designs that are aesthetic and functional; designs that cater to many different segments while having a unique identity House This has become the preferred choice in the realm of quality home furnishings. House This creates products that reflect the nuances and quirks of every individual's persona products that have been inspired by real human emotions and hence feel like extensions of an individual. House This! has something for everyone right from the investment banker to the artist.

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BabyOye Review - My Recent Loot Purchase from BabyOye

BabyOye Review - My Recent Loot Purchase from BabyOye:

I always love to involve my kid whenever we buy something for him. Days are gone when kids have to take everything for granted. I always feel that a little leverage has to be given for the current generation kids when they listen to our words.

As soon as I told my kid that we could order a new toy for him since its long time, he threw me a question. "Amma, Are u going to buy that jumping car which we saw on that day?", he asked. While watching videos in Youtube, we saw the video of Majorette racing jump cars one day. From that day onwards, my kids was asking for it. I told him that it might be difficult to find the same thing in India. However I searched for it and luckily found it in Babyoye which is one of my favorite websites for online shopping for kids in India. Though the toy set is an expensive one, I got in a good discounted price in Babyoye.


MRP - Rs.1999
Babyoye Discounted Price - Rs.1300
After downloading Babyoye app and applying exclusive discount code for App, Price - Rs.800. Isn't exciting? Let me call it as a loot deal.

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Bhringraj Oil For Hair | Karisalankkani Hair Oil | Benefits of Bhringraj Hair Oil

Bhringraj Hair Oil For Hair Growth | Karisalankanni hair oil – An Effective Remedy to Treat Hair Loss and Greying of Hair:

Have you been noticing that you are losing 100s of hair strands on a daily basis? Well, relax as you are not the only one. You have a whole extended family that face the same problem with no discrimination on age. According to dermatologists, it is perfectly normal to lose around 50 to 100 hair strands a day. However, if you lose more that this, then it definitely requires immediate attention. It does not mean that you need to run for a medical advice at once.

As it is your hair, you can always try natural remedies before letting your hair and body going through tons of medicines to control hair fall. So in these circumstances, what is the best possible natural ayurvedic home remedy that is easily available? Bhringraj oil for hair | Karisalankanni hair oil - Bhringraj extracts in the form of hair oil is a one stop solution to treat hair loss as it promotes hair growth and also it reduces greying of hair. Bhringraj is called as Karisalankanni in Tamil Nadu. Karisalankanni hair oil has been used since ancient time to promote hair growth.

Bhringraj Hair Oil | Karisalankanni Hair Oil – What Is It? 

I am sure that you must have heard it at least once in your lifetime as term 'Bhringa oil' is now reaching every household It is basically a herb (Eclipta Alba) and according to Ayurveda it is a ‘rasayana’ which basically refers to a substance that controls and slows down the rate at which aging happens. Bhringraj oil is prepared with many ingredients like hibiscus extracts, shikakai etc. but the basic principle is to use bhringraj extracts in combination with coconut or sesame oil.

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Best Face Wash for Oily Skin In India With Price - Our Top 11 Best Face wash for oily skin list

Best Face Wash for Oily Skin In India With Price - Our Top 11 Best Face wash for oily skin list

One of the most common problems that are faced by a majority of Indian women today is oily skin. If no proper attention is given earlier, it can result in more complicated skin problems like acnes, pimples and blackheads. All such skin problems must be treated earlier. Otherwise you might have to fight with them for lifelong.

So what is the first step that is to be taken to treat oily skin? Choosing a suitable face wash depending on your skin type is the answer. There are a wide range of facial cleansers that are available in the Indian market for oily skin. In order to make your life simpler, we have listed some of the fast moving, effective and best face washes available exclusively for Indian oily skin are listed below.

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There can be times when you may think that “I wish I could have customised my kitchen cabinets in my way so that they would make more space for me”. The only problem here is, though that your budget forms an obstacle. So are there no alternatives? Obviously there are. The alternatives here are the modular kitchen cabinets. These are very easily available in any good home interior shop and for special experiences you can look for them in the sites like MyGubbi which sells home interiors online.

Modular Kitchen Cabinets MyGubbi

So why are the modular kitchen cabinets the best for your kitchen?

  • It is low in cost compared to other alternatives:
This kind of modular cabinets helps to save you a lot of money. It helps to keep your budget yours and doesn’t let you shell out more money. The modular kitchen will give you good amount of storage in the budget you had actually planned for it.
  • Saves your time:
These modular kitchens will help you save your time. These don’t need installation days to wait. These are always ready to be installed once out of the box. 

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Top 10 Best Fairness Creams In India for oily skin and dry skin

Best Fairness Creams In India for Women With Price - Best Fairness Creams for Oily skin & Best Fairness Creams for dry skin:

Whenever you turn and look around, you would find yourself covered in dust, smoke, and polluted air. These are all extremely good in damaging your natural skin glow and complexion in addition to spoiling the health of the skin. Purchasing skin fairness and skin lightening creams has become vital for many Indian women today. Therefore, some of the top best fairness creams that are easily available in the Indian market are listed below for your reference. We have tried our best to pick up the best fairness cream for all skin types including best fairness creams for dry skin and best fairness creams for oily skin available in India. These are just recommendations based on our experience and benefits of the cream.

1.[My Most Favorite] Best Fairness Cream #1 - Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream:

Best Fairness cream in India - Vicco Turmeric Cream

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you must have known why this has become my favorite. Most of the women apply fairness creams daily once or twice. Though I am not very sure how harmful they are because of the chemicals ingredients, I hope we can give our best to the skin by choosing some natural products. That's why I picked Vicco turmeric cream as my favorite. 

Suitable for: Men and Women with all skin types. I have dry skin and I am using it happily.

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Best Face Wash for Men In India With Price - Top 10 Best Men's Face Wash

Best Face Wash for Men In India With Price - Top 10 Best Men's Face Wash for oily skin, acne, skin whitening, fairness - Best Face Wash for Male in India:

Gone are the days when taking care of skin was only the forte of women while men would be proud of their roughness and rawness. Women used to fall for that wilderness back then. But that seems like a 100 year old story. Times have changed, the concept of ‘Meterosexuality’ is fast pacing with our current Generation ‘Y’. Men and boys both have started taking care of their physical appearances, women have also started to like men who take good care of themselves physically since this shows they are well polished.

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Stylori - A Pure bliss for all your jewelry needs

It was very early in the morning at five, when someone called my mobile number. I was not at all able to get up from bed as I woke up from a deep sleep. It was too cold and no one would be willing to wake up so early in the misty morning. The phone stopped ringing and I immediately fell back to asleep. I do not like forcing myself to wake up early as I would feel very lazy for the rest of the day. The phone started ringing again within just a few minutes.

"Something important.", I convinced myself to get up. I grinned cheerfully as it was Deepa who called me. Deepa is my best friend who always care for me and who is always there for me. She is staying in USA currently for her long term project assignment. "Hello Deepa, How are you dear? Why are you calling so early? Anything important?", I asked her straight away as I know that she would not call me so early without any significant reason.

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Gokshura | Gokhru Powder | Nerunjil | Tribulus terrestris Uses and Side Effects

Gokshura | Gokhru Powder | Nerunjil | Tribulus terrestris Uses and Side Effects:

Gokshura or Gokhru is also called as Puncture Vine as Gokshura plant is covered with spines. Fruits, leaves and root of the Gokshura plant (Gokhru Plant) are being used in medicines. Gokshura is very popular in improving the athletic performance. There are limited studies available to prove it.

Gokshura or Gohkru is helpful in balancing all doshas. It calms the nerves and it helps to maintain a healthy nervous system. It is used in ayurveda widely. It has been used as one of the ingredients in ayurvedic medicines. It is combined with different herbs to protect the health from different diseases.

Gokshura plant(Gokhru plant) is popularly used in Ayurveda and Chinese medicines. It has been used for centuries by ancient Greeks.

Gokshura | Gokhru for Men's health, Body Building and Athletic Uses:

Gokshura is used as a natural herbal supplement. It is used to gain strength and lean muscle mass. It is used as a short term course like 5 days - 28 days. It is believed to help in enormous muscle building. It is also helpful in increasing endurance. It is considered as a natural anabolic. It is used as a supplement supporting normal levels of testosterone production. It is also used in case of erectile dysfunction and as libido enhancer. It helps to maintain a healthy male reproductive system.

Gokshura | Gokhru for females:

Gokshura is used to rejuvenate uterus and it helps to promote fertility.

Gokshura | Gokhru for Kidney:

Gokshura is maintain the health of kidney and efficiency of urinary function. It is helpful in reducing renal discomfort. Gokshura promotes the healthy urine flow. It cools and soothes the membranes of Urinary tract. It is also used for problems like kidney stones, bladder and many other urinary tract infections. It helps to get rid of painful and bleeding urination and reduces the presence of crystals in urine. It is considered as a rejuvenating tonic for genitourinary system. It has diuretic propertoes as per wiki.

Tribulus terrestris in different languages like Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada:

Family Name: Zygophyllaceae
Common Name in English - goathead, bindii, bullhead, burra gokharu, caltrop, cat's head,devil's eyelashes, devil's thorn, devil's weed, Puncture Vine, Puncturevine, and tackweed (Reference - Wiki)

Gokshura | Gokhru - Hindi
Gokhru - Hindi
Nerunji Mull | Nerunjil | Palleru Mullu - Tamil
Nerinji - Malayalam
Cinnpalleru - Telugu 
Gokhru Kanta - Bengali
Sannanaggilu | Neggilamullu | Neggilu - Kannada
Sarate | Gokharu  - Marati
Gokharu - Gujarathi

How to eat Gokshura | Gokhru?

Gokshura is available in powder form and capsule form. Consult a doctor and buy according to your needs. Check the doctor about Gokshura | Gokhru dosage too. Gokshura powder can be boiled and consumed with water or milk in common. Mostly Gokshura is taken with other herbs for treating various problems like urinary, kidney, gynaecological, skin, nervous problems.

Himalayas Gokshura is available in capsule form.

Patanjali has Gokshura fruit powder. Gokhru Churna from different brands is also available in the market.

Gokshuradi Guggulu is one of the products available with Gokshura root as one of the main ingredients. Gokshuradi Guggulu is one of the ayurvedic products which is used to manage the proper function of genitourinary tract. Gokshur rejuvenates kidneys and prostate. Guggulu family of herbs detoxifies the deep tissues of the body. Gokshuradi Guggulu is a combination of many ayurvedic herbs like Gokshura root, Guggulu resin, amalaki fruit, haritaki fruit, pippali fruit, ginger root, black pepper fruit and few other herbs. These are traditionally used in Ayurveda for Pitta and Vata related problems of genital and urinary tract. Hence Gokshuradi Guggulu might be helpful to revitalize the kidneys affected by Vata and Pita.

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Diwali Recipes Collection | Indian Diwali Recipes - Snacks and Sweet Recipe

Diwali Recipes Collection | Indian Diwali Recipes - Snacks and Sweet Recipe:

Here is our exclusive collection of Diwali Snacks and sweet Recipes from PinkandPink. These recipes are quite easy to make even in last minute. Try our Indian diwali snacks recipes and Indian diwali sweet recipes and let us know how it comes and how much you like it.

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Diwali Contest from Pink and Pink - Updated with Diwali Recipes from Contestants

Diwali is the time when we prepare different snacks at home to delight our family and friends. We have come up with a small contest to give you a chance to win fabulous prizes as part of the Diwali Diwali celebration.

Contest Details:

Send us the photos of the sweets and savories that you prepare for this Diwali with the recipe. Send it to or post in our facebook page.

Submission Start date - 05-Nov-2015.
Submission End Date - 11-Nov-2015.
Result Announcement - 13-Nov-2105.

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Haritaki | Kadukkai Health Benefits and Uses for hair and skin

Haritaki | Kadukkai Health Benefits and Uses for hair and skin:

Haritaki is an amazing gift from mother nature to treat multiple diseases and to maintain overall health of body. Dry Haritaki fruits are widely used in natural remedies. It is known as Kadukkai in Tamil Nadu and widely used in tamil medicines. Haritaki is one of the popular ingredient in ayurvedic formulations too.

Kadukkai | Haritaki in different Indian languages like Hindi, English, Tamil and more:

Botanical Name - Terminalia Chebula
Tamil - Kadukkai
Hindi - Harad | Harra | Harada | Haritaki
Sanskrit - Pathya, Abhaya, Haritaki
Marati - Hirada | Hirda
Kannada - Alalekaayi
Horitoki - Bengali
Xilikha- Assamese
Karakkaya - Telugu
Malayalam - Kadukkai
Kannada - Alalekaayi
Gujarathi - Hardo
Bengali - Haritaki | Horitoki
Telugu - Karakkai | Karakkaya
Oriya - Haridra
Punjabi - Har | Harrar
Assamia -Hilikha
Urdu - Harad

Kadukkai also has some more common names like Chebulic myrobalan, ink-nut, Harde Whole in English.

Kadukkai | Haritaki Health Benefits:

Kadukkai is believed to balance three doshas as per ayurveda. Many ayurvedic medical preparations include kadukkai as one of the ingredients because of its amazing healing properties.

Kadukkai is used in popular ayervedic medicine called 'Triphala'. Triphala helps to detoxify and cleanse the colon. It detoxifies the liver. It is a natural blood purifier. Triphala is made from Nellikai, thandrikkai and kadukkai. It can be taken without any side effects. It suppresses all the side effects from other medicines and gives good health.

Haritaki is also used as one of the main ingredients in making natural medicines for lyme treatment.

Kadukkai | Haritaki for stomach problems like stomach upset, indigestion, acidity, constipation:

Haritaki has laxative properties. Mix a teaspoon of kadukkai powder in a glass of hot drinking water. Stir it well and consume it. You will get good relief from many stomach problems like constipation, dysentry, diarrhea, indigestion, acidity. It is recommended to drink before going to bed.

Haritaki is good in inducing appetite. As it increases the digestive powder of the body, you can maintain healthy diet.

Kadukkai | Haritaki for cough and cold:

Haritaki can be used to treat cold and cough in kids and adults. Most of the tamil marundhu for infants and babies include kadukkai in it. Continue giving those homemade natural medicines when they suffer from cough. They will become normal soon.

Mix a pinch of haritaki powder with honey. Give it to babies above 1 year. Mix 2-3 pinches with honey for toddlers. For adults, you can give 1/2 teaspoon of haritaki with honey.

Kadukkai | Haritaki for diabetes:

Haritaki is good in lowering blood sugar levels. Hence it is good for diabetes people. However, you need to consult your doctor if you are already taking medicines for diabetes. There have been studies about it.

Kadukkai | Haritaki for weight loss and obesity:

Because of the cleansing effect of haritaki, it is useful in controlling obesity and weight loss process. Include haritaki powder when you want to lose your weight and obesity. As it can remove the toxins from your body, you can easily shed your weight along with healthy diet and regular exercise.

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#SachchiAdvice From My Dad

It was almost 12 years ago when one of my cousin was diagnosed with a critical illness. She was too little to get cursed by the almighty. Everyone in her family, relatives including me and friends were all in grievous mode after listening to the news. I was very close to her and at that time I did not know how to handle that situation.

My parents did everything to help her get better, they were mostly busy in traveling with her and her family. They use to leave me at my grandma's house with my sister, for time they used to be away. My sister was very young and obviously I could not share my worries with her. It felt like I was left alone in the sea of sorrows. I could not eat. I could not sleep. I could not concentrate on my studies. I could not control my thoughts and worries. I always used to think about my cousin, as how life changed for her at such a young age. Then my cousin underwent a major surgery and it was successful fortunately. The whole family was happy and so was I but I kept thinking about life in general, as how a person who looks so healthy can suddenly fall sick. Anything could happen to anyone at any time.

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Methi for hair | Vendhayam | Fenugreek Seeds for hair and skin with Health Benefits

Methi for hair | Vendhayam | Fenugreek for hair and skin with Health Benefits | Fenugreek in Tamil:

Using methi for hair is a cost effective way to give your hair a proper care. Fenugreek in Tamil is Vendhayam. Vendhayam is an annual plant in the family 'Fabaceae'. Fenugreek seeds are widely used ingredient in Indian dishes. Fenugreek seeds are in cuboid shape. They are in yellow-amber color. Fenugreek seeds naturally gives bitter flavor to the dishes. So, we have to use it in appropriate quantity. Fenugreek in Tamil is Vendhyam. It is widely used for hair growth and hair fall control. You can get healthy hair, clean, clear and glowing skin even when you take it internally. It has a lot of health benefits and also good to use methi for hair and skin.

Vendhayam Water

Family Name - Fabaceae

Botanical Name - Trigonella Foenum Graecum

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Papaya Jam Recipe Without Pectin and Preservatives Homemade & Natural

Papaya Jam Recipe Without Pectin and Preservatives Homemade & Natural:

Papaya Jam is made without pectin and preservatives. It is made with low sugar. I made this Indian Papaya(Papita in Hindi) Jam yesterday and amazed with the result. I immediately spread the homemade papaya jam on a whole wheat bread and served to my kid. He liked it and asked for papaya jam in a bowl.

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Vicco Turmeric Cream Review - Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream

Vicco Turmeric Cream Review - Vicco Turmeric Face Cream:

I love Vicco turmeric cream mainly because it is an ayurvedic preparation. People who apply face creams daily can try their hands on Vicco turmeric cream since it is purely natural. If you like it, you are lucky as you can protect from a lot of harmful chemicals from other creams.

Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream Ingredients:

Vicco Turmeric cream is a combination of turmeric and sandalwood oil. Turmeric is not something new and it has been used in India for centuries for its health and beauty benefits. Turmeric is good for acne, acne scars treatment, pimples. It is also very good for getting your skin glowing. Turmeric has a lot of health benefits for skin. Sandalwood oil is a cooling ingredient for face. The cream has a nice fragrance because of the sandalwood oil. But it might not be liked by everyone.

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House This Bedsheets Review ordered from Jabong

Jabong House This Bedsheets Review:

Choosing right bed sheets is quite important for a warm and comfortable sleep. Make sure that the bed sheets you choose should also be able add charm to your bedroom. Good looking bed sheets could bring liveliness to the bedroom. 

We should keep in mind that they should be comfortable. I always prefer 100% pure cotton bed sheets as Chennai is well known for its scorching heat.

I have recently grabbed 2 new pure cotton bed sheets for my bed room. I bought them from Jabong. The brand name is House This(

They are elegant, comfortable, unique and value for money. I feel that the bed sheets have uplifted the room decor.

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Dominos Garlic Bread Recipe - Garlic Bread Recipe Without Oven

Dominos Garlic Bread Recipe - Garlic Bread Recipe Without Oven:

Dominos Garlic Bread Recipe: I have made this Dominos style Garlic Bread Recipe without oven. I made it in Pressure cooker. You can follow the same recipe and bake in your oven too to get Dominos garlic breadsticks. The only difference I noticed between making with oven and without oven is the little more crispy breadsticks(only slightly) when baked in oven.

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Doodle's new Neon Collection Review

We have celebrated Mother's day 2015 with Doodle Collection diary Giveaway.  The giveaway was quite successful with lot of amazing entries through our facebook page and twitter. Now I am excited to introduce you about their new launch - Neon Collection. Doodle has recently sent me THE JOY OF WRITING NEON YELLOW diary.

Neon Diary 

About Doodle Neon Collection:

Colors Available: Neon Blue, Neon  Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Orange
Binding Material : Beautiful Polyurethane(PU) with leather like feel
Binding Type: Soft Bound
Length: 7 inches
Width: 4.75 inches
Number of Pages: 200

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1. ru200812 September 2015 at 14:34

Great recipe. My son loves SB sambhar, and keeps telling me to learn how to make it. Finally he enjoyed the sambhar I made today using your recipe. Thanks!!
Recipe Link -

Semma soooper sambar. Loved ur blog .thanks

3. ahalya24 January 2016 at 00:57

Dear sundari...Made rava cake. Came out well. This s really an amazing set up.very well written instructions. Thank you so much.
Recipe link - Eggless Rava Cake

4. santhosh sana5 January 2016 at 22:12

first time am drink this musk melon juice nice.. nice article...
Recipe Link - Musk Melon juice

5. AshokGuganesan Annadurai11 December 2015 at 21:56
Thanks for sharing good thing . gas gone ..

6. Post Link - Parachute Ayurvedic Hair Oil review

I just started using it 10 days back, starting to see some difference in hair fall..hope I get good results like u.

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Bring Colors to Your Home This Autumn

Home-makers choose the best wood and the best designs for their windows. May it be beautiful bay windows or classy French windows, whatever type of window you may choose to have in your home, to highlight their beauty, you should invest in some beautiful curtains. Given that curtain trends change with every season, proponents of modern interior design have introduced striking window curtains this autumn. And what’s trending this fall, are contrasting yet vibrant hues to cover up the monotony of decay. Choose a curtain collection in classy shades of bronze and beige for your living room and for the bedroom, you can go for net or tapestry fabric colored in bright shades combined in ombre. They not only highlight your windows but can also make your whole house look well-furnished and well-decorated. But just a beautiful curtain collection would not be sufficient to add beauty to your home décor. You must match the curtain with the bed sheets if they are meant for your bedroom. As for the living room, you can contrast the curtain with color of the rugs.

limeroad bedsheet

And with a fresh new collection of bathroom curtains, you don’t have to leave behind the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Ever since the inception of internet marketplaces, you don’t need to go on a goose chase for the newest curtain designs introduced for the autumn season. All you have to do is log on. And if you are looking for a webstore where you can get the most beautifully updated curtain collection for the season, head on to

limeroad curtain is a fashion centric online shopping portal which makes sure that you not only have the trendiest clothes in your closet but also have the most beautiful home décor to boast. 

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Paneer Bread Roll | Stuffed Paneer Bread Rolls Recipe | Bread Snacks | Paneer Snacks for Kids

Paneer Bread Roll | Stuffed Paneer Bread Rolls Recipe | Bread Snacks | Paneer Snacks for Kids:

Paneer Bread Roll Recipe | Stuffed Paneer Bread Rolls - A tasty and healthy evening paneer snacks for kids. This will please the palates of not only kids but yours too. For tasty version, use regular white sandwich bread which is made of plain flour. For healthier version, use whole wheat bread. I have used whole wheat bread with oats and flax seeds. According to me, using whole wheat bread is the best option.

I was preparing homemade paneer for preparing paneer in white gravy in the evening for dinner. I had a fresh pack of whole wheat bread also at that time. When I was thinking what to prepare for evening snacks for my kid, I suddenly got an idea to make bread paneer rolls. I did not have set paneer for making paneer cubes. So, I had fresh crumbled paneer. I immediately started preparing stuffed bread paneer rolls.

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Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies | Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe Without Eggs

Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies | Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe Without Eggs:

Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies - This egg free chocolate chip cookies recipe can help you to make no egg cookies very easily to delight your kids. These chocolate chip cookies are made without eggs and fresh curd is used for replacing eggs.. Cocoa powder has been added to give a rich brown color for the cookies which you can also prefer not to add.

Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

I have made these eggless chocolate chip cookies in hide and seek biscuit style. One of my friend asked me to try and send her Hide and Seek Biscuit Recipe long time back. I kept postponing it just because I was not able to buy chocolate chips here. No one can imagine Hide & Seek biscuits without chocolate chips. Recently when I went to a super market called 'Thottam' located near Hindustan University in OMR, I got a pack of chocolate chips luckily. So, the first one I tried with the cute chocolate chips are eggless chocolate chip cookies.

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Moving out of your parents house? Here's how to save money

After getting your college degree and finding a job, you may look forward to moving out of your parents' house. Even if you have a great relationship, you're ready to exert your independence and set your own rules.

Living on your own might be a dream come true, but the financial implications of having your own place can be more than you anticipated. This isn't meant to discourage you, but you have to be realistic. 

Here are seven ways to save money when moving out of your parents' house.

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Body Goddess - The Complete Guide on Yoga For Women - Book By Payal Review

Body Goddess - A complete guide on yoga for women written by Payal Gidwani Tiwari. Payal is bollywood's most celebrated yoga expert. Payal has trained several Bollywood celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukerji, Jacqueline Fernandes, Farah Khan, Tusshar Kapoor, Amrita Arora, Priya Dutt, Suzanne Roshan, Maria Goretti, Tulip Joshi, Zoa Morani, etc. while her husband Manish Tiwari trains Sridevi and Katrina Kaif.


This is Payal's second book. Her first book is From XL to XS which received a very good response and 75,000+ copies were sold.

Yoga Books Review -Body Goddess

This book starts with the praise for Payal Gidwani Tiwari from various bollywood celibirities like Malaika Arora Khan, Rani Mukherji, Kareena Kapoor, Tamannaah and so on. You can read them below to how much they love to get trained by Payal.

Yoga Books Review -Body Goddess

Yoga Books Review -Body Goddess

Yoga Books Review -Body Goddess

Yoga Books Review -Body Goddess

About Content of the book:

There are 2 parts in the book.

Part 1 topics:

1. Chakras
2. Kriyas
3. Pranayam
4. Asanas
5. Suryanamaskar
6. Exercises

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Baby Chest Congestion - Natural Home Remedies to treat baby chest congestion

Baby Chest Congestion - Natural Home Remedies to treat baby chest congestion:

Baby Chest Congestion is a common problem which every baby faces frequently due to their developing immune system. Learn how to relieve chest congestion and cough in newborns and infants when there is no other bad symptoms like fever or vomiting. Here are some home remedies to help you to clear babies chest congestion and to give soothing effect. Infants get chest congestion very easily as their immune system is not mature. However, let us try to avoid it as far as possible because the babies suffer a lot when they have congestion.

Baby chest Congestion

Sadly, you have to take the babies to doctor if the baby has some other symptoms of illness like fever or vomiting in addition to chest congestion. Doctors will identify the reason behind the illness and prescribe correct treatment. If your baby has just chest congestion due to common cold with no other serious symptoms, you can try the home remedies to clear the chest congestion. If there is no sign of improvement, please call the doctor.

As I said, make sure that the baby's chest congestion is due to common cold and nothing more serious. You can follow the below home remedies which are quite natural remedies to treat the infant chest congestion.

If the symptoms persist for a prolonged period of time, it indicates a more serious condition. In that case, you need to call your doctor for further treatment. Even if the baby has difficulty in breathing or nursing, you have to call the doctor.

Home Remedy #1 for baby chest congestion - Humidifiers:

Consider placing a humidifier or vaporizer in your baby's room. It adds moisture to the room. Use clean humidifier. Do not run it full time. Use only as and when required. If you do not have humidifier, you can boil a pot of water and keep it simmering. You can have the baby in the room for sometime.

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DIY Lip Srub | Homemade Lip Scrub Recipe with Sugar & Honey For Dark & Dry Lips

Homemade Lip Scrub Recipe - A DIY lip scrub for dark and dry lips with honey and sugar. You can now make your own homemade lip scrub to lighten your lips and to get pink lips upon regular application. You can apply this homemade lip scrub(without olive oil) before applying lip color. It helps to create a smooth canvas. Also, this homemade lips scrub can moisturize your lips. It exfoliates the dead skin around your beautiful lips naturally.

Whenever I apply some commercial product on my lips, I always worry about the chemicals which might affect the lips badly. Needless to say, they go inside also whenever we lick the lips, eat or drink something. When we can treat our lips naturally, not only the lips but the whole body will be thankful to us for avoiding harmful chemicals going inside.

After posting homemade kajal, I like to post something for which your lips will be thankful. You might like my homemade scrub for face too.

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How to make Kajal at home | Homemade Kajal | Kohl | Surma | Kan Mai Recipe

How to make Kajal at home | Homemade Kajal | Kohl | Surma | Kan Mai Recipe:

Learn how to make kajal at home very easily with 10 minutes of your time. The total time for making homemade kajal is 35 minutes approximately. But it takes only 10 minutes of your time. If you are someone like me who applies kajal everyday, you must try to make kajal at home. Most of the commercial kajals have high amount of lead which is harmful. You can even it as black bindi / black pottu for babies.

The best part is you do not any fancy things or ingredients to make it. A good quality ghee and castor oil work best. You can even make it without castor oil and replace it with ghee. But I recommend using castor oil as it has wonderful benefits. 

I do not need to explain how good the homemade kajal is when compared to commercial ones. Instead of using chemical kajals for your beautiful eyes, switch to homemade kajal. Though older generations claim that kajal improves eye sight, increases the size of eyes and protects eyes from various diseases, there is no sufficient scientific evidence to substantiate it. It is better to avoid using kajal for young kids.

You can also use pure almond oil instead of castor oil or you can use both. You can also add a pinch of camphor which can give you cooling effect. But I have never added it as I do not get pure camphor here.

Health benefits of homemade Kajal:

1. Hygienic and pure
2. Castor oil softens your skin and acts as a barrier between the skin and harsh wind, dust and dry air.
3. Almond oil nourishes your skin. It is also an anti-aging ingredient.
4. Pure camphor keeps the eyes hydrated and cool by retaining the moisture. 
5. Free from harmful and hidden chemicals unlike commercial kajals.

Some people even uses this homemade kajal for blackening the grey hair strands naturally and temporarily. It works well.

Homemade Kajal Recipe - How to make kajal at home for eyes:

There are lot of methods available to make kajal at home. This is the most commonly followed method to make kajal at home. Kajal made using this recipe comes about for a month approximately for me as I apply twice daily. The yield varies as some kajal gets wasted during transfer and mixing.

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Top 5 Natural Sugar Substitutes | Natural Sweeteners | Natural Sugar Alternatives

Top 5 Natural Sugar Substitutes | Natural Sweeteners | Natural Sugar Alternatives to protect your health - Every one knows the fact that regular refined white sugar is harmful for health. Still people are not able to drop sugar from their diet until they get diabetes. Instead of waiting for a day when you are asked to completely avoid sugar and prescribed daily dose of medicines, start replacing refined white sugar with healthy sugar alternatives early not only for you but for your whole family.

I have seen many old people who add a lot of sugar in their diet but still they do not have diabetes. Also, I have seen some people who do not add more sugar in their diet still get diabetes. There are so many factors influence the onset of diabetes including family history. Even though we cannot completely protect ourselves from such diseases, we can take some preventive steps to prevent or postpone such diseases. Healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet, replacing sugar with natural sweeteners might help you to prevent from diabetes. Who knows? Prevention is always better than cure right.

The modern parents have already started reducing the amount of sugar they give for their kids. Thanks to the awareness!

Honey, Palm Jaggery, Jaggery, Palm Sugar, Dates are the best natural sweeteners gifted by the mother nature. Try to introduce all these natural sweeteners/natural sugar alternatives at very young age of the kids. So that they do not have difficulty in continuing them throughout life.

I am sure that store bought bakery items and sweets are loaded with high amount of sugar to make it more delicious. Always try to make sweets at home and replace sugar whenever possible. If you find difficulty in replacing the sugar completely, you can gradually replace it.

There is not one natural sugar substitute / natural sweetener which will please everyone. Many people find palm jaggery (Karupatti) as a good sugar substitute for coffee. But I like to have coffee with jaggery. Some people like lemon juice with honey. Some might like to drink lemon juice with jaggery powder. Do not force yourself to stick to a particular natural sugar alternative. Try different natural sugar substitutes and find out which natural sweetener goes well with what kind of dishes. Then it is quite easy to replace sugar which means a better healthy lifestyle.

Top 5 Natural Sugar Substitutes | Natural Sweeteners | Natural Sugar Alternatives:

1. Honey as a natural sweetener and health benefits:

Honey is a natural sweetener which is on top of my list of natural sugar substitutes. Even you can just have a spoonful of honey as and when you have craving for something sweet. When my kid asks for chocolate, I give him 2 tsp of honey in a small bowl with a spoon. As he is small, he takes at least 5 minutes to finish it off  by himself. By that time, he mostly forget about his request for chocolate.

Honey Natural Sweetener

Honey is called as Then in Tamil,  Ten or Then in Malayalam, Sahida in Punjabi, Tene in Telugu, Madhu in Hindi, Jenu in Kannada, Madha in Gujarati, Madha in Marathi.

Top 7 Health Benefits of Honey:

There are several scientific evidences available to substantiate the health benefits of honey.
  • Natural immune booster
  • Natural anti-inflammatory agent
  • Prevents Cancer formation
  • Natural antimicrobial agent
  • Natural promoter for healing chronic ulcers and wounds.
  • Natural antioxident
  • Good for weight loss
Are you convinced that honey can be the best natural sugar substitute with lot of health benefits? There are few dishes which do not taste best with honey. In that case, I really look out for some other natural sweeteners like below.

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Sukku Coffee Recipe - Sukku Malli Coffee - Dry Ginger Coffee Recipe and health benefits

Sukku Coffee Recipe - Sukku Malli Coffee - Dry Ginger Coffee Recipe and health benefits:

An amazing health drink with the goodness of dry ginger, coriander seeds, cardamom, cumin seeds and black peppercorns to protect your health and to recover from various illness. Drink it at least twice a week to keep you energized throughout the week and maintain your wellness. Do not forget to make it for your whole family. Add jaggery/palm jaggery/plam sugar for making it sweeter in a healthy way.

We call this as sukku malli coffee in Tamil as we are using both dry ginger(sukku in Tamil) and coriander seeds(malli in Tamil) as main ingredients.

sukku coffee

Sukku( in Tamil) in various languages:

Sukku in English - Dry Ginger
Hindi - Sonti | Sonth | Saunth | Sont | Sunth | Soonth
Tamil - Sukku or Chukku
Telugu - Sonti | Allam | Podi Allam
Malayalam - Chukku
Kannada - Ona Soonti | Shunthi
Marati - Sunt | Sunthi
Bengali - Sonth | Ada
Gujarathi - Suntha
Scientific  Name - Zingiber Officinale Roscoe

Sukku Coffee is called Sonti Coffee in Hindi and Dry Ginger Coffee in English. In Tamil Nadu, we call it as Sukku Kaapi.

Dry ginger health benefits:

Dry ginger has been widely used in India as a common household remedy since ancient times to treat various illness and to protect the wellness of the whole family. Dry ginger is a dried form of fresh ginger. Dry ginger has longer shelf life whereas fresh ginger does not have. So, it is always best to stock a cup of dry ginger at home. Sukku is primarily used to treat cold & cough and various stomach problems.

Let it be indigestion, stomach upset, diarrhea, sore throat, cold or cough, dry ginger can give you instant relief. Dry ginger coffee is the most comforting health drink when you have sore threat, cold and cough. It gives instant relief from soar throat. You can drink it twice daily until you get relief from the annoying health problems. Sukku is very good in removing toxins from your body and cleansing the kidneys and bowels. It also simulates blood circulation.

Dry ginger helps to treat nausea. That is the reason why people take dry ginger powder with them when they travel. It really works. I had eaten a mouthful of spoiled food while traveling in bus which I bought from a restaurant. I realized after swallowing it. I immediately started feeling nausea and stomach discomfort:( I was worrying how I could manage the overnight journey. Luckily I bought a dry ginger candy available in a shop where the bus was stopped for 10 minutes for break. I immediately felt a great relief from both the problems.

Sukku Coffee Health Benefits:

Although we call it as sukku coffee, we do not use coffee powder in it. It is actually used as a substitute for your regular coffee. We have already seen the goodness of dry ginger(sukku). As we are adding coriander seeds, cardamom, cumin seeds and whole black peppercorn seeds, jaggery(or palm jaggery or palm sugar), we are able to get the health benefits of all the ingredients by just drinking the sukku coffee. You can easily treat cold, cough and sore throat problems. Stomach problems can also be easily treat by sukku malli coffee.

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Brown Rice Idli Recipe - Brown Rice Idli Indian Recipe - Indian Style Recipes

Brown Rice Idli Recipe - Brown Rice Idli Indian Recipe - Indian Style Recipes:

Brown Rice Idli Recipe  -  South Indian favorite Idli Made with brown rice. Try to prefer brown rice instead of regular white idli rice when you want to lose weight. Brown rice is good for weight loss. Brown rice is very good for people with diabetes. According to wiki, the nutritional value of brown rice has recently been challenged due to concern over arsenic levels. Check wiki for more information.

Brown rice is also called as hulled rice or unmilled rice. Brown Rice in Hindi - Bhura Chaval. Brown rice is not used widely in Tamil Nadu and many parts of the country. It is also not widely available in grocery stores. But you can find it online and big supermarkets.

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Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe | Make Eggless Chocolate Cake in Pressure Cooker

Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe | Make Eggless Chocolate Cake in Pressure Cooker:

Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe - Learn how to make eggless chocolate cake in pressure cooker with step by step instructions and pictures. You can use the same ingredients with same measurements and bake in your oven too. Make this vegetarian chocolate cake without eggs and you will make it again and again.

I have made this eggless chocolate cake as birthday cake for my kid. I made my first pressure cooker cake for my hubby's birthday. Then I made several cakes in pressure cooker itself. I made Eggless Semolina Cake for my hubby's birthday. I have decided to make eggless chocolate cake for my little chocolate boy on his birthday. 

I have seen several cakes which were spoiled by adding too much of eggs. Though I am a vegetarian, I eat cakes but avoid which have too much smell of the eggs. In this vegetarian eggless chocolate cake recipe, I have substituted egg with curd. We do not need more curd as this is chocolate cake.

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Paneer Pasanda Recipe | Paneer Pasanda Recipe in Restaurant Style

Paneer Pasanda Recipe | Paneer Pasanda Recipe in Restaurant Style:

Paneer Pasanda Recipe - Paneer is shallow fried and cooked in onion and tomato gravy along with few spices. Eat the shallow fried paneer pasanda like sandwich or cook in a gravy to get a restaurant style paneer pasanda gravy.

Paneer Pasanda Recipe

Paneer Pasanda is often seen as a time consuming recipe. Actually it is not such a difficult recipe. Once you get a clear picture of the process involved in the paneer pasanda recipe, you can make paneer pasanda in less than half an hour.

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Fondant Recipe for Cakes - Homemade Veg Fondant without Glycerin,Marshmallow,Corn syrup

Fondant Recipe for Cakes - Homemade Veg Fondant without Glycerin,Marshmallow,Corn syrup:

Fondant Recipe for cakes - Homemade Veg Fondant Recipe without glycerin, marshmallow, corn syrup and glucose. A very simple fondant recipe which any one can make easily without any hassle. The homemade fondant made using this recipe will be having the flavor of milk powder dominantly as we are using milk powder as the main ingredient in this fondant recipe.


Before some years, people showed their creativity in icing. Nowadays fondants are becoming popular. People like customized cakes with fondants according to their interest and occasion.

I have thought that I would order a cake with fondant for my kid's birthday. But I have never done it due to my location. I am located far away from the main city where creative bakers are located mostly. I am sure that cakes with fondants are more expensive when bought outside. I had never thought that I would make fondants at home one day in my life and it happened on my beloved kid's birthday.


I seriously had no thoughts to make homemade fondant for my kid's birthday. It was completely accidental. I had planned for making an eggless chocolate cake and white icing cream for decorating. I had also marked to buy cherry in the shopping list and went for super market located inside my apartment. Cherries were not available on that day and I worried how to decorate the cake without cherries. Cherries used to be available all the time in that super market and it was a really shock to me. My hubby already told me that he would come late on that day and asked me to take care of everything.

Check pressure cooker cake recipes which I have already posted in this blog.


I was searching for other ways to decorate the birthday cake. Most of the websites suggested to use fondants. But all the fondant recipes were using one or more of the following ingredients - corn syrup, marshmallow, glycerin and glucose. I did not have any of those things in stock and I was sure that the super market would also not have. I kept searching for veg fondant recipe without corn syrup, glycerin, marshmallow and glucose. Most of the veg fondant recipes suggested to use agar agar for making fondant. I did not have that too. So, I have decided to quit the idea of making fondant and try something new.

I got ready to make eggless chocolate cake first and then to think about decorating. When I was taking the required ingredients from my grocery shelf, I found a milk powder pack which was lying unopened for a long time. As I had idea on how to make fondant by searching various fondant recipe for cakes, an idea suddenly came to my mind to make fondant with milk powder.

Are the ingredients of fondant really matter? Certainly, No. I immediately started making homemade fondant with milk powder. That is how I came up with this simple fondant recipe for cakes. This simple fondant cake is so flexible and stretchable. You can easily add color to the homemade fondant recipe. What else one would require to make elegant fondant for cakes?

Thanks for the super market which did not have cherries in stock. Otherwise I could not have tried to make homemade veg fondant for cakes.

Shelf life of Homemade Fondants made by this recipe is a minimum of 1 week. I have not tried storing the fondant dough longer that. You must need to keep it in an air tight container and store it in fridge for longer shelf life.

If you have condensed milk at hand. Then it is a no-cook fondant recipe for cakes.

Now let us see how to make simple homemade veg fondant without glycerin, corn syrup, marshmallow and glucose and glucose.

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Chocolate Glaze for Cake - Easy Chocolate Glaze Icing Recipe with Cocoa powder

Chocolate Glaze for Cake - Easy Chocolate Glaze Icing Recipe with Cocoa powder:

Homemade Chocolate Glaze Recipe - Chocolate Glaze is a must-known recipe for every chocolate lovers. It is a no cook chocolate glaze recipe if you have a melted butter in your hand. You can even try this even without melting butter(in room temperature). But melting butter makes it more tasty and gives a better glossy look to the chocolate glaze. This is from my personal experience.

Mothers who have kids should learn how to make this easy no cook chocolate glaze recipe so that they can easily be used on bread, cookies and cake to turn them so delicious and yummy in no minute. Just spread it on the toasted bread or cookies. You can spread it on your cake. It makes everything so delicious. It tastes so yummy and you also will crave to eat it as such.

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