What Causes Ringworm - RingWorm Treatment Series

What Causes Ringworm - RingWorm Treatment Series?

Ringworm - Recently, I got this worst skin infection when I was attending a marriage function in my native place. One person who attended the marriage had ringworm infection. Without knowing that, I had to use that person's towel. The result was ringworm, the worst ever skin infection I had in my life:( Ringworm is not something which has to be taken lite. It is easy to treat if you take good precautions, personal hygiene, consistent treatment. Otherwise, you need to suffer for weeks, months and years sometimes. Now I am completely free from ringworm. I will update all my experiences in the blog. Kindly subscribe to the blog to get updates directly to your mailbox.

Ringworm's scientific Name is Tinea Corporis. Ringworm is caused by fungi and not by worms.

What causes of Ringworm?

1. Animals - You will get easily infected by ringworm from the infected animals like cat and dog.
2. From other humans - You can easily get infected by ringworm when you share things or get in touch with ringworm infected humans. Do not share towels, dresses, kerchiefs and everything possible. Avoid sharing. If you have ringworm on the scalp, do not share comb too. Even if you touch your ringworm and touch any other part of your body, the other part will also be affected.

Is Ringworm contagious?

Yes, ringworm is highly contagious. I got ringworm by using the bath towel of a person who was infected with ringworm. We should be very careful when kids are with us. Stop sending kids to school if the kid is affected by ringworm or his/her classmate has ringworm till ringworm has gone. Very small kids do not know how to protect them from ringworm. They do not know that they will get infected by direct contact and sharing things. Children will be suffering a lot if they get it. So, we need to take high precaution. Itching is the main problem and scratching makes it bigger and may spread to other parts of the body.

My family started asking me, "How did you get ringworm?". I was worrying how I got the worst ringworm as I was good in personal hygiene too. I did not know that the person had ringworm. I came to know it only when I told that I got infected by ringworm all of a sudden during the wedding function.

This is my first article on ringworm. Now I am completely free from ringworm. I will post all my experiences like symptoms of ringworm, treatment of ringworm and so on. Kindly subscribe to the blog to get updates directly to your mailbox.

Note: I am not a medical professional. I wrote this based on my personal experience and learning. The article is just to give you an overview. Consulting a doctor is recommended for health issues.

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