Tips to select a perfect engagement ring

Tips to select a perfect engagement ring:

Engagement is one of the most auspicious occasion in everyone’s life because that is the day we promise each other to start a wedded life. Many people plan this special occasion differently to make it extra special. Exchanging rings was a custom practiced by few people but now it has become a trend as the engagement become the symbol of ole for the current generation. This has become a mandatory ritual in every engagement now days. So how can you make this engagement ring extra special so that you can cherish it forever? In this article we are going to discuss about what are the tips that you have to take into account before purchasing an engagement ring.

                                                      Image credit -   engagement ring.

Decide on your budget:

First plan on getting an engagement ring is to decide on the budget. Fix an amount as your target and try to buy an engagement ring within the budget you have fixed. It is okay for the ring to be little costlier as it is going to be on your fingers forever. You can customize the ring, the metal type and the stones that you prefer to be on the ring based on your budget.
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Preethi Zodiac Review - best mixer grinder with Juicer and food processor

Preethi Zodiac Review - Best mixer grinder with Juicer and food processor:

It has been 8 months since I have started this amazing, high-end Preethi Zodiac mixer grinder with juicer and food processor. In short, I totally love it except the high noise it produces especially when I make orange juice:( Otherwise, it is worth every penny you spend on it. In fact, it is better than buying a juicer, mixer grinder and food processor separately. This Preethi Zodiac review will help you to take informed decision if you have Preethi Zodiac in your wishlist.

I would like to highlight here that we have bought Preethi Zodiac mixer grinder with food processor model for my sister too as she is about to enter her marriage life very soon. This can show you the confidence and satisfaction level I have on  this Preethi Zodiac mixer grinder model.

Before going into the Preethi Zodiac Review, let me tell you one thing, there are 2 models comes under the name 'Preethi Zodiac'. One is with food processor and another one is without food processor. If you do not want food processor(I do highly recommend to buy one with food processor since you have to pay only 2000-3000 extra to get a food processor model which can do kneading dough, grating, chopping, citrus juicing, slicing etc), you can select the basic model of Preethi Zodiac. If you want to simplify the above-mentioned tasks too, then go for Preethi Zodiac mixer grinder with food processor model without second thought.

Preethi Zodiac Review - Preethi food processor, mixer grinder and juicer all-in-one model:

Preethi Zodiac is one of the latest multipurpose mixer grinder model from Preethi which can perform the following functions.

  • Atta kneading - I mostly knead my atta in it. You can knead almost 300 grams in a shot. The atta:water is 1:0.5 approximately. I just add atta and salt and then run it for a second. Then I add water and run till I get the job done. I give 5 star rating for this functionality.
  • Citrus Press - It does the job. No complaints. In fact, I am happy to extract as it extracts as much juice as possible. As a side note, the noise irritates :(
  • Chopping, slicing and grating - Definitely useful for every woman. No complaints. Do not expect to cut the vegetables into exact cube-sized. If you don't worry about the shape, you will absolutely love it for saving your time and energy.
  • Centrifugal Juicer , super extractor and blender - You can extract the juices completely. You can even use it for extracting tamarind juices and coconut milk. Lassi and milkshakes are the other beverages you can make easily in addition to juices.
There is an overload indicator light. If you overload the mixer grinder, the light will change from blue to red. The motor will be tripped and you have to reset the overload protector.

It has been mentioned in the Preethi website that you can even grind turmeric in 2 minutes. I am yet to try that.

Preethi Zodiac comes with 2 years warranty. The motor comes with 5 years warranty. As you all know, it comes with free lifetimes service. 

Preethi Zodiac Specifications:

Model Number - Preethi Zodiac - MG 218
Voltage - 230V AC ~ 50 Hz
Power Consumption -  750 Watt
Motor -  Universal 750 Watt High Power Motor
Material of Body - A.B.S
Material of Jars - Stainless Steel & Transparent Plastic
Blade Assemblies - Stainless Steel, Machine Ground and Polished
Speed Controls -  Rotary Switch with 3 Speeds and incher
Flex Cord - PVC insulated 3 Core, Flexicord with Plugtop & earthing

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Place of Origin - A One stop online destination for healthy snacks

A person who loves to binge on healthy snacks will find the paradise at the Place of Origin. An ardent foodie knows what joy a traditional nostalgic sweet can bring into his/her busy schedule. The web version of the authentic snack house from across India showcases mouthwatering and healthy snacks from all over the India. You don't have to travel to that place to eat its local delicacy, order it online now. This store caters to every kind of palate, the sour, sweet and the nutty cravings of every person are attended to at this store effectively. You can order a Sandesh from Kolkata or a Thokku from the Andhra Pradesh online by registering with the Place of Origin.

Go For the Local Brands: 

If brands are what you are looking for, then this place has more than 370 famous brands including the Almond House from Hyderabad, Cheatz from Bangalore, Gruhapriya sweets from Vishakapatnam, Vellanki sweets from Bangalore, to name a few. You name the category and you can find it on the Place of Origin. From authentic speciality sweets to traditional pickles, mouth watering chocolates to dry fruits, you can find everything under the single platform at this online store. Geographic location is no bar when it comes to your sweet tooth craving. Organised catalogues and sweet choices in neat categories welcome you on the website. Finding your favourite savoury is an easy job, just name the sweet or click on the region for which it is a local delicacy. Categories in food type, brands, staples are organised and showcased very effectively making it easier for the eye and the mind.

Traditional & Modern Savoury:

If you are craving for a traditional Mangalore Urid Happala or a Delhi speciality of Sohan Halwa, just order it online and get it shipped from the producer. Pick from the modern day snacks like Shrewsberry biscuits in Pune or Overload Brownies in Mumbai, to a local traditional savoury named averebele in Karnataka, Bangalore or a luscious Moddy's Roasted Almond chocolates from Tamil Nadu. Just order online and get the original tasting savoury delivered for free before 21st July.

Being a loyal customer has its benefits in the form of FoodieCash. FoodCash is accumulated as and when you shop online. Use this on subsequent orders to pay for the delivery charges. A loyal customer will be able to use the FoodieCash within the 30 day expiry period.

Unleash the Discoverer in You: 

If you enjoy trying new snacks, try the Discover foods tab on the online store. You can search by location, name or taste of the snack to buy the right snack you were carving to eat since ages. A mouth melting confectionery from the Ellora's Melting Moments or a tangy rice pickle or mix from the  Mambalam Iyers, take your pick according to your mood or palate desire. Authentic jams from Himachal Pradesh or the Middle East inspired delicacies from Doyen Foods in Mumbai, you can buy everything from any place without having to move out of the comfort of your couch.

From authentic chocolates to traditional mixes and dishes the online store showcases many healthy food items and snacks a place has to offer. The next time, you are craving for a mango Pista Sandesh from Kolkata, choose the branded Ganguram's Premium mango Pista Sandesh.

If you are missing your local native sweet, just log on to Place of Origins webstore and order it online. Order while the surprise July offer is valid to get it delivered for free.
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Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent Review

Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent Review:

By Sangeetha.

Review on Surf excel matic liquid detergent – Top load Surf excel has been one of the familiar brand in the producing detergents for cleaning the clothes. Their recent release on Surf excel matic liquid was a very tempting one to buy. The shape of the bottle with an attractive color on it was making me eager to buy the product. The normal surf excel liquid can be used for washing clothes by hand or by washing machine. The recent one is exclusively designed for washing clothes in washing machine. 

Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent Review:

There are two different Surf Excel liquids for top load and front load washing machine. The green bottle is for the top load washing machine and the purple bottle is for the front load washing machine. These liquids cannot be used for hand washing of clothes, you have a different liquid from surf excel available for washing clothes by hands. 

The Surf Excel Matic Liquid detergent bottle has a different look and shape and it is very easy to handle. There is also a measuring cup coming with the bottle which helps you to measure the right amount of liquid for the clothes.

The liquid comes in blue color and dissolves very well with the clothes when mixed with the water. All you have to do is, put the desired amount of clothes into the washing machine. If there is any tough statin pour a little amount of liquid on the stain are and rub it with the back side of the measuring cap that comes with the bottle. This will help in relieving the stain from the cloth. Other than that you can put the clothes in the washing machine, pour a required amount of liquid to the cap provide and then pour it into the washing machine. 

You can wash a lots of clothes with a small amount of liquid. One full cap of liquid will be used for full load of clothes. The best part of this liquid is its fragrance, it has a very mid fragrance that gives a pleasant smell to the clothes like the other detergents that has no smell at all. The other best thing about Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent is, it makes the clothes feel soft and fresh. It just removes the stain but retains the color of the fabric and the texture of the fabric the same way.

Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergentalso does enormous good to your washing machine as the powder detergents usually gets clogged into your washing machine and causes trouble, whereas the Surf excel matic liquid detergent blends with the water and dissolves thoroughly so that there is no problem of clogging. There is no chance that this liquid will cause problem to your washing machine. Detergents sometimes sticks to the fabric and also leaves the cloth feel rough, it usually changes the texture of the cloth and also causes skin allergy, surf excel matic makes the cloth soft and fresh, it also cleanses very tough stain without taking out the color of the fabric. This product is well known for its color care on the clothes and avoids scaling issues on the fabric.
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Godrej Aer pocket Review

Godrej Aer pocket Review:

By Sangeetha:

Have you ever experienced a stinky smell coming out from the dirty shoes, bathroom or kitchen garbage? Imagine guests coming to your place at this time. This would really be disgusting for you and them as well. I have been on a long haunt to make my bathroom smell like a garden. How much ever we clean, it gets dirty very soon. I have tried almost all the products in the market, and I have never been judging on the money I spend on these fragrance products, but no products met the expectation. It was all waste of money and did not even give any fragrance for a single day too. Then I heard about this Godrej Aer pocket through the constant advertisements in the television. Those advertisements where not new to me because every other brand I used previously also had a same kind of advertisements but it did not work well. However I wanted to try this product for one last time.

Godrej Aer pocket Review:

I bought this Godrej Aer pocket in the nearby supermarket. There was 1 bag inside each pocket, and each pocket costed Rs.55. To start with I purchased just one. There are many attractive colors with different fragrance. There are colors like purple, yellow, pink, green and aqua blue. The purple one is the violet valley, yellow is the tangy delight, green is the lush green, aqua blue is the misty meadows, and the pink one is the crush pink. The outer covers are very attractive as it comes in vibrant colors indicating the fragrance of the product that you are going to choose.

I tried the pink colored Godrej Aer pocket named the Crush pink. As the name suggests you will fall in love with the smell of this pocket. This finally made my bathroom smell like heaven. It has a strong fragrance and spreads over the entire bathroom. Few people may not like this smell as it is a little strong.

Then to the next try I purchased the violet valley. This one also had a very nice lavender smell, it eradicates all the bad smell and leaves your room with a very good fragrance.

My next try is the misty meadows that comes in an aqua blue color packet. This one has a very pleasant smell, this will be loved by the ones who does not prefer strong smell.

I am yet to try on the tangy delight and the lush green fragrance and I am sure it is not going to disappoint be.
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What are those special virtues possessed by ornaments that it makes way directly to your heart

What are those special virtues possessed by ornaments that it makes way directly to your heart?

One of the most important things that are noticed in the jewellery is its matchless style that is simple and awe inspired. If you are looking for such masterpieces, then look nowhere. Buy diamond jewellery online to meet your passion of collecting masterpieces. These masterpieces are brought to you by the brand name which has created a vast market for its exclusive ornaments.

These ornaments have always been the first choice of the buyer because of below mentioned features:

·       Wonderful quality - Not all that glitters are gold stand true for the brand. It’s the art of work done by craftsman that makes it stand apart. While creating designs with diamonds, only refined uncut stones are selected that could be transformed into masterpieces. Not all stones qualify for the choice of craftsman.

·       Intricacy of designs -  while making diamond jewellery, one of the most important things that is kept in the mind is the intricacy of the designs. As every design is unique in itself, you can easily figure out the intricacy with which these ornaments are made. Keeping your choice in mind, a unique and exclusive touch is given to all diamond jewellery.

         The talents of the craftsman - Craftsman works hard to make masterpieces and put in his best efforts.  There are specially imported machines that add on to the design and bring the best and exclusive designs directly to your doorstep.

·       Brand name - Buying jewellery from the reputed jewelers is always the first choice of buyer. Your choice is further enhanced by adding special rituals to your jewellery. As Akshiya Tritya is one of preferred occasions when buying jewellery is regarded as auspicious.

·        Awe inspired designs - The designs that are created with lots of dedication are always greeted with an awe. Such is the spell of diamond jewellery that you see at the online store. At times moving eye from one design to another becomes difficult.

·       A perfect blend of precious stones - You may be asked to wear some special stone in jewellery, the online store perfectly matches your taste and style and not-to-mention your dress. Black beads always compliment the diamonds. Such perfect blend of taste and style is showcased in diamond Mangalsutra that are available at the store. Cherry pick your favorite Mangalsutra for upcoming festival season.

·         Easy availability - The exclusive designs are made easily available through a click or tap. Browse website to go through more of the designs and end up with wonderful shopping experience.

          Breathtakingly beautiful trinkets - As you access the website, ample breathtakingly beautiful trinkets pass through your eyes and selecting the most apt designs becomes easier for you. This is the charismatic spell created by the brand and you just need to break this spell with a wonderful selection just like yours!
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FAB Bag July 2017 Review

FAB Bag July 2017 Review:

This month's fab bag comes in a beautiful peach color with the theme 'The Colour Drama'. It has 1 makeup product of my choice(you will be also be given options if you have Fab bag subscription of 3 or more months) and 3 beauty products. I got this month's fab bag a little late due a small confusion. When I received the bag, I was happy.

Products inside:

  • Sugar Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick and sharpener
  • Just Herbs Herb Enriched Skin Tint
  • Kronokare Hydrate The Hair Shampoo
  • Tvakh Fruit Enzyme Alcohol Free Toner

Sugar Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick:

I chose the shade no 09 - Princess Peach. I would like to tell you that the coverage is good and I love this shade especially. It is highly pigmented. The texture is soft and you will know it when you apply. It gives a nice matte shade which will be loved by everyone for sure.

Just Herbs Herb Enriched Skin Tint:

This skin tint acts as a good moisturizer and it has UV protection too. It is easy to apply on the skin. It will cover your fine lines, blemishes and pores. It has a lot of natural products to give you a flawless skin. 
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Baby Photographers in Chennai

Baby Photographers in Chennai:

Please do your own verification regarding the photographer before booking. Please tell your requirements clearly. This is just a list of baby photographers in Chennai in no particular order. 

Are you a baby photographer in Chennai? Do you want to get added in the below list of Baby Photography in Chennai. Please drop a comment in the comment section with your facebook page/website and contact number to get added. Alternatively, please drop a mail about your service to

To add more details like samples, pricing, portfolio or any change requests, please drop a mail to

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Understanding the Significance of Colours in the Life of Designers

The usage of colours in graphic designing can be a highly subjective topic of discussion. This is very simple to understand. A colour scheme that may seem magical to you, may not hold much significance for someone else. It is absolutely a matter of personal taste and preference, and on many occasions, determined by the culture and civilization that the person belongs to. Colour may mean a lot and a little change here and there in the hue can make a world of difference to a creation, whatever that might be. There are many books to understand the different colors and the below one is Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated.

Let us now understand how colour schemes and theory of colours can affect the way designers work and express their creativity.

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June 2017 Fab Bag Review

What is in Store For You in the June 2017 Fab Bag ?

Hello beautiful ladies,

Its time to go for the June Fab Bag. With a theme of “The Bold and the Beautiful” the Fab Bag contains the beauty and cosmetic products – just the ones that you deserve – like every Fab Bag. It’s blazing hot outside, extremely difficult to keep looking fresh and beautiful in this sultry weather. Profuse sweating, coupled with the intense heat – its hard to keep your head straight. At least the Fab Bag will help you keep your appearance in some semblance of sanity. In fact, coming to think of that, they actually make you look yourself – nice and good and bold and beautiful.

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Keerai Types - Keerai Vagaigal - Keerai Names in Tamil English

Keerai Types - Keerai Vagaigal - Keerai Names in Tamil English:

We have given different keerai types | varieties | keerai vagaigal in Tamil and English Names. We have also listed the different keerai benefits in this post

1. Agathikeerai ( Botanical Name - Sesbania grandiflora):

Agathi keerai has a whole lot of medicinal values. It might taste a little bitter but it is very much useful for the health. Agathi keerai are of two types, it is differentiated based on yellow color flower and white color flowers. We can make use of the leaves, flowers and roots of this spinach as all its part has increadible benefits. It has a lot of water content and rich is all the major nutrients. The water content helps in relieving the constipation problems.

Agathi keerai type helps in building strong bones and muscle tissue. We can make soups using agathi keerai, this will increase the lactation for the breast feeding mothers. Agathi keerai is considered as an ancient medicine where its roots where also been used for curing several problems. You can clean the roots of agathi keerai and make it boil in the water for twenty minutes and consume it. It solves urinary tract infection and also helps in curing kidney stones. The soup made of these roots has high vitamin value which is very much essential for the health.

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Sikku Kolam Designs with dots | Simple Kambi Kolam designs

Sikku Kolam Designs with dots | Simple Kambi Kolam designs:

Women are generally very artistic, they have an artistic touch in everything they do. Be it cooking to cleaning they think very creatively and take things in the same way. Kolam is one of the art loved by women. Kolams are usually put in front of the house or pooja room as the tradition believe that it brings goddess Lakshmi brings home wealth and prosperity. They also feel that it is good to feed the ants in the streets as the kolam is drawn using the rice flour.People in ancient days wake up early morning and spread the area with the water mixed with cow dung and clean that area. Then the kolam is drawn using the hands. They use rice flour or the white stone powder to draw the kolam. They aso give beautiful colors to the kolam that are available in the market. 

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#BestforBaby Event by BabyChakra in association with Johnson & Johnson

You must have attended a lots of events and sessions related to the parenting and baby care, most of all would be about thousands of lectures and seminars. I recently had an opportunity to attend an event by the best parenting community Baby Chakra in association with Johnson & Johnson. Baby Chakra is one of the prominent trusted childcare network in India. If you are looking to connect with other moms, experts or childcare services, BabyChakra is the right platform for you.

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Chinos and Cargos – Summer Essentials

Everybody loves their semi-casuals. It allows us to throw on some sophistication without being too restricted. Chinos are the focal point of many a smart casual portrait and come in more shades than just the traditional khaki we normally associate with them. Ideal for a business coffee meet as much as a couple of pints at the pub, chinos are versatile and come in a range of cuts and designs. Add this cool and refreshing fashion item to your wardrobe this summer.
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How to plan a vacation with twins or multiples?

How to plan a vacation with twins or multiples?

Managing twins or multiples is double the task, and we always fall into very tired mommies criteria. We will be desperately longing for a me time. How about planning for a vacation sound for you? Wow, that’s so exciting is it? Well, I can read your mind saying on the other hand “vacation? And that too with twins? That’s another mess, staying at home will be much better”.  Even after getting the flight tickets booking done for vacation, I always have this second thought. Here’s this article to help you with few tips while planning for vacation with twins or multiples.

Plan for the right place: 

Plan for the right place for vacation. The change in climatic condition will have an effect on the babies and they should be able to cope up with the same. The climatic conditions should be good, extreme heat will cause a lot of problems, you can choose areas with mild climate or cool climate.

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Himalaya Herbals Pure Hand Sanitizer Review

Himalaya Herbals Pure Hand Sanitizer Review:

By Lavanya.

For those of you, who are spending a lot of time outdoors, need to take special care of their skin and hair. We all know this and we are also ready to spend a lot of time, money and energy to have the glow back to our skin and hair. But, how many of you pay the right amount of attention to your hands? These were the hands which were once soft and smooth. But now the hectic outdoors schedule and the excessive pollution has taken away all the beauty and glamour from your hands. But the hands are most probably one of the most important organs – most in use and most abused. 

We need to keep our hands not only good – looking, but also completely sanitised as we perform most of the vital functions like eating and handling our kids. However, utter neglect turn our hands into two freckled, rough and smelly surfaces, the sight of which is surely going to turn people off.

These were the problems that I was facing a few years back. The problem was aggravated when I was posted in a place away from home, and had to manage my laundry, wash my dirty dishes and utensils all be myself, continuously for two years! And the result was two hands, which looked like the hands of a 80 years – old lady. I was so shocked with the effect that all those detergents were having on my skin, that I started to look for remedies on that very day. Also, the pollutants, dirts, impurities made it worse.

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Mama Earth Products Review India - Face Mask, Body Lotion, Body Wash

Mama Earth Products Review India - Face Mask, Body Lotion, Body Wash India:

By Sangeetha.

We received a sample of Mama Earth Calming body wash, Mama Earth Nourishing Body Lotion and Mama Earth C3 Face mask for review. All the products are primarily made with natural ingredients. They are not loaded with chemicals. Nowadays, many products are made solely with harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances. According to, there are 8k known harmful chemicals. Mama Earth is the only MadeSafe certified brand in India.

Mama Earth Products Review India

Mama Earth calming body wash Review:

Fresh feel and a clean skin is what a mom requires in this summer to have a much closer bonding with the baby. Mama Earth calming body wash works miracles on your skin. This gel type body wash deeply cleanses you skin and gives a soothing effect. Its fragrance is one of the major factor that makes you fall in love with the product. Mama Earth calming body wash is free from any harmful chemicals. 

Mama Earth Products Review India - Mama Earth Body Wash

Mamaearth calming body wash is not very soapy, it acts as a cleanser and does the job really well. It thoroughly cleanses the skin and nourishes it. 

Aloevera helps in cleansing the skin and Vitamin E present in it nourishes the skin. Vitamin E also helps in retaining moisture and avoids dryness in the skin. 

The fragrance is not very strong, it has a mild fragrance that gives you a fresh feel and calming effect which makes uplifts your mood. 

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Project Thiramai to Empower Rural Women By Smile Foundation & Pepsico

Project Thiramai to Empower Rural Women By Smile Foundation & Pepsico:

Project Thiramai is an initiative by PepsiCo and Smile Foundation that has provided a vocational training in tailoring to underprivileged women across 12 villages in Tamil Nadu. There are 4 training centers set up in Mamandur, Nelvoy Road, Salavakkam and AP Chathiram. 235 women who graduated from this vocational training program were facilitated with certificates and free sewing machines in the convocation ceremony held on May 10, 2017, at Kancheepuram.

Project Thiramai came into being post floods that struck Chennai and its neighboring areas, leaving many villages in complete distress. The purpose of Thiramai is to equip disadvantaged women with skills through free vocational training, thereby improving their livelihood.Not just that, it also offers graduating students job placements at the business houses that are located around the area. The graduates, who are all women, also have the option of working from home, making it easier for them to maintain a work-life balance.

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Elite Matrimony Feedback

Every girl has big dreams about her wedding and even bigger dreams about her life partner. For a few, such a wedding happens like a breeze. For few others, it’s quite a toil. Especially in a country like India, where marriages are like a celebration with supreme importance, it becomes even more cumbersome. It is just not about finding the right partner but also about identifying the perfect family. That’s because marriages are just not about the unison of two individuals but of two families. All of us would have a friend or relative who has been unsuccessful in finding the perfect match. We also would have heard tales of not-so-successful marriage due to various reasons.

From my family’s personal experience, I have an interesting story to share. There is this cousin of mine named Haritha. A very well bred, intellectual and independent girl from a financially sound background. Being born and brought up in Bangalore, she was very specific and keen on what she wanted out of her partner and her marital life. The downsides of her was her weight and few knots in her astrological charts.

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Kilimanjaro Climbing

Kilimanjaro Climbing:

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountains in Africa that is free standing. It has turned interest of many climber to its side and impresses everyone to take an adventurous tour. Kilimanjaro is composed of three volcanic mountains Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. Uhuru peak is the highest summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro never fails to have its visitors increasing every year. Its mountain beauty and a natural landscape becomes a good trekking experience for the visitors. However you can never start your trekking alone, you will always need to have a guide beside you to help you. There are many online services who assist in planning a trek to Kilimanjaro, does its best to make your trekking experience easy and memorable.

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Fab Bag May 2017 Review

Fab Bag May 2017 Review:

Hello  girls,

Here is the review of May Fab Bag. The theme is 'The Beauty Trippin'. The Fab Bag contains some of the best beauty and makeup products to keep you looking and feeling best during any adventure in this scorching heat. May is the month when everyone thinks about vacation eve though it is summer. The total number of products is 6 and the total value comes around Rs.1200. The 1-month fab bag subscription is available for Rs.599. You can also avail the most popular 3-month subscription which costs Rs.1599.

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Himalaya Neem Face Wash Review

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash: A Wonderful Friend For Your Skin

Greetings to all the lovely ladies. Recently, the prominent brand Himalaya Herbals conducted an event 'Chennai Ponnu' at Chennai. Chennai has seen a lot of changes in the recent years. Even a lot of changes in the lifestyle of Chennaites. Most of think that Chennai has changed a lot and we have lost our own culture. The 'Chennai Ponnu' event including their ad video made us to realize that we never gave up our culture and tradition irrespective of the radical changes we have seen so far. I got a complimentary Himalaya neem kit including neem face wash, neem face pack and neem face scrub. Himalaya Neem face wash is not something new to me. I have been using it for few months. Neem and turmeric are widely used in Tamil Nadu for skin care their beauty benefits. Any girl who knows the value of neem and turmeric who definitely love Himalaya Neem kit as the products contain neem and turmeric.

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Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub Review

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub: For The Freshness and Brightness You Had Always Wanted

By Lavanya.

My love story with the Himalaya skin products started with the Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash. My acne – prone skin had great relief and the pimples were no more. I was happy. So was my skin – soft and supple and glowing with the goodness of neem. 

But problems never seem to abandon me as far as my skin is concerned. Once I had heavy make up on on my cousin’s wedding. And before the night was over, my skin started itching. There were red spots and a burning sensation. I removed the make up with a regular soap and also used neem face wash. But the aftermath of putting on make up taught me that my skin needed extra care as far as removing the everyday dirt and make up is concerned.

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Himalaya Neem Face Pack Review

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Pack Review:

By Lavanya.

I am back with more of neem products. This time with the Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Pack.
All of you working ladies, with your skin getting a lot of exposure to sun and dirt, heat and sand and the endless pollutant gases emitted by the vehicles, know what these do to the skin. After a few days of moving out, your skin starts showing effects – pimples, blackheads, lifelessness, roughness. It even gets darker and loses its softness altogether. All in all, you might stop loving your skin anymore.

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Birla Planetarium Chennai Review, Timings, Entry Fee, Images

Birla Planetarium Chennai Review, Timings, Entry Fee:

If you are looking to spend a whole day with your children in a smart way, Birla Planetarium Chennai should your choice. It is a no-nonsense place where you get to learn a lot of things related to science and technology. When you go to a mall, you have to spend a minimum of 100 bucks to get a coffee and you can estimate how much your shopping expenses will be even if you go with no idea of shopping. Chennai is full of beaches and there are few places like Birla Planetarium in Chennai which can feed your quest for knowledge when you are bored of visiting beaches.

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ViveksExpo2017 - Here is why you should not miss this Bigger and Better Expo

ViveksExpo2017 - Here is why you should not miss this Bigger and Better Expo:

Viveks, the famous electronics retail brand has come up with a sale called ViveksExpo2017 on the occasion of this Tamil New Year. Many people plan their high-end purchases in Tamil New Year as it is considered highly auspicious in Tamil Nadu. ViveksExpo2017 enables you to walk into their warehouse and buy your favourite electronic items in huge discounted price. I have visited the expo yesterday and was amazed at the huge number of items on sale. The expo houses more than 25000 products in a single place. The expo starts on 13th April and ends on 16th April. It is a very big event you should not miss. Read on to know more details about the expo.


13th April 2017 - 16 April 2017, Time 10 AM to 9 PM.

From personal care item to mobile phones, you can find all the electronic items at the Viveks Expo. Hair dryers, laptops, mobile phones, printers, water purifiers, iron boxes, microwave ovens, OTGs, fridges, washing machines, Tvs, ACs, mixer grinders, cookers, grinders, air coolers and and many more products are available in offer price.

Highlights of the ViveksExpo2017:

  • Free entry
  • 44,000 sq.ft. expo
  • Fully Air-conditioned
  • More than 25,000 products
  • Products from more than 100 top national and international brands
  • Free gold coins and silver coins on April 14.
  • Offer - Buy now and pay from June*
  • Pay Rs.1 and take home AC/Fridge/Washing Machine*
  • Mega Exchange offer*
  • 0% interest up to 24 EMIs*
*Terms and conditions applicable.


2/850, Mugalivakkam, Main road, Manapakkam, Chennai.

People who know this area already can easily reach this place.

People who have never visited this area, let me tell you the easiest way. You can reach this place by car or call taxi easily.  If not, just go to Guindy. Take a share auto that is going to Porur and get down in Manapakkam Main Road. The share auto cost is Rs.15. From there, you can take an auto from the auto stand. It costs you Rs.50.

Or else you can take a call taxi from Guindy. It will cost you around Rs.100.

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April 2017 Fab Bag Review

April 2017 Fab Bag Review:

April fab bag has something to surprise you. It has compact powder from Sugar cosmetics. What more you need in a fab bag worth Rs.599? The bag is vintage floral printed one. I got one in pink color.  The theme of this month's fab bag is The Spring Fling which contains all the products you would love to use in this spring season. Come on. Let us see what are the products inside my April month Fab bag.

Exclusive 10% coupon code for 3,6 and 12 month subscriptions - PINK10

April 2017 Fab Bag - What's inside?

Before seeing the products, I have something exciting for you. You can get 10% discount when you apply the code PINK10 while booking 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions. Yes, it is our exclusive coupon code for just our readers.

  1. SUGAR As Nude As It Gets SPF 15 Compact full size
  2. sAND for Soapaholics Heavenly Dew Bathing Soap(Sample)
  3. Ayorma Radiance Glow Deep Exfoliator(Sample)
  4. Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub(Sample)

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How to do Facial at home Step by Step

How to do facial at home step by step?

In this article, one of contributors explain how to do facial at home step by step. Enjoy homemade facial without spending money in parlour. Either fortunately or unfortunately, we women happen to be too good at multi tasking. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often tend to ignore our physical and mental health. We are expected to be on our toes all around the clock. 

It is indeed a basic necessity nowadays amidst all the dust and pollution in our surrounding environment to pamper our skin with some facial and other skin lightening treatments on a regular periodic basis. And what is the easiest option that we have at our disposable? Yes, absolutely! Visit the most widely known and popular high-tech parlour. Well hold your horses, and thing for a moment. Apart from the exorbitant amount of money that you need to shell out from your pockets, is it really worth the money you spend purely on chemical based formulas, creams and serums?

Is there really another possibility to use something more natural and home based that doesn’t burn our pockets that much? Still wondering? Well, this article provides you some of the effective naturally available ingredients that you use and a get an awesome facial done right at home! Wow! Isn’t that simply superb!

Read further to know what kind of ingredients can be used for the different stages of homemade facial treatment.

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Deco window Curtains Review

Deco window Curtains Review:

Curtains not only helps to get you the required privacy but also to enhance the beauty of your home. Curtains are not just viewed as an ordinary element at home. They help you to make a style statement. Especially when it comes to your own home, we tend to invest a huge amount to buy stylish curtains. Not everyone can allocate a huge budget for curtains. Deco Window offers you high-quality yet stylish curtains within your budget. No more adjustments and compromises with deco window! You can buy beautiful yet affordable curtains from Deco Window.

Last week I ordered a total of 6 curtains from Deco Window. This is my third purchase from Deco window. I have already written about my first purchase here. Deco window has become my favorite brand when it comes to curtains. My first set of curtains which I bought in the year of 2014 still shines like new one. I am still using in my living room and master bedroom. You can have a look at the old one below.


About Deco Window:

Deco window  ( ) is from the house of one of the largest exporters in India – Jayanita Exports and this is the reason why all the offerings are great in quality with some good value for money. You can choose from a great range of curtain rods online, buy curtains online and even buy cushions online from their site. They even have a made-to-order solution for the curtains to suit the ranging sizes of your windows and doors.

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10 Latest Saree Trends - Latest designer sarees 2017

10 Latest Saree Trends - Latest designer sarees 2017:

Sarees are a real favorite of Indian ladies and are also featuring a great deal in the pages of latest fashion trends the world over. Sarees make you look gorgeous and dignified at the same time. If draped properly and supplemented by the right kind of jewellery, sarees can win you glances and hearts in every party or festival where you wear them. You can wear sarees in every occasion – some formal meeting or any informal gathering, wedding or office party. We are sharing here the latest saree trends in India - the designer saree designs which you will really love for sure.

10 Latest Saree Trends - Latest designer sarees 2017:

Latest saree Trend #1 - The Dupatta Saree:

These exquisite sarees are just a replacement for the lehenga that come in two pieces – a lehenga and a dupatta. With a matching choli, of course. In usual lehenga, the lehenga is first worn, and then the dupatta is draped over it. But in dupatta saree, the saree itself has dupatta which you can use it to cover your head or your shoulder itself. 

The dupatta saree highlights every curve that you possess and can accentuate the beauty of your waistline. You can wear the dupatta front to back or back to front, as you feel like. The pleats on the pallu created by the dupatta, should be narrow and hung loosely from the shoulder to look nice.

The dupatta saree is ideal for wearing in weddings and other traditional occasions, as the best dupatta sarees have heavy embroidery work throughout the saree including the dupatta. You can also have the dupatta adorned with patch work. This is the latest saree trend especially for the brides who wear dupatta saree during weddings.

The dupatta saree comes in a variety of fabric like silk, georgette, or satin. But the dupatta is usually made of chiffon. The colours of the two pieces may contrast each other. The choice of two bright colours, or one bright and one sober work perfectly to suit you in every occasion.

Latest saree trend #2 - Cape Saree to look terrific:

Want to look really glamorous and try the latest saree trend that is the favorite of many Bollywood stars? You may try wearing a bright and highly embroidered cape over your blouse. This gives a totally different look from your usual self. The way of draping the saree is the traditional way, with the pleats neatly done and the pallu hanging back from the shoulders. With the cape on your saree, you look highly glamorous. And you thought capes were worn by the Supermans and the Batmans from the children Superhero books. Check how beautiful Deepika Padukone is looking in this cape saree.

Traditionally capes are worn by ladies from the earlier generations and mostly woolen ones during the winters. Capes go very well with your traditionally worn saree, petty-coat, and blouse, mainly on ladies with a slimmer shape, as the cape tends to make you look bigger at your shoulders and bosom areas.

The typical capes worn with sarees are not the round ones, but the shorter version, that only cover the shoulders and are open in the front. You can wear them in contrasting colours with the saree or of the same tinge. The capes are mostly heavily embroidered and they make you look smart and elegant. If you can carry the cape styled saree, you can really be the most talked about the lady in the entire party. While the latest designer sarees are also coming with cape, the latest trend is to wear it with a saree with minimal design.

Latest Saree Trend #3 -  Readymade saree to make your life easier:

A readymade saree is a pre-stitched one, that you just need to tuck in your petty coat, with the Patli all done in nice pleats and so is the pallu. No wonder why this is one of the latest saree trends in 2017, the year no one has no extra seconds to spend in draping saree. Thus the saree is not a 5.5 meters or 6 yards long fabric that you need to drape. All you need to do is wear is like a skirt and you are now ready to walk into a party. Many of the latest designer sarees are readymade sarees now.

You look graceful in a typical party wear saree and nobody’s the wiser. This is a nice choice for those ladies who are not quite used to draping sarees but want to try them on on special occasions. You can opt for various colors, types of fabrics, and embroidery on the sarees. The readymade sarees are mainly made using heavily embellished material that can be easily worn in parties and social rituals.

The foreigners feel comfortable wearing these sarees as there is no risk of them coming undone in the middle of an ongoing celebration. The popularity of the traditional Indian saree has gone up in the West as a result of the introduction of the readymade saree. However, the blouse or choli needs to be worn separately.

Latest saree trends #4 - Half and half saree:

A half and half saree is mainly a saree created by fashion designers and dealt with by the boutiques. Most of the designer sarees are now half and half sarees as this is the latest trend in saree. They are actually two sarees, each cut into two halves and then stitched one after another. One part acts as the pleat, starting from the waistline, and the other starting where the pleats end and run to form the pallu. The blouse normally matches the part that remains in the pleats. The two sarees are so selected so as to contrast each other. The technique of draping the saree is normal.

At present, you will find hundreds of Indian women wearing half and half sarees on a regular basis, or on special occasions. They are not so expensive, that you can select to mix and match two sarees in any price range. However, sometimes these boutique–styled sarees are affixed zardousi or embroidered borders, that enhances the price a bit.

Sarees are going through tremendous innovations and these half and half sarees are a typical example of such introduction of innovative ideas.

Latest saree trends #5 - Butterfly pallu sarees:

Also known as the Bollywood style, following the use of the draping style by most of the leading ladies in Mumbai film world, the butterfly pallu sarees and their easy yet unique way of draping have become very popular. Sarees are universally accepted as a versatile attire, as you can wear a saree to work everyday and also wear them on very special occasions like wedding, office parties and religious festivals. Butterfly pallu saree is the latest saree trend in the year of 2017. There are so many designer sarees coming in butterfly pallu style.

The way of draping the saree is easy. You just need to take the pallu around the back and hang it loosely over your shoulders. You can wear any saree, any make any fabric and any design in this manner and create your very own style. However, the draping can be done best with a lighter saree like a chiffon, kota or silk one. The pallu is typically embellished with heavy needle work, giving the saree the look of a fluttering and happy butterfly. You may wear a butterfly pallu saree with a blouse that comes with deep cut design and stylish pattern.

Latest saree trends  #6 - Multi-colored Ready pleated saree:

A colourful saree, made for all ages and all occasions, the colour pleated saree looks smart and gleeful on you. The saree material is, in most cases, georgette or chiffon. The colours are actually multi-coloured prints that occur throughout the saree, in its pleat area as well as the pallu part. The saree is casual wear in most cases, but can also be a huge success in parties and office gatherings. These sarees, in most cases, are provided with matching blouse pieces. You can wear modern costume jewellery with the saree to take you to a different dimension.

You feel happy and your mind is set free when you wear multi – coloured pallu sarees. The best colour pleated sarees are hand printed with the most exquisite work by designers. These are also boutique styled sarees, the patterns of which come out of the designers and are unique in most cases.

Latest saree trend #7 - Lehenga saree:

An new introduction in the trend of sarees in India, the lehenga sarees is a mix of the traditional lehenga – choli and a designer saree. The portion of the saree around your waist is in the form of a lehenga. The upper portion or the pallu is formed out of a saree of same or contrasting colour and design. Lehenga saree is the new decade's latest trend.

The lehenga saree finds its origin in the craving of all such Indian and foreigner ladies who wanted to wear sarees but found it too cumbersome to drape one. The designer came up with a lehenga worn with a partial saree on it, giving it a very traditional and very much Indian look. You can have your very own tailored lehenga saree for your wedding or for someone close. The draping is easy, as you have to wear it like a skirt and zip it up on the side, and then wear the saree part as the pallu, leaving it hanging on your shoulders. The saree looks best with a designer choli and heavy traditional jewellery.

Latest saree trend #8 - Patli Pallu saree: 

These are very modern sarees, again born out of the designer’s wish to revolutionise and globalise the ethnicity of the Indian saree. Here, two sarees, similar or contrasted in colour matching are so stitched that one saree forms the first part that you start with tucking in your petty coat, and also forms the pallu part, while the other part forms only the pleat or the patli. The draping of this saree has to be done with extreme care, as the overlapping of parts will not look good. The blouse is most often made of the part of the saree that remains at the pleats.

This type of saree is the latest trend in saree designs which is quite common among office goers. However, the silk sarees are elegant enough to be worn in any special occasion. You can get the pallu part embroidered to give it a richer look. Worn with metal costume jewellery, these sarees can raise eyebrows in the social gatherings without a doubt.

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