Homemade Amla Hair Oil for hair growth - How to Prepare/Make Amla Hair Oil for hair at home

Homemade Amla Hair Oil for hair growth is a very good ayurvedic hair oil for grey hair and to promote hair growth. Curry leaves and amla have been used since ages to treat hair fall problems and to maintain the overall health of the hair. 

Hope you are already aware of the rich benefits of Amla oil which your hair can get. Amla can be taken either internally or applied externally. It is also good if you can eat 1 tsp of amla powder daily with honey. It boosts immunity and good for preventing grey hair. It is very beneficial in both the ways. 

Let us see how to make Amla Hair Oil for hair at home which is also called Indian Gooseberry oil. It will surely help you to prevent premature greying if you apply it regularly. Try to make amla hair oil at your home following the below steps and enjoy the benefits of amla. It also prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. Since we are making it at home, we can make sure that we protect our hair from lot of chemicals. 

Amla hair oil

Homemade Amla Hair Oil - How to Make Amla Hair Oil for hair at home:


1. Take fresh amla pieces. Clean them in cold water. Cut them into small pieces. Spread the cut pieces on a wide plate. Allow it to dry in sunlight to ensure there is no moisture left. It might take 2-3 or more days based on the climate.

2. Grind the dried amla pieces in a mixer and make a fine powder out of it.

3. Heat coconut oil in a pan and add the powdered amla in the pan. Make sure that you heat in low flame.

4. Allow it to boil till fumes start appearing.

5. The oil will start turning brown. Switch off immediately. Otherwise, the oil will get burnt. Keep it aside to cool it down.

6. Filter the oil and keep it in an air tight container or bottle.

Now your homemade Amla Hair Oil for hair for grey hair is ready to use. 

Another Safest Method for making Amla Hair Oil:

Take a clean glass bottle. Fill it with the coconut oil. Once you dry the amla pieces, you can put the amla pieces inside the coconut oil and keep it under sun for at least 5 days daily. Slowly, the goodness of amla will be infused to the coconut oil naturally by the heat. It is a very safe method which is followed by ancestors.

Benefits of Amla for Hair:

1. It helps to promote Hair growth.
2. It prevents premature greying if you apply the oil regularly.
3. It helps to prevent split ends.
4. It controls hair fall hair fall and stop it gradually with regular application.
5. Maintains overall health of your hair.

Make your own homemade amla hair oil at home and put an end to premature greying and other hair problems. 


1. To get the full benefits of amla oil, you need to use it regularly.

2. Do not make oil in large quantity. You can prepare it for 15 days and for a month maximum. It will be good if you can make it every fortnight. 

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  1. Must it smell like toasted cookies or is it that I burned mine?

  2. No. We have to make the amla hair oil in low flame. Also, we have to switch off the stove before the oil gets burnt. We should pay attention when we prepare oil. Switch off once you see fumes start coming.

  3. can you please give quantity how much ml coconut oil how much amla powder (tbsp)

    1. Hi Adi, you can add 2 tbsp of amla powder to 500 ml coconut oil.

  4. Hi mam.I'm facing acute and extreme hair fall for the past 3 months.recently I relocated to Bangalore after marr. Coz of change in water it occurs .dnt know wat to do.using home made shika powder.still its is like dis.I almost lost my complete hair. Help me plz

    1. Hi Jose, I remember suggesting you to use Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil. Have you tried it? My friends have told that Indulekha Bringa hair oil is also good for controlling hair fall.

  5. I just adore Indian Gooseberry. I used to take Gooseberry Juice and it has cured my Anemia an year ago. This blog post is very nice and I'll try to prepare Amla oil on my own. Thank you for providing the recipe.