July Fab Bag 2015 Review

July 2015 Fab bag review is here. I have already posted February Fab bag review. This is my second Fab bag. I felt love with both the bags as they were something special. February Fab bag was Valentine's day special. This July Fab bag is Red Carpet edition. The products came in a beautiful golden color bag this time.

July Fab bag has products worth 3000 INR and it is available for just 599 INR.

People who want to know about Fab Bag, here you go.

About Fab Bag:

Getting premium cosmetic samples is now simple with FAB BAG. FAB BAG is a monthly bag of happiness with full of best beauty and grooming products for hair, skin, makeup, bath & body, fragrances and much more. You can subscribe for 1 month, 3-months, 6-months or 1-year plan. There are lot of Indian Beauty Boxes and Bags available in India and this is one of the best Indian Beauty Bags available for both Indian men and women.

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Jabong.com Kids Online shopping review

Today I am sharing my review about the dresses which I have bought for my kid from Jabong.com. Shopping for my kid has been easier till he was a baby. Myself and hubby just look for few things like quality, fabric, brand and color. My hubby is very quick in shopping. So, he just picks quickly. We have never looked for particular designs or prints before.

Those days are gone. We involve our kid nowadays in choosing dresses for him. It is definitely a fun to see how he spends his time in choosing the dresses on his own.

Problems we face with shopping for kid in stores:

Though we enjoyed letting our kid to choose the dresses, we started facing problems too. He picks all dresses with vehicle prints blindly. He does not bother about color, quality or brand.

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Jathikai Uses and benefits for face, skin and health | Health Benefits of Nutmeg

Jathikai Uses and benefits for face, skin and health | Health Benefits of Nutmeg :

Jathikai(in Tamil) is called as Nutmeg in English. Jathikai is widely used in Tamil Nadu for the benefits the spice offers. It is also called as Jathikka. It has plenty of nutritional value. It is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Niacin, Folic acid, Ribloflavin, Beta-Carotene.

Whenever you use jathikai, make sure that you include only a dash of it. Nutmeg powder should not be used in more quantity.

Jathikai | Nutmeg is available in most of the Indian grocery stores. It is available in whole and powder form.

Jathikai is the seed of the tree, "Myristica fragrans" which is native to Indonesia. It looks great in its beautiful round shape.

Names of Jathikai in different Indian languages:

English - Nutmeg
Tamil - Jathikai or Jathikka or Jadhikkai
Hindi - Jaiphal
Telugu - Jaikaaya or Jajikayi
Malayalam - Jathikka
Kannada - Jaika or Jeerake or Jajikai
Marathi - Jaiphal or Jayphal
Gujarathi - Jayiphal or Jaiphal
Punjabi and Bengali - Jaiphal
Urudu - Jaiphal
Oriya - Jaiphala
Scientific Name - Myristica Fragrans

Jathikai Uses | Health Benefits of Nutmeg:

Jathikai is used to improve the over all health. It has antiseptic, anti spasmodic, anti rheumatic, analgesic, digestive and comforting properties.

1. Jathikai for sleep:

Jathikai helps to induce sleep. People with sleep disorders prefer Jathikai to get a good night sleep. Nutmeg helps to treat various sleep disorders. It has natural sedative properties and helps you to get sleep naturally without sleeping pills and other chemicals.

Mix jathikai powder in warm milk. 1/8 tsp of Nutmeg powder can be added to 1 cup of warm milk. Drink it before going to bed. You will get a deep sleep very soon.

Jathikai is a popular natural sleep aid. It provides relaxation and gives a sound sleep.

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Flax Seeds Uses and Health Benefits | How to eat flax seeds

Flax Seeds Uses and Health Benefits | How to eat flax seeds:

Flax Seeds is one of the top vegetarian substitute for Cod liver oil. If you are a vegetarian, consuming flax seeds can give you the benefits of Cod liver oil. If you are fond of low carb diet or curious in weight loss, flax seeds may help you a lot. With richness of fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids, Lignan, Flax seeds can help you to maintain the overall health of your body.


Though there are numerous benefits you can get from consumption of Flax seeds, there are side effects too when the dosage is high. Also, it is important to drink more water when you eat flax seeds. For every 1 tbsp of flax seed powder, you must drink 1 glass of water in addition to your daily water intake. Also, it is good to limit yourself to 2 tbsp a day.

Names of Flax seeds in different languages:

Flax seeds have different Indian Names in different languages in India.

Flax seed in Hindi - Alsi or Alasi. It is called as 'Alsi' also in Gujarati and Punjabi. 
In Tamil - Ali Vithai/Azhi Vithai/Aazhi Vidhai/Aali Vidhai
In Marati - Jawas, Alashi
In Bengali - Tishi
In Kannada - Agasi
In Malayalam - Cheruchana Vithu
In Oriya - Pesi
In Telugu - Avise Ginzalu

Ground Flax seed is called as Pisi hui alasi, Tharaiyil Aazhi vidhai in Tamil, Jaminivara flaxseed in Marati, Graund flaxseed in Telugu, Nelada Flaxseed in Kannada, 

Varieties of Flax Seeds:

1. Brown Flax seeds
2. Golden or yellow flax seeds

Golden or yellow flax seeds are also called as Linseeds. Except a yellow type flax called 'Solin', all other type of flax seeds have similar nutrients and good amount of short chain Omega 3 Fatty acids. Solin has low level of Omega 3 Fatty Acids when compared with other type of flax seeds. Solin is also known as Linola.

Flax seed Oil or Linseed Oil(Alasi Ka Tela in Hindi):

Flax seed oil is also known as Linseed oil which is extracted from Flax seeds. It is an edible vegetable oil.

Flax seed oil and Linseed oil are called Alasi Ka Tela in Hindi.

Health Benefits of Flax Seeds:

Flax seed Nutritional information - 100 g of  Flax seed contains 534 calories, 3.7 g of saturated fat, 29 g of Polyunsaturated fat, 8 g of Monounsaturated fat, 18 g of Protein, 813 mg of Potassium, 30 mg of Sodium, 27 g of Dietary Fiber and 1.6 g of Sugar. It is also rich in Calcium, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin, Vitamin B-6, Iron, Phosphorous, Zinc and Magnesium. It also has Vitamin C.

Flax seeds have a lot of health benefits which is the advantage of flax seeds.

1. Omega-3 fatty acids in flax seeds help to protect your heart from various heart related diseases.
2. Lignans present in flax seed have antioxidant and Estrogen qualities.
3. Recent studies have mentioned that they have anti-cancer properties. They can protect from breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer.
4. They are believed to reduce the  bad cholesterol LDL and increase the good cholesterol HDL.
5. Flax seeds for weight loss:
Flax seeds are widely used for weight loss. As it is rich in fiber, it keeps you feel  fuller. Including flax seed powder with your roti, cereals, rice, idli, dosa can make you to feel full easily and help you to avoid overeating.  When you include in your snacks, you will be able to avoid overeating. Hence flax seeds are useful for weight loss.
6. Flax seeds helps to control diabetes.
7. Flax seeds in Low Carb Diet:

When you are in low carb diet, eating flax seeds is very good as it is rich in fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and many more nutrients.

How to eat Fax seeds?

Here are some easy ways how you can consume Flax seeds as part of your daily diet. As whole flax seed is too hard for the body to break down, you can include them in powder form or oil. Eating flax seeds in ground form helps your body to digest them easily and process it effectively.

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Zephyr Toys Robotix1 Motorized Engineering System for Kids Review

Zephyr Toys Robotix1 Motorized Engineering System for Kids Review - This is second toy we have chosen for our kid after Zephyr Toys mechanix grand pix from the brand Zephyr Toys. The first one was purely plastic based engineering construction set which is suitable for 3+ years old kid. My son has grown up a little more and he is now ready to play with advanced toys too.

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GM Diet for Vegetarian - How to lose weight in 7 days fast

GM Diet for Vegetarian - How to lose weight in 7 days fast - A complete guide:

Are you tired of preparing diet charts and diet plans to reduce weight? Are you exhausted with the failure from a lot of diets to lose your weight? Here is the best diet plan for quick Weight Loss - GM Diet plan.

Read the related articles:

GM Diet 7 Days Vegetarian Plan
My GM Diet Weight Loss program experience with GM diet results update from various readers.

GM Diet Indian Veg 7 Days Diet chart

I have been successful with the GM diet plan and have lost 3 kgs in a week. The net weight loss varies with person to person based on different factors. People who are in diet and walk for 10 minutes will lose less weight when compared to the people who are in diet and walks for 30 minutes daily. One of my friends who fought hard to conceive was advised to reduce her weight. She had been in GM diet plan to lose weight for 2 times and reduced weight. She was in 7 days GM diet plan once a month and she was in diet again in the next month after a 3 weeks gap. She followed GM diet Indian version. She was able to conceive immediately after losing weight. It is a real experience and GM diet plan gave her a turning point in her life to lose weight and she was so happy about it.

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Amla for Hair, Skin and Face uses and benefits

Amla for Hair, Skin and Face uses and benefits:

Amla powder for hair - Amla, Bhringaraj and curry leaves are the widely used natural ingredients to protect your hair from damages like hair fall, hair loss, premature greying and to promote hair growth.

Amla powder

Amla is rich in Vitamin C and a good antioxidant. It is also a rich source of Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Fiber, Magnesium. It also has carotene.

Amla(in Hindi) in different languages:

Amla In Tamil - Nellikai, Telugu - Usiri, English - Indian Gooseberry, Malayalam - Nelli, Nellika.

In this article, we will see how to use amla powder for hair and uses and benefits of amla powder for hair for various hair related problems.

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Homemade Amla powder
How to preserve amla in honey
Amla raita recipe
Amla rice recipe
Amla Pickle Recipe

Amla powder hair pack:

To keep it simple, mix 2 parts of amla powder with 1 part of warm water. Apply it on your hair covering the entire scalp and the hair strands. Leave it for 30 minutes. Wash your hair thoroughly.

Read the recipe of Homemade Amla powder here - How to make amla powder at home.

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How to make amla powder at home - Homemade Amla powder for hair

How to make amla powder at home - Homemade Amla powder for hair:

Homemade Amla powder is very good for health due to its known 100% percent purity. However, it is not so easy to grind the dried amla pieces as they are hard. Here are some easy ways to make amla powder at home. Grating the amla pieces and drying them helps a lot while making the amla powder at home. Amla can be consumed in many ways. You can preserve amla in honey for easy and pleasing intake.  Homemade amla hair oil can be made which can be applied on your hair for promoting hair growth and preventing premature greying. In this article, we will see how to make amla powder at home.

Amla Powder Recipe For immediate consumption:

1. Clean the amla pieces with water.
2. Allow them to dry.
3. Cut them into small pieces or grate them for easier grinding.
4. Discard the seeds.
5. Grind it in a mixie without adding water.

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Inversion Method for hair growth

Inversion Method for hair growth:

Inversion method - A One week hair growth program which can help your hair to grow 1- inch(approximately) in a week of time. You have to massage your scalp with your oil and invert your head upside down for 4 minutes of time. It is one of the popular methods which can help your hair grow naturally rather than running behind different oils and formulas available in the market for promoting hair growth.

Inversion Method for Hair growth

Some people want long hair while some prefer to have short hair. I am a person who loves short hair. Even though if you do not want long hair or want to get few more inches of hair, you can try inversion method as it is good for overall health of your hair. Hair growth is just a visible result of the inversion method. Apart from that, you can reap several benefits because of the increased blood flow to your head and scalp. Your mind will relax. It is just another way to meditate if you can keep your mind relaxed from all kind of stresses in those 4 minutes.

What is Inversion Method?

Inversion Method procedure - Massage your scalp with your favorite oil for 5 minutes with your fingertips. Then invert your head. It should be upside down. This will help in increasing the blood flow to your head and scalp. Increased blood flow to your head and scalp helps to rejuvenate your hair follicles. Visible hair growth and overall improved health of the hair are results of inversion method. You have to repeat this daily for one week. Take a break for the next 3 weeks before you start another session.

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Nankhatai Recipe | How to Make Nan Khatai in Pressure Cooker Without Oven

Nankhatai Recipe | How to Make Nan Khatai in Pressure Cooker Without Oven:

Nankhatai recipe is my 7th baking recipe in my pressure cooker. You can bake them in your microwave oven too with the same ingredients. Nan Khatai is more famous among Marathi People. Nan Khatai(in Hindi) is famously known as chewsburry in Tamil Nadu.

About the recipe:

Usually Naankhatai is made with maida and besan flour. I wanted to make it little bit healthy. So, I have added more wheat flour and less maida. I have made them in pressure cooker without oven.

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Pressure Cooker Cake Recipes - Make Cakes, Pizzas, Muffins, Brownies in Pressure cooker

Top Pressure Cooker Cake Recipes - Make Cakes, Pizzas, Muffins, Brownies in Pressure cooker:

Pressure Cooker Baking Recipes - Use your pressure cooker to bake without Oven.Making cake, pizza and cookies are now easy with a pressure cooker.

As I am a vegetarian, I try to make cakes without eggs. So, you can see most of the cake recipes are egg free here.

Click on the respective recipe images to view the detailed recipes with step by step instructions and pictures.


Eggless Vanilla Rava Cake                     Eggless Tutti Frutti Cake
 Eggless Vanilla Rava Cake                Eggless Tutti Frutti Cake

Eggless Chocolate Brownie                     Eggless Chocolate Cupcake

Eggless Chocolate Brownie                Eggless Chocolate Cupcake

Eggless Chocolate Cake                     Eggless Whole Wheat Jaggery Muffin             

Eggless Chocolate Cake                 Eggless Whole Wheat Jaggery Muffin         


Wheat Pizza                     Capsicum Pizza
         Wheat Pizza                                   Capsicum Pizza

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe                     
Dominos Style Garlic Bread                        


Wheat Cookies                      Nan Khatai     
  Wheat Cookies                                     Nan Khatai/Chewsburry 

Eggless Chocolate chip Cookies                       
Eggless Chocochip cookies - 
Hide & Seek Style Biscuit                           

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Cod Liver Oil For hair, skin and health benefits | Vegetarian substitutes for cod liver oil

Cod Liver Oil For hair, skin and health benefits | Vegetarian substitutes for cod liver oil:

Cod Liver Oil is a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, if you approach a doctor for minor skin problems, hair fall, hair loss, hair growth, the chances are high that they will suggest you to consume Cod liver oil. Omega-3 fatty acids is a kind of unsaturated fat which our body requires. But our body is not able to produce it.  So, we need to find external sources to include Omega-3 fatty acids in our diet.

Cod liver oil for hair

It happens to me when I consulted a doctor for hair fall problem long ago. He suggested me to include sesame, spinach and dates in my diet. He also told me to take one cod liver capsule every morning after meal as cod liver oil is very good for hair and it can treat various hair problems like hair fall, hair loss and promotes hair growth.  He told me that I could see visible result in one month. He promised not only my hair, my skin will also start glowing :)

Health benefits of Cod liver oil for hair, skin and overall health:

1. Good for brain functioning
2. Helps to increase good cholesterol levels(HDL) in moderate amount
3. Helps to lose weight
4. Maintains proper blood pressure levels
5. Helps the hair follicles grow and reduce the hair loss
6. Helps to get healthy, glowing, acne-free skin and nails.

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Edible Camphor Uses and Health Benefits

Edible Camphor should not be confused with normal camphor which we use for performing pooja and eliminating kan drishti. Normal camphors are made artificially from chemicals, mainly from turpentine.

Edible Camphor enhances the taste of the dishes. It is used mainly in sweets and desserts. We use it in making Sakkarai Pongal which helps to enhance the aroma and flavor. It should be added only a pinch.

Edible Camphor

Is Camphor Edible?

You might have seen some recipes calling for edible camphor. Not all camphors are edible. Only edible camphors are edible and can be used in making food items. The label should have a direct mention that it is edible or else do not use for cooking.

Edible Camphor in different languages:

Scientific Name - Cinnamomum Camphora
Edible Camphor - English
Hindi - Kacha Karpoor or Pachchaa Karpoora
Tamil - Pachai Karpooram
Telugu - Pachchaa Karpoora or Cheen Karpooram

Where to buy Edible Camphor?

Edible Camphor is available in grocery stores. They will be stored in an air-tight box or plastic bags. You have to use the camphor which are marked as 'Edible Camphor' in the label. It is widely available in Tamil Nadu. But my friend who is staying in US says that it is tough to find good quality edible camphor there. So, she always buys from here whenever she visits India.

Pachai karpooram

Mostly it will be available in 1 g or 2 grams pack as people use only a pinch every time. The price of 2 grams pack which I bought is 8 INR. Shelf life of edible camphor differs. The average shelf life is 15 months approximately. Check the label.

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Capsicum Pizza Recipe in Pressure cooker Without Yeast and Oven

Homemade Capsicum Pizza Recipe in Pressure cooker Without Yeast and Oven:

Now you can make pizza without yeast in your pressure cooker and oven is not required.

Note - This Pizza is made without yeast. If you want a very soft pizza like Dominos, you have to use yeast in it. Learn how to make soft pizza dough with Yeast in the following link - Dominos Garlic Bread Recipe.

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Whole Wheat Cookies Recipe in Cooker- How to make Cookies in Pressure Cooker

Whole Wheat Pressure cooker cookies Recipe Without baking powder and baking soda - Making whole wheat cookies in a cooker has been a long time wish for me. But I had a serious doubt whether it would turn good. I have baked pizza, brownies and cakes before in pressure cooker. But I was doubtful about the cookies till they have to turn crusty, little chewy and soft and crispy.

Today, I took the bold step of trying the cookies for the first time in pressure cooker. If you want me to explain the outcome in one statement, it is simple and straightforward. Me and my kid loved them to the core. I had 2 cookies as soon as my photo shoot got over. I wanted to eat more cookies desperately. Keeping my kid and hubby in my mind, I had to control myself.

wheat cookies in cooker

Once my kid returned back from school, I just gave him one cookie. But he asked for more and finished up everything except 1. I took it and kept it aside for my hubby :) He deserves at least one.

Wheat cookies recipe

Now let us see how to make cookies at home with whole wheat cookies recipe.

Whole Wheat Cookies

Whole Wheat Cookies Recipe in Cooker- How to make Cookies in Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker cookies Whole Wheat Cookies Recipe in Cooker Without baking powder and baking soda - How to make Cookies in Pressure Cooker with walnuts

Cuisine: World Category: Snacks Yields: 9-10 cookies
Prep Time: Cook Time: Total Time:


  • Wheat flour - 200 g
  • Sugar - 100 g
  • Butter - 2 tbsp
  • Milk - 2 tbsp or as required
  • Salt - 1/8 tsp
  • Vanilla essence - 1 tsp
  • Walnuts or any nuts of your choice - 2 tbsp chopped(optional)
  1. Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. I have added sugar as it is. You can powder the sugar before adding too. Add milk little by little and make a soft pliable dough. 


  2. Use rolling pin and flatten the batter. Cut the cookies using cookie cutter. Gather left out dough and again roll. Cut them again. Repeat this process till you shape the whole dough. You can shape them with your hands too. Or you can use any small bowls to cut them round.


  3. Grease the cooking plate with ghee or butter or oil. Arrange the cookies dough leaving at least 1 inch gap between the cookies.


  4. Remove gasket and whistle from the lid of the cooker. Heat the cooker with its lid on. Heat it for 3-5 minutes in high flame till you feel that the cooker becomes hot inside.
  5. Open the cooker and place the cooker plate(according to your cooker manual) or any other similar perforated plate in the cooker.


  6. Place the cookies pan on the perforated plate and close it with a thick steel or aluminium lid. If you do not have any such lid, you can use the cooker lid itself but again without whistle and gasket. Do not cover the entire cooker. You need to cover only the pan.



  7. Cook in medium flame for 10 minutes. Open the lid. Carefully flip the cookies to the other side and close the lid again. Cook for another 10 minutes in medium flame.
  8. After that cook both sides flipping up and down frequently till both the sides turn golden brown color and become crusty. Some cookies might get cooked faster if there is uneven heat distribution. You can take them out. So, peep into the cooker and watch the cookies. Flip as and when required while taking the cooked cookies. You can use thongs to handle the cookies. I handled with hands itself. But it would be very hot and you need to be very careful if you are using your hands. My cookies took 35 minutes totally to get completely bakedThis time varies based on several factors so it is important to watch the cookies after 20 minutes of baking both sides.


  9. Once the cookies are cooked, remove them from the cooker and spread them on wire rack to cool both the sides. The cookies will harden further as they cool down.


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Kottakkal Nilibhringadi Keratailam Review - Neelibringadi Hair Oil

Neelibringadhi hair oil has been one of the secrets of healthy hair for many people. There are lot of brands selling Neelibhringadi hair oil in the market. But I would say Kottakkal Nilibhringadi KeraTailam has been my favorite for a long time.


When I heard about Neelibringadi hair oil for the first time, it was so new to me. My team mate told that the secret of the beautiful hair of her 65 years old mother is Neelibringadi hair oil. One of my neighbors in my native place also told that she has been using it for so many years. She is from Kerala with only 1 or 2 white hairs but she is around 50 now. So, I got good impression about Neelibringadi hair oil. Even one of my hubby's friend who is an Ayurvedic doctor also suggested this oil.

If you go to Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala for any hair problem related to hair fall, there is a high probability that they will suggest to use this hair oil. When I enquired them about maintaining the natural black hair, the doctor in the vaidya salai told me to mix Neelibringadi hair oil with Prapaundarikadi thailam.


The oil comes in a plastic bottle. It is not easy to use from the bottle daily. So, I used to transfer the into another oil friendly bottle little by little for easy application on daily basis.


Price and Shelf Life:

Price - In Kerala 160 INR and Out of Kerala 164 INR.
Shelf Life - 3 years.




Keralatailam, Nili, Bhringaraja, Satakratualata, Dhatriphala, Yashti, Gunja, Ajakshira, Mahisikshira, Dhenukshira, Nalikerakshira and Anjana are the ingredients in the Kottakkal Niligbhringadi kerathailam.

You can see the ingredients of Kottakkal Nilibringadi Keratailam in the below picture.


Consistency, Fragrance and Application:

The oil is thick and it is slightly greasy. So, it attracts dirt. The smell is so strong and you cannot go outside having the hair oiled well with this oil. My kid and hubby do not like the smell :) My kid tells me, "Amma, your hair smells bad" when I apply this oil before going to sleep. So, I apply early in the evening so that the oil settles down in the hair and do not disturb others with the herbal smell while sleeping. Or else, I apply in the morning and leave it for an hour before taking bath.


Benefits of Neelibringadhi Hair oil:

Neelibringadhi Hair oil is very good for hair. It treats hair fall, split ends, promotes hair growth, prevents premature greying, treats itching and dandruff problems.

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Amla With Honey - How to Preserve amla in honey - Health Benefits

Amla and honey are very good for health. Consuming amla with honey daily has a lot of health benefits. My cousin had stomach ulcer and he was advised to have amla soaked in honey daily in empty stomach. He was advised not to eat any other dish for one hour. He told that he found it quite effective. It is good for increasing blood count and to maintain the health of the hair . We all know that it is a rich source of Vitamin C. It lowers cholesterol level. It helps to treat anemia and gives stamina.

With lot of health benefits hidden in amla(Nellikai in Tamil), we are still hesitating to include amla daily in our diet. The reason is the fact that amla cannot please our palates easily. Soaking amla in honey is the best way to include amla in our diet on daily basis.

I have just made eating amla soaked in honey as a daily habit. Knowing the benefits of amla soaked in honey, I get tempted to buy the bottles with amla dipped in honey whenever I see them in super market. But I held back myself thinking to make it at home.

Different people told me different recipes and I got totally confused. Few told me to use fresh amla to soak in honey. Some people told me to dry the amla under sun and soak in honey. Some people know the recipe of only Amla murabba made in sugar syrup but not in honey. So, I decided to buy one from super market to check how it is. In the label, it has been mentioned that ingredients are dry amla and honey. Having the amla in honey bottle bought from store in hand, I started preparing it at home. I wanted to reproduce the same actually. Yeah, it was successful.

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Paneer Tikka Recipe On Tawa - How to make Paneer Tikka on tawa, gas stove top without oven

Paneer Tikka Recipe On Tawa and Gas Stove Top - Easy Paneer Tikka Recipe that helps you to make Paneer tikka using tawa and stove top without oven. Now you can make paneer tikka in tandoori style easily at home following this recipe.

Paneer Tikka Recipe

Paneer tikka is easy to make, healthy, aromatic and flavorful with spices. My kid was very keen on knowing what I am making as soon as he got up from his nap. The kitchen was full with the aroma of the coated paneer and vegetable cubes and I am sure you will fall in love just with the aroma itself.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka Recipe On Tawa - How to make Paneer Tikka on tawa, gas stove top without oven

Paneer tikka on tawa Make Paneer tikka on Tawa, gas stove top without oven. 

Cuisine: Indian Category: Starters Serves: 2
Prep Time: Cook Time: Total Time:

  • Paneer Cubes - 6
  • Big Onion - 1/2 or more
  • Capsicum - 1/2 or more
  • Tomato - 1
  • Thick Fresh Curd - 1/4 cup or Hung curd - 3 tbsp(should not be soar)
  • Red chilli powder - 1 tsp or to taste
  • Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
  • Garam Masala Powder - 1/2 tsp or to taste
  • Ginger Garlic Paste or just Garlic paste - 1 tsp or to taste
  • Kasuri Methi - 1 tsp crushed
  • Salt - to taste
  1. Chop the vegetables and paneer in square shape for arranging in the skewers or as shown in picture. You can use as many slices you like and you can arrange as per your preference. So, plan the no of paneer, onion, capsicum and tomato slices and chop accordingly.

  2. DSC_0054

  3. We need 3 tbsp of hung curd. If you do not have hung curd, take fresh thick curd and filter it using a tea filter. Squeeze out all the whey. There should not be any water content. Squeeze as far as you can. It might take sometime. But it is worth it. If you use watery curd, the curd will run out of water and we will not be able to make a thick curd coating on Paneer cubes.
    Take the curd in a wide plate and mix all other ingredients except onion, capsicum and paneer cubes. 

  4. Paneer tikka instruction

  5. Take paneer cubes one by one and coat them in the curd mixture well on all the sides. Keep it in an air tight container and put it in fridge if you are not going to make in half an hour. The resting time required is 30 minutes. If you are going to prepare later, keep it in fridge so that the curd does not become soar. 

  6. DSC_0055

  7. Coat the remaining vegetables together in the remaining mixture. It is okay if you have less mixture. They just need a slight coating. You can keep them also in fridge as mentioned like paneer.

  8. DSC_0056

  9. Take out the paneer and other coated vegetables 15 minutes before serving. Heat a non stick tawa, drop a tsp of oil and spread it using a clean cloth like we coat for making dosa. Place paneer cubes on the tawa and cook all the sides(including edges) till you find golden spots on the sides. Place only few paneer slices at a time on tawa, as paneer cubes might get burnt easily. It would be easy if you cook less cubes at a time so that you can cook focusly. Drizzle oil frequently if required.


  10. Cook the vegetables in the same way. Cook till they are half cooked. Turn over and cook them. Drizzle oil frequently if required.

  11. DSC_0064

  12. Arrange them on skewers or tooth pick. If you are using bamboo tooth pick or bamboo skewers, have them wet before half an hour itself. It will be easy for arranging. Even you can apply a little oil if you are using steel skewers.

  13. DSC_0068

  14. Switch on the stove and place a stainless steel multi purpose roaster. Carefully show the skewer one by one and gently show all the paneer and vegetable slices to get a tandoori effect. Keep rotating to avoid burning. 

  15. DSC_0070

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