Castor Oil in Tamil - Uses of Castor Oil for Skin Whitening | Arandi Oil Benefits for Face

Castor Oil in Tamil - Uses For Skin | Arandi Oil Uses | Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin and Face:

Castor oil in Tamil - Vilaku ennai | Vilakennai | Vilakkennai | Vilakenna | Amanaku Ennai | Aamanaku Oil | Aamanakku Ennai. Castor oil is widely used for skin care like acne treatment, skin whitening, skin lightening and so on. Castor oil is a boon to women when it comes to treating skin problems such as acne, sunburns, dry skin, face wrinkles and even stretch marks. Castor oil is widely used by men and women for treating acne. Castor oil is popularly known as Arandi Oil in India. Arandi oil is the meaning of castor oil in Hindi.

Is castor oil good for skin?

Almost all of you must have heard that it is good for skin. If you still have doubt on the effects of castor oil on skin, ask your grannies. It is one of the natural remedy for treating your skin problems like acne, dark circles, dry skin problem, stretch marks, face wrinkles and so on. Since it is sticky, many men and women avoid using it. We use Castor oil for skin whitening. You do not need to worry about its stickiness when you apply it overnight and wash it off on the next day. You only need to use 1-2 drops on your face. If you use more than that, your face will become super oily which you will feel difficult to wash.

Castor Oil in  Tamil - Uses For Skin Whitening | Arandi Oil Benefits for Face

Castor Oil in  Tamil - Uses of Castor oil for Skin Whitening | Arandi Oil Benefits for Face:

Castor oil in Tamil - Vilaku ennai

Castor Oil For Acne | Uses of Castor Oil on Face:

Castor oil has been found as an effective remedy for treating acne problems on face. Applying castor oil daily on the acne on face helps you to get rid of acne very quickly. It also helps to prevent acne from coming. Application of the castor oil on face twice a week can help you to prevent your face from suffering from acne and pimple problems. Apart from acne treatment, using castor oil for skin whitening is popular.

How to use castor oil for acne?

  • In a small piece of cotton pour few drops of castor oil and apply gently onto the affected skin area twice a day. Allow it to act on the area for around an hour or so and then wash it with running water. You can leave it overnight and wash it on the next day morning with a good face wash.
  • If the area affected is small use a band aid dipped in castor oil. For areas that are large, use a cotton cloth with castor oil on it and leave it overnight.

Castor oil in Tamil - Vilaku ennai

Castor Oil for Dry Skin | Beauty Benefits of Castor Oil On Face:

Castor oil acts in the deep layers of the skin and makes it smooth and keeps it hydrated all the             time. It’s an excellent skin moisturizer as it promotes the production important components such as elastin and collagen which actually delay signs of aging.

How to Use Castor Oil for dry skin?

Castor Oil Face Mask - Method 1:
  • To one fourth part of castor oil add three fourth parts of sesame oil.
  • Gently apply the mixture over affected area and massage.
  • Put a slightly warm moist cloth over the area such as your face and allow it to rest for about a minute.
  • Remove the excess oil with a cotton pad.
Castor Oil Face Mask - Method 2:

  • Mix castor oil and coconut oil in the ratio of 1:1 and massage gently over the dry skin.
  • Allow it to rest for about 30 minutes.
  • Rinse and pat dry.
Castor Oil Face Mask - Method 3:

  • A face mask can be made by adding a tsp of castor oil to one egg yolk.
  • Spread evenly onto your face and allow it to remain for around 15 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Castor Oil for Skin Pigmentation:

Castor oil is packed with fatty acids that help in reducing the pigmentation by flushing out the scar tissues from the affected skin. The Omega-3 fatty acids hydrate the skin and encourage the growth of healthy tissues. Castor oil in Tamil - Vilaku ennai

How to Use Castor Oil to treat skin pigmentation?

  • Castor oil and Vitamin E moisturizes the skin and the vitamin component makes the skin glowing. Apply this mixture onto the affected area. Using castor oil for skin whitening is also good.
  • Mix the oil with a few drops of lemon juice and a tsp of honey. Apply this onto the face and let it remain for 30 minutes. Within a week your face would be smooth, silky and radiant.

Castor Oil for Skin Whitening | Castor oil for Skin Lightening, Age Spots & Dark spots:

Castor oil can help you with skin whitening / skin lightening by reducing the age spots on your face. Apply the oil on the age spots and dark spots once a day, preferably in the night. You can see the age spot getting reduced naturally. Using castor oil for skin whitening is a natural way to lighten your skin.

If you want to keep you face dark spots free, apply the oil on your face once or twice a week. It helps to promote hair growth but not your facial hair. Women have been using since ancient times to keep their skin glowing, for skin whitening and lightening. 

Also, I need to talk about Castor Oil for skin tightening here. With daily usage, I have seen my skin feeling loosened. But it is just temporary. As soon as I stop using it on daily basis, I see the skin getting tightened back to normal.

Castor Oil For Dark Circles:

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the pain and stress that is caused by dark circles. An extremely safe remedy, it ensures that it moisturizes and hydrates the skin. It will be very effective when you try this below castor oil pack for treating the dark circles. There are a lot of benefits of castor oil packs when used properly. Apart from using castor oil for skin whitening, you can use for dark circles too.

How to Use Castor Oil for dark circles - How to make a castor oil pack?

  • Mix 1 tsp of castor oil with 1 tsp of fresh cream. Make it into a paste.
  • Wash your face especially around the eyes and pat dry.
  • Apply the paste around the eyes and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water.

Castor Oil For Eyebrows:

Who does not like thick eyebrows? Castor oil helps you to get thick eyebrows. In Tamil Nadu, it is widely used on babies for thickening their eyebrows if they find to have thin eyebrows. I know many moms who apply castor oil on the eyebrows of babies even though they do not have thin eyebrows. They say that thick eyebrows make anyone to look beautiful. Every woman in the world like to have long beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows that defines the eyes. Castor oil just does that! Apply it onto your eyelashes every day before going to bed and notice visible results in no time.

Castor oil for Nail Growth:

Castor oil is very good for nail growth. It improves the overall texture of the nails. Apply a drop of castor oil on the nails and cuticle area. Massage it gently. Leave it overnight or for half an hour. Wash it off. You can do this daily till you see the visible result. It takes only few weeks to see the visible nail growth.

Where to buy castor oil for skin?

Though castor oil is not available widely in all stores like coconut oil, you can buy castor oil easily in India. Even castor oil is available online nowadays.

You have to decide where to buy your castor oil for skin based on the quality of the castor oil available. Try to buy cold pressed castor oil as it is the best for your face and skin. 

Avoid buying castor oil which are being sold in loose. You cannot ensure the quality of the oil you buy.

Knowing the various beauty benefits of castor oil for skin care, you might be interested to know its meaning in your own regional languages. If you are someone who wants to know, here we have compiled the list for your reference.

Castor Oil in different Indian languages in India:

Castor Oil - English
Castor oil in Tamil - Vilaku ennai | Vilakennai | Vilakkennai | Vilakenna | Amanaku Ennai | Aamanaku Oil | Aamanakku Ennai

Castor oil in Hindi Arandi Kaa Tel | Aarandi | Arandi Oil | Reenree Ka Teel

Castor oil in Malayalam - Avanakenna

Castor oil in Telugu - Aamudamu

Castor oil in Kannada - Haralenne

Castor oil in Gujarati - Divela

Castor oil in Marathi - Erandela Tela

Castor oil in Arabic -   Zayt Alkhurue
Castor oil in Bengali -  Rerira Tel
Castor oil in Punjabi - Castor Da Tela
Castor oil in Chinese -  Bi Mayou
Castor oil in French - Huile De Ricin
Scientific Name - Ricinus Communis 

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