Get a free sample from Banjaras

Get a free sample from Banjaras:

Everyone wants to be beautiful, and who will say no to get the glow naturally. There are so many products available in the market which gives to instant results or moderate results after a couple of months of use, sometimes even no results. You should always keep that not all the products available in the market is using natural ingredients to give you the glow. Only few products are using natural products and give you good results. 

A cosmetic product that is purely loaded chemical can give you a very good result in minutes but be sure it is going to give you side effects too. The products with natural extracts as their main ingredients can give you expected result in a safer way.

Okay, now I know what is running in your mind. Is there any brand that uses natural ingredients as their main ingredients? Is that what you were confused with? There is one answer for you, and that is “Banjaras”. 

Banjaras products are predominantly made with natural ingredients and also gives you the best result. Imagine a pack of extracts from flowers and fruits and all the good things required to beautify you, and that is what a banjaras product is. 

When you choose banjaras you can be sure that you are using a product listed under PETA's cruelty free company as the products are not tested on animals. Also, they do not use any animal ingredient in their products.

Banjaras always has a love for nature and I know you have the same. There are many products available in banjaras for skin care and hair care, most of them are predominantly made of natural ingredients. They have products to cater the needs of the entire family.

Below are some of the best Banjaras products.

Banjaras face wash(Multani + Orange): 

Blank white plastic cosmetics, paste or gel tube isolated

It has now become a necessity to use face wash to cleanse your face regularly. Banjaras face wash is made with an extraordinary combination of multani mitti and super natural extracts from orange peel. This helps absorbing the excess oil from the skin and exfoliates the skin by removing the dead cells. This face wash gives glow to the skin by removing tan. It is a soap free face wash.

Key Ingredients - Multani  Mitti + Orange Peel Powder
Each ml contains Multani Mitti 1%, Orange Peel 0.5% and Gel base Q.S.

Banjaras face pack(Multani + Papaya): 

Banjaras Multani Papaya Face Pack

If you are looking for an instant glow to lighten the party, then go for banjaras face pack. It is made with multani mitti and papaya. Papaya gives a natural shine to the skin and multani mitti has a specialty of cleansing the skin deeply. 

Apply this face pack mixed with banjaras rose water and get that super glow. You can also try various facial kits available in banjaras, they help in cleansing, exfoliating and keeps your skin shining for a long period. 

This face pack is very much essential for the tired skin and polluted skin, it helps in removing the pimple and acnes. The scrub exfoliates the skin, the massage cream helps in cleansing the skin and relaxing the muscles, the face pack tightens the skin and gives glow to the skin.

Banjaras samvridhi hair oil: 

Banjaras Samvridhi hair oil 

We have already reviewed Banjarassamvridhi hair oil in our blog. This hair is not like the other products available in the market, it is made of all natural ingredients and natural herbs that is essential for hair. Amla, methi, hibiscus, shikakai, coconut oil, sesame oil, bhringraj, aritha, brahmi, olive oil, methi are all included in this oil. Each of these ingredients are essential for the hair and healthy scalp. It promotes hair growth and reduces splits or breakage of hair. It cures various infections like dandruff or lices. It promotes hair growth and also non greasy. 

Apply this hair oil on the scalp and leave it for sometime and then wash. Doing this in regular intervals will surely help you get rid of hair problems and gives you long and thick hair.

Hope this article gives you good information about the banjaras skin and hair care products. Start using natural products and get the natural glow.

Banjaras Brazilian Black Henna:

Banjaras Black Henna
This hair dye gives you rich black color without worry of hair fall. It consists of henna and herbs. The chemical content is less when compared to many hair dyes available in the market. Take a patch test as per the instructions mentioned in the pack before using any hair dye.

Get a free Banjaras sample now:

I have a good news for you. Now you can try their sample before your buy.

Here is how you can get a free sample from Banjaras.


Enter your name, mobile number, email address, gender, skin type, hair type and full address.

Click on 'Try at home' button.

You will receive the following message.

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That's it. Just wait for the sample to get delivered at your doorstep.
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