Birla Planetarium Chennai Review, Timings, Entry Fee, Images

Birla Planetarium Chennai Review, Timings, Entry Fee:

If you are looking to spend a whole day with your children in a smart way, Birla Planetarium Chennai should your choice. It is a no-nonsense place where you get to learn a lot of things related to science and technology. When you go to a mall, you have to spend a minimum of 100 bucks to get a coffee and you can estimate how much your shopping expenses will be even if you go with no idea of shopping. Chennai is full of beaches and there are few places like Birla Planetarium in Chennai which can feed your quest for knowledge when you are bored of visiting beaches.

My kid is 5 years old with great curiosity in space and army related topics. Most of the time he talks about battle tanker, missile truck, rocket, space shuttle, mars rover etc. Well, I am learning most of the terms from the father and son conversation:) You might be thinking whatI had to do in Birla Planetarium with a very little knowledge about this kind of things. When you enter into the planetarium show, you will forget that you are still on the earth. There are a lot of models which will make you feel awesome. The models are very detailed. Let us talk about it later.


No. 4, Gandhi Mandapam Road, Kotturpuram, Chennai, India.

 Birla Planetarium Chennai Timings:

 Birla Planetarium Chennai Entry Fee:

There was separate ticket cost for entry, 3 D show, Planetarium show etc. There was a package also which includes all the entries. We opted for the package. 

Entry fee for Halls of science and technology and science park:

Adult - Rs.30
Children (Below 12 years & Bulk booking of school students upto +2, minimum of 50 students) - Rs.15

Optional fee for B.M. Birla Planetarium:

Adult - Rs.30
Children (Below 12 years & Bulk booking of school students upto +2, minimum of 50 students) - Rs.15

Optional fee for 3D theatre:

Adult - Rs.20
Children (Below 12 years & Bulk booking of school students upto +2, minimum of 50 students) - Rs.20

Package fee including all the above:

Adult - Rs.60
Children (Below 12 years & Bulk booking of school students upto +2, minimum of 50 students) - Rs.30

It was a total of Rs.150 collected as package cost. Rs.30 for child package and Rs.60 for one adult package. When you take the ticket, they will tell you the availability of seats for the planetarium show. We went around 12:45 PM and we got the tickets only for 3:00 PM show. They also mention about the language of the show while booking the ticket. If not, check with them yourself.

Birla Planetarium Chennai Parking Charges:

We went by car and it was just Rs.5 for parking charge. You can check the parking charges for other vehicles here.

Bus - Rs.8
Van - Rs.6
Car/Jeep - Rs.5
Auto - Rs.3
Two wheeler - Rs.2
Cycle - Rs.1

 Birla Planetarium Chennai Review - Virtual Walkthrough of Birla Planetarium Chennai:

The set up is kind of old. We have to keep in mind that Birla Planetarium Chennai was established in the year of 1988.

The post will be full of appreciation of this place except for the canteen facility. Do not go without lunch if you are ready to eat anything if you are hungry. When I went it was too hot, I just wanted to have a curd rice. Only veg biryani is served there. Literally, no other option is there. It was not appealing and I had to manage with biscuit packet. Even the biscuits are from less known and unknown brands. So, if you are visiting this place, make sure that you plan well to manage your hunger pangs. When I visited the Birla Planetarium Chennai, there was no restriction on taking food inside. However, please check at the time of visiting. Even if you are allowed to take food inside, please dispose of the waste only in the dust bins. 

Once you enter the park, you can see a big dinosaur model with which you can take some photos:)

Then you can see models of space shuttle, train and aeroplane. There is a swing too and big slide too to enjoy.


In the right side, there is a big play area for your kids to enjoy.

There is a big building which has the planetarium show, 3D theater and few galleries.

3D Theater:

The running time of 3D show is approximately 10 minutes. The theater is small. They give 3D glasses to all the viewers. There is no specific timing allocated to us. We have to wait outside the theater. There are enough waiting chairs outside the theater. If the glass is damaged, you have to pay fine. 

There were 2 mini 3D movies shown. One is related to traveling to space including rocket and space stations. It was really awesome. 

Another movie was a magician show. It was a little bit scary especially for kids including big snake, skeleton and all which I do not like much to show it to kids. As I have already seen it in the science center Tirunelveli, I have closed my child's eyes :) One child started crying in the theater. I wish this can be changed something related to science.

Birla Planetarium:

As photos are prohibited, I have not taken photos. You get a very nice virtual tour of the night sky. Cosmic shows are shown on a specially perforated dome.

There are semi sleeper chairs. The room is air-conditioned. You can just enjoy the virtual tour. Sometimes you will feel that the planets are coming towards you. You must visit it to enjoy it thoroughly.

Maths Gallery:

There were few things related to Maths. They are related to basic mathematics. As I am no more a child, I was not curious:) My kid was so small to understand it. So, we did not spend more time there.

DRDO Gallery:

This is the most exciting place to spend more time next to the planetarium show. Everyone will feel excited to visit this gallery. I have taken video there. Enjoy!

Creative Teaching Store:

There is a small store outside the 3D theater whether you can buy teaching aids, science toys and few more items like binocular, globe, microscope and so on.

There were waiting chairs which you can use to wait for planetarium show.

There was a puppet show happening near the shop related to the environment.

Hall of Nuclear power:

Hope you got a good overview of Birla Planetarium Chennai. If you find this post Birla Planetarium Chennai Review, Timings, Entry Fee, Images useful for you, please share it with your friends too. Also, do not forget to post your comments about the planetarium once you visit it.

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