Chinos and Cargos – Summer Essentials

Everybody loves their semi-casuals. It allows us to throw on some sophistication without being too restricted. Chinos are the focal point of many a smart casual portrait and come in more shades than just the traditional khaki we normally associate with them. Ideal for a business coffee meet as much as a couple of pints at the pub, chinos are versatile and come in a range of cuts and designs. Add this cool and refreshing fashion item to your wardrobe this summer.

Different Styles

Chinos for men come in three basic widths, straight leg, skinny fits and wide legs. Skinny fits are the rage and can be folded at the bottom and worn with a pair of dashing loafers sockless. Top up this smart look with a breezy linen shirt and a light jacket. Another option is to opt for a waistcoat instead of a jacket to go with your chinos.

The fashion world has got more adventurous when it comes to chinos. Bold new frontiers are being explored when it comes to colours, and nothing can stop you from picking up a teal or peach chino that will go with some suave and sporty low sneakers. Aside from loafers, brogues are also a great footwear choice with chinos.

Choosing Chinos

When it comes to mixing a sophisticated style with a casual essential, chinos are a canvas for many ideas. Slim chinos can replace your suit trousers and also add a perception of height, useful if you want to look taller. Chinos should never be too long and depending on your height, choose the fitting that suits. Go for depth with darker shades, and add to that effect with a white or light coloured shirt.

Trendy New Cargo Looks

So functional you can live in them - that is pretty much how most who love cargo pants would describe them. Save yourself the discomfort of carrying stuff with pockets that are stitched lower and also enjoy more space. Aside from such pragmatic designs, the humble cargo also boasts a relaxed shape and fitting, that is snug and also allows the wearer complete mobility. Cargos are an emblem of street fashion and can be paired with many exciting combinations.

Cargo Combos

White sneakers and olive cargos are very easy on the eye. Combine that with a loose fit t-shirt and a sharp baseball hat, and you are ready to hit the streets. Slim-fit cargos can be worn with a casual shirt and light sweater. Cargo prints are very popular. Military and camouflage prints and colours have always been a popular choice when it comes to shopping for a cargo for men. Always keep a white t-shirt around, they go well with almost anything and will compliment your cargos very well.  Cargo shorts are a perfect summer and travel option, offering the same functionality and a youthful and freedom-inspired style quotient.

Cargos and chinos are your summer essentials. They also allow you to experiment with different casual and formal combos and try out new colours and shades. Add them to your wardrobe now.
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