Tips to select a perfect engagement ring

Tips to select a perfect engagement ring:

Engagement is one of the most auspicious occasion in everyone’s life because that is the day we promise each other to start a wedded life. Many people plan this special occasion differently to make it extra special. Exchanging rings was a custom practiced by few people but now it has become a trend as the engagement become the symbol of ole for the current generation. This has become a mandatory ritual in every engagement now days. So how can you make this engagement ring extra special so that you can cherish it forever? In this article we are going to discuss about what are the tips that you have to take into account before purchasing an engagement ring.

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Decide on your budget:

First plan on getting an engagement ring is to decide on the budget. Fix an amount as your target and try to buy an engagement ring within the budget you have fixed. It is okay for the ring to be little costlier as it is going to be on your fingers forever. You can customize the ring, the metal type and the stones that you prefer to be on the ring based on your budget.

Select the best Shop:

It is always best to go with the best jewellery shop in the market. You can check with your friends and relatives regarding the jewellery shop. You can also check with the jewellery shop websites as in what collections are available. You will get a rough idea before going to the shop by having a glance on the online portals. The quality of the metal is very important and the durability should speak it all. Only the best branded dealers can prove in this matter.

Decide on the metal:

Decide on what metal you are going to have your engagement ring. You can have it in Gold, silver, platinum. Silver will cost you a minimum amount whereas gold and platinum will require a normal to high budget. The look of the ring will also differ according to the metal that is used. The finishing will also depend on the metal.

Look for the best cut:

Be sure that the finishing and the cut of the jewellery is very clear, even a small mistake will make the ring lose its look. So be sure there are definite cuts and a sharp look to the ring.

Analyze the stone quality:

The rate of the ring will increase based on the stones you choose to have on it. You can chose to have normal white stones or even to opt to keep diamonds. The normal stones will not cost you very much whereas the diamonds will cost you top notch. Make sure you don’t choose any navratna stones like ruby, emerald, topaz because it will not be good looking for an engagement ring. It will give more of a traditional look.

Choose different style:

Don’t go for the regular ones choose a different style ring. You can have your fiance’s initial printed on it. You can even have the fingerprint of each of others on it. This will take some time so you can go to the shop and book it in advance. Consider her choice, you can ask her friends or family about her choice and then decide on the ring based on her interests.

Hope this article has given you enough information on how to select an engagement ring and what are the tips you should keep in mind before purchasing an engagement ring that you are going to keep it as a treasure for ever.
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