Street Food Dishes That All Mumbaikars Love

 Street Food Dishes That All Mumbaikars Love

A visit to Mumbai is not complete if you miss indulging in the mouth-watering street food dishes available in every nook and corner in Mumbai. Mumbai is said to be one of the must-visit places for all the food lovers who want to try unique street food dishes. Be it the famous pav bhaji or the mouth-watering bhel puri,  Mumbai is the perfect place to taste some tasty food items. Mumbai's street food culture is always a world onto itself. 

Street food does not always mean unhealthy. There are a lot of stalls which serve hygienic street food. You just need to find the right stalls to taste the heavenly street food dishes that all Mumbaikars love to the core.

1. Pani Puri:

Panipuri is also known as Golgappa, Gupchup or Fuchka. It is heavenly just to see the crisp fried dough balls are loaded with chickpeas and potatoes. Who can forget the spicy tangy water and sweet chutney that take the puri altogether the next level? Pani puri is not just a favourite of Mumbaikars, it is now a favourite snack of people from every part in India. You can try buying readymade papads available in supermarkets and just make chutneys easily following any of the recipes available on the internet.

2. Pav Bhaji:

You cannot sample Mumbai's street food if you miss tasting Pav Bhaji. The thick vegetable curry served with a soft bun has the origin in Maharashtra. The veg curry served is healthy too as it is loaded with a lot of potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peas, carrot, chillies and capsicum.  The flavour of garlic and butter never let you feel low. 

3. Bhel Puri:

Who will say no to a plate of Bhel puri? Yes, it is the most popular street food in Mumbai. The amazing blend of chutneys and masalas not only make the Bhelpuri tasty but also make the dish looking glorious. The combination of puffed rice, papadis and sev topped with onions, chutneys and raw mango make anyone go mad. Next to Pav Bhaji, Bhelpuri is a favourite of many kids.

4. Kanda Batata Poha:

If there is one breakfast which can also give the satisfaction of having a tasty snack, then it is Kanda Batata Poha. This is a wholesome food and drizzling it with lemon juice makes it a must-have street food for everyone.

5. Sago Vada:

Sago Vada has been one of the famous traditional street foods in Mumbai. The best time to have this Vada is evening. Order a hot chai and sago Vada and your day will be complete. While most of the people love to have this with coriander chutney, there are people who look for tomato ketchup nowadays. 

6. Sev Puri:

Mumbai’s street food list is incomplete without Sev Puri. Having this spicy, sweet and tangy street food will give a lifetime memory. If you ask Mumbaikars, they will tell you it is one of the best chaats that anyone can have in life. 

You do not need to run to any restaurant to taste these mouth-watering Mumbai street foods. Just call up your best friend and look for the chaat walla who can serve you the hygienic street food. My most favourite street food is Pav Bhaji. Do try out these different street foods and let me know which is your most favourite street food.

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