Must Have Shoes For Women

 The importance of footwear has been etched into our memories very wisely by movies. Whenever you watch a film, you must have noticed how an important character is introduced in a special way: their footwear is shown before their face is revealed. This itself means how much the right kind of footwear is crucial to complete our look.

You can’t be trying to pull off a dapper look wearing flip-flops with your jeans or flats with a mini dress. Matching inappropriate footwear with a perfect outfit is a recipe for disaster, which is something you’d want to steer clear of. Also, since different shoes for women are available these days, you cannot be wearing sneakers on every occasion. 

Shoes for women are more than just accessories. Women’s shoes complete the outfit in the best possible manner, and having the right pair to be combined with that dapper outfit is something that you can master with this little guide. If you want to know which shoes are suitable for particular events, you need to read this quick footwear guide. 

  1. Sandals: Sandals are synonymous with women’s footwear because they are the first thing that comes to our mind when talking about ladies’ footwear. Having a pair of sandals is extremely crucial because they are so versatile, you can pair them with different outfits such as your dresses and skirts too. They are super casual and can be worn on a daily basis.

  2. Party boots: Imagine being invited to that exclusive party where your crush would be making a dapper appearance. If you want to steal his heart, the only way would be to wear that sequined mini dress and complete the look with party boots. These thigh-high boots will set you for an exclusive look at the party. Just slip your legs into these leather babies and be assured of making heads turn.

  3. Slides: If you’re looking for something casual but also chic, slides are a decent option. Instead of opting for plain slides, you can settle for the ones embellished with either pearls, sequins, or glitter. This will give them a heavier look. 

  4. Ballerinas: Ballerinas are one of the most comfortable shoes for women that you will ever find. These versatile footwear can be worn both during a casual outing and at parties, depending upon their design. The elastic grip on the lining will ensure your feet stay firm in the shoes.

  5. Sneakers: Let’s bring the street style look back into fashion by pairing your casual look with chunky sneakers. White sneakers are a classy option to be worn with your skirts, dresses, and jeans. But if you want a more trendy look, you can opt for pop-colored sneakers such as pink, orange, green, and even neon palettes to make a style statement. When in doubt, just wear sneakers, and you’re good to go. 

These are the best shoes for women that you can start shopping for. Make a style statement everywhere you go, with one right pair at a time.

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