Summer Ready: 10 Must-Have Sandals for Women in 2023

 Other than the clear sky and cool vacations, one thing that women definitely anticipate when it is summer are the choices of sandals they can wear during this season. In India, the monsoons make it pretty difficult for women to wear sandals for women at various locations. Even in winter, you are forced to wear shoes with closed toes, which provide you warmth. So, when it is summer, you are free to opt for the open toed sandals and other search footwear that not only look stylish, but are extremely comfortable as well. So, here are some must have sandals for women in 2023 that you should definitely look for.

  1. Classy mules — one of the best choices of sandals for women that are must buy are mules. These look entirely stylish, are extremely comfortable and sophisticated that match all your sundresses and even cotton ethnic wear. 

  1. Sleek high heels — Summer weddings and parties call for trendy, sleek high heels. These can be glass heels with thin striped sandals or regular metal heels with sexy toe design. 

  1. Comfy platform heels — When you’re  heading off to day picnics or beaches during summers, you’ll require a tough footwear that not only is cool, but firm to walk-in too! The platform heel sandals for women are ideal choices for such day time explorations.

  1. Basic flat heels — Don’t forget to grab a pair of flat heel sandals for women in your summer style collection. These flats can be of any design, as long as they provide you a nice solid surface below your feet and ample coverage on the toes, they are perfect for your work and casual outings. 

  1. High heel slides — If you really want to make a classic appearance at work meetings or Summer events, then go for a leather high heeled slide. Though these sandals for women might be a bit expensive, in neutral colours, they match your office wear subtly making you look confident and admirable. 

  2. The ankle tie sandals — So, it is summer and you want to wear all those skin revealing short dresses and skirts! With them, the ankle tie sandals with long heels are a must buy! These make you look sexy, stylish and definitely ready to grab attention at the parties! 

  1. The broad front sliders — When you are off to go anywhere during the summer season, a go to sandal is the need of the hour! Invest in a broad front sliding sandal that is easy to slip on and look magnificent too! 

  1. The pillow top sandals — If you are looking for comfort along with style, then invest in one of the pillow top sandals that are ideal for summer days. These cushioned sandals provide you a layer of comfort under your toes and a good design on the top of it makes it a perfect footwear to wear over your ethnic attire.

  1. The buckled sandals — Ladies, buckles and buttons are trending this summer! So, even when you are opting for a summer footwear, go for the sandals for women which have buckles over this side or on top to look stylish in them.

Stringed sandals — For ideal fit when you are off on the beaches and vacations, go for the stringed sandals that clasp your feet naturally. For the styles in these, you can opt for the sleek ones or thick layer on the top or even the ones that are partially covered.
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