A healthy child makes a happy home

Health is wealth. We can regain the lost wealth anytime but not health. We can live happily even if we have poor wealth. But it is not possible with poor health. So, it is important to see health as primary factor of happy living.

If your child is not studying well, you can still be happy. If your child is not doing her exams well, you can still be happy. But that is not the case when child is sick. More than the children, parents become mentally upset when their children are sick.

When they grow up, they can take care of themselves. But in their childhood, we are responsible to keep them healthy.

When I was 8 years old, I suffered from jaundice. I don't know whether vaccination for jaundice was available at that time. My sister was less than one year old at that time. The doctor told my parents to admit me in the hospital. As my sister was a baby, we could not leave her in relatives house also. My parents took her also to the hospital. My parents put a cradle in the room for her. I had to be there for 1 week. I still remember how difficult the time was for the entire family. Only after I got cured, my family was back to normal state. But vaccines are available for jaundice nowadays.

Science has developed a lot and new vaccines have been found. But the germs are also getting stronger day by day. Diseases like Dengue, Ebola are threatening the world. So, it is important for us to make our children more immune.

Prevention is better than cure:

Prevention is much easier than curing diseases. So, please take care of the below points to maintain the health of the children.

Few points to maintain the health of child:

1. Proper nutrition:

Everyone knows the proper nutrition is key to the health of the children. Proper nutrition starts from breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is must for the babies and it is advised to feed them till they become 2 years old. It is the birth right for all the babies. Fruits and vegetables should be given more to the children.

2. Keep yourself healthy:

Please keep yourself nutritious and healthy so that you can concentrate on your child's health. Driver should be good to drive the bus safely. So, you should be healthy first. Take nutritious food and exercise at least 5 days a day. Five hours of walking per week is the best option for every one.

3. Exercise:

Teach them to have exercise as part of their daily routine. Allow them to play a lot. Outdoor games are must for them to be physically active child.

4. Sufficient sleep:

Sufficient sleep is quite essential for children. Make them to sleep early and wake up early. Switch off the television at least one hour before the sleeping time. Also give them dinner at least one hour before they sleep.

5. Proper supplements:

Some children are fussy to eat. Give them proper supplements to balance it. Dabur Chyawanprash is a natural formulation which can increase their immunity by 3 times. It has natural herbs like amla, Guduchi etc.

6. Vaccinations:

Chart for vaccination is available everywhere. It is you who has to track it and ensure that your child is vaccinated promptly.

Let us come forward to put our best efforts to keep our child healthy.

Healthy child makes a happy home. Happy homes make happy India.
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