Quikr is really Quikrrrrrrrrr

Today I am going to share my memorable shopping experience with Quikr.com. My sweet 3 years old son always likes to watch Quikr Ads in TV and never forgets to say 'Quikrrrrrrr' along with the advertisement. Not only my son, every one in India should have fallen in love for the words Quikr and Quikrrrrrrrr....  Never mind if I use the word 'Quikrrrrrr' instead of the words 'Quik' and  'Quikr' in this post. I absolutely love that word too much.

Quikr is India's no.1 Online classifieds platform which connects people. It helps them to sell or buy goods and services. Though it was started in just 2008, it has become India's no.1 online classifieds platform because of its salient features which no one else can compete. Quikr has also become the no.1 'Buyer Aur Seller Ka Perfect Matchmaker' with absolutely zero cost for matchmaking. Thank you Quikr :)

My Quicr Shopping Experience:

I have kept my budget as 5000 INR for shopping with Quikr. As I did not fix any particular product in my mind, I spent a lot of time in just browsing through Quikr.com. OMG, Quikr is indeed an ocean of products. Unless you have any urgent requirement in mind for a particular good, you will end up in spending lot of time in just browsing the millions of products. That is what I was doing for many days. As I always love shopping, I loved the browsing experience too. As a software engineer, I could say that Quikr application is well designed keeping common people also in mind. It is such an easy-to-use application. It has all the important features which can make your shopping smoother and easier.

Is Quikr really Quikrrrrrr?

As I already said, I just love its name. So, the first thing which I wanted to find out was whether Quikr really stands for its name. I kept a challenge for Quikr consequently. If I could buy what I like in a single day, then Quikr is the winner for sure. 

Products which I bought:

I have bought two items. One item is foldable wooden study table and another one is pillow from the brand 'Sleepwell'. I have crossed my budget but not much. The total price was 5100 INR. Just 100 INR extra but it is definitely worth. 

The study table is something unique which I totally love it. You cannot buy it everywhere easily. I have seen it only in 1 big furniture shop till now. I liked it but did not buy at that time it as the price was too high. I have seen the same foldable study table this time for a steal price. So, I immediately grabbed it. Sleepwell is my favorite brand and there was a need to buy one pillow for my home. So, I bought it as well.

Quikr Shopping Tour:

I had captured the whole process of buying as I wanted to take you all to a virtual shopping tour on Quikr with me. Thanks for MS Paint and Picasa for making my job easier.

1. I logged into Quikr.com and chose 'Chennai' as the city. Below is the screenshot of Chennai's Quikr Page. The option to select the city is one of the good features of Quikr which I extremely love.

2. Next, I selected the  'Home & Lifestyle' option.

Below is the page of Chennai Home & Lifestyle page in Quikr.

3. I have selected Home & Office furniture link in the left side bar and selected 'Old Mahabalipuram Road' as the 'Located In' option. Thank you Quikr for providing such an option. My area is located too far from the city. I am sure most of the ads in Chennai Quikr will be from the city only. If this option was not there, I should have gone through the long list of entries one by one which is quite time consuming. This is my most favorite feature of Quikr as it was quite helpful especially for me. 

Link for Chennai Home and Office Furniture -  http://chennai.quikr.com/Home-Office-Furniture/w422

My second favorite feature is MSP. You can read more about the MSP in the below screenshot or in the link http://chennai.quikr.com/msp?type=landing&aj=1.

Coming back to my search for furniture, the first result displayed itself was I wanted. I clicked on the ad immediately.

I checked the ad details and noted down the mobile number which was mentioned in the ad.

I called the seller and checked whether the shop was functioning that day. Yeah, it was. I called my hubby as I had to get his appointment to take me to the shop. 

Initially, he was not impressed. He just came along with me for my sake. It was raining heavily on that day.  I was afraid and prayed that the ad should not be a fake one. We went by our car and found out the shop. Wow. The shop was open and it was a big one. I felt really happy and proud too for my taking my hubby and kid to the right shop. Thanks to Quikr again.

I couldn't resist myself taking pictures inside the furniture shop too. I have asked their permission to take photographs. 

Once we saw the foldable wooden study table there, we had decided to buy it. My hubby liked it very much as it was something unique which we cannot get easily as I said. It occupies less space but the utility is more. The cost was 6000 INR. But they gave 20% discount and the final price was 4800 INR. We immediately booked it. 

Foldable Study Table at store

Foldable Study Table at my home

I was planning to buy a new pillow for a long time. I always forget when I went outside. I picked a Sleepwell pillow as soon as I saw it there. They gave the pillow also in a stealing price. 

Pillow at store

Pillow at my home

Original purchase value was 6325 INR. We have paid 5100 INR after discount.

I have asked them when they could deliver the items. They told that they could deliver on the same day. They have kept the promise and delivered at 9 PM on that day itself. So, my shopping got over in just one day.

So, Quikr is the winner. "Dear Quikr, You really stand for your name."

Quikr Link for Bawa's Furn Park where we shopped - http://chennai.quikr.com/All-Furnitures-In-One-Roof.-W0QQAdIdZ185610917

I am tired now because of browsing, shopping and writing. But I cannot sign off without telling about the fact that Quikr brings booming transformation in many more lives.

I am not able to see Quikr as just a shopping website. It is more than a shopping website. It is changing the lives of many people each and everyday. It brings smile and happiness in lot of families. Even though I cannot list how Quikr enhances each and everyone's life, I thought of sharing few others' real experiences here. The scenarios below are real life scenarios.

Scenario 1:

Before Quikr:

IT employee Sam likes to upgrade to new mobiles frequently. He used to sell his old mobiles to his friends for very low price. He also used to exchange them in the mobile shop for a negligible amount. He did not bother about exchanging a mobile worth 8000 INR for 300 INR even if it was just 2 months old and in good condition. He never worried for giving the mobiles for throw away prices. These things were happening before Sam got married to Sadhana. Sadhana strongly felt that Sam was wasting money and put a ban for upgrading to new mobiles. Poor Sam had to stop it and started to do only window shopping to quench his craving for new mobiles.

After Quikr:

Sam saw a TV ad about Quikr. Sam logged into Quikr and put an ad to sell his latest mobile. The cost of old mobile was Rs.7500. He put the price as Rs.6500 as the mobile was just 3 months old and in good condition. He got a lot of requests from buyers. One even told that he could pay 200 INR extra to buy that mobile.

Sam told this to Sadhana. Sadhana approved his request and gave him a pat on the back. Now Sam is living happily and upgrading to new mobiles smartly.

Scenario 2:

Before Quikr:

Mr.Rohan was 50 years old. His daughter Sharmi completed her degree and joined one MNC as software engineer. She was buying new home appliances and furnitures for her home as everything looked old. They did not need old furnitures and home appliances anymore.

Mr.Rohan wanted to sell them but he did not like to ask his friends whether anyone needed the old items. He also did not like to sell in throwaway price in the shops which take old items. He usually does not like getting 'No' as answer like many other people who see it as a dignity issue. Sharmi was also a shy person and she also hesitated to ask her friends. As they are all in good condition, they kept all the old items in a side room. Cockroaches started roaming freely and made it as their permanent place for living.

After Quikr:

Sharmi came to know about Quikr. She wanted to try her luck with Quikr and took photographs of all the old items. She put ads for selling those items with reasonable price. Sharmi is now busy in answering buyer's request from Quikr. Mr and Mrs.Rohan are busy in making money and buying jewels for Sharmi's marriage.

Scenario 3:

Before Quikr:

Mr. Madhavan is a post man. His son Arjun is 5 years old. Arjun's friend Jack has a battery operated big car. Arjun liked it very much and wanted to buy. He asked Madhavan to get him such a big car. Madhavan had the desire to get one for son but his salary was not even sufficient for paying house rent and to meet other family needs. Madhavan had to say a big 'No' to Arjun with heavy heart. Arjun became unhappy and he was crying all the day. He refused to talk to his dad and to eat dinner. Finally Arjun had slept whereas Madhavan did not. He was downhearted for not fulfilling his son's desires. That was not just one night. Madhavan used to have so many sleepless nights like this.

After Quikr:

Janani is working as cashier in the same post office where Madhavan is working. Janani asked the reason for Madhavan's dull look on the next day morning. Madhavan explained his helpless situation to her. Janani is a regular user of Quikr and she explained about it to Madhavan. Madhavan requested her to check whether any old car is available for low price.

She logged into Quikr and found a big battery operated car available for sale in very low price. The seller had mentioned that his son had grown up and he did not need it anymore. He had also mentioned that the price was negotiable.

Janani called the seller and told about Madhavan. She also explained about Madhavan's financial situation. The seller agreed to reduce the price further. To Madhavan's surprise, the seller was located close to his home. The seller told that he would come to Madhavan's home on his own to give the car.

Madhavan was very happy. He returned home and kept quiet. Arjun was still angry and he did not talk to Madhavan. The seller knocked the door. Arjun went to open it. The seller took the car inside and gave it to Arjun. Arjun asked the seller whether it was for him truly. The seller told that it was ordered for him by his father only. Arjun saw his dad with tears and sat on the car. He started riding it but he felt like flying in the air.

Madhavan gave money to the seller. After seeing the small house of Madhavan and his family situation, the seller refused to take the money. The seller said, 'This car cannot get any better value than your son's happiness and smile'. He said bye leaving tears in Madhavan's eyes. Arjun refused to take dinner and to sleep as he was busy in playing with his car. Madhavan was also sleepless to watch his son playing happily. Nowadays Madhavan is able to fulfill his son's desires with the help of Quikr.

Do you know how I know Sam, Sharmi and Janani? Sam is my cousin. Sharmi is my ex-colleague. Janani is my ex-roommate. 

There are the lot of Sam, Rohan and Madhavan in this world.  Thank you Quikr for transforming our lives a more prosperous one. You are really a perfect and best matchmaker in the world.

Buying and selling things are no more an imagination. You can do this in just few clicks. Quikr is the best place for all your real estate requirements too. Quikr is really Quikrrrrrr....... 

Although Quikr makes it best effort to ban spam ads through its ad policies and other terms, please take responsibility of checking the quality of product from your side too.

So what are you planning for? Buying or Selling? 

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