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Hello everyone,

Do you love to write for us? Here is the opportunity for you to write for Pink and Pink. 


We pay 100 INR for an article currently. We will soon increase the payment if you are able to continuously provide top-notch articles. Payments will be directly sent to your account through online. It will be initiated within 5 business days once your post is published and the mandatory account details are given. 

Before starting to work for us:

1. You should provide valid ID proof before start writing for us. You can take a photo with your camera and send it to us but it should be very clear.
2. You should have a valid bank account.

If you are interested to write, drop a mail to

Before Writing Post:

1. Send us the topic with the product details if applicable in brief. You can start writing once the topic is approved. Only topic which can add value to the blog can be approved.
2. Only images taken by you with high quality will be approved. If you are doubtful about the quality of the images, you can send it to us for approval before start writing.

Topics you can write on:

1. Food - recipes in different categories, baby recipes, kids recipes, bachelor recipes etc. 

2. Beauty & Fashion - We love to see your beauty tips, routine, natural remedies and beauty & makeup product reviews of popular brands. Eg: Give your tips for removing dark circles, dark neck remedy, hair care routine, straightener and dryer reviews, face wash reviews etc. The articles should have appropriate images like before and after use, makeup look etc.

3. Health & Home Remedies - Do you follow home remedies to cure common diseases? You can write about it. Do not write on critical or very sensitive diseases. You can write about natural remedies for common cold, cough, fever, skin infections, body pain etc but not with the same ingredients which have been already written.

4. Kids topics: DIY ideas, toys reviews of popular brands, kids product reviews like sippers etc.

5. Home & Kitchen product reviews like kitchen accessories, interior products, small and large appliances like food processor, oven, air fryer, juicer etc. There should be appropriate pictures. For TV and mobile phones, you should be able to write in technical aspects too.

6. If you have any other interesting topic to write on, let us know.


1. Check the payment once we have done and you should send an acknowledgement mail for the same within 1 day of receipt of payment.
2. Product reviews should contain your experience of using it, price, pros and cons.
3. At least 3 images should be provided. Use some nice backgrounds. Take photos from camera or phone which can take high quality pictures. 
4. Word count should be a minimum of 400 words.


1. No images or content should be copied from internet or offline magazines or books. Every line and images should be your own.
2. No grammatical errors and SMS languages should be found.
3. Once the article is published and paid, it will be our property. Do not give the same content to any other people both offline/online not even in your own website/blog.
4. Unclear pictures will not be accepted.

Note: The articles with poor quality will not be approved. We have complete right to reject articles with poor quality. We do not publish it. Only published article will be paid.

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