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With the world of busy people who do not have time to hit the gym, online fitness videos have come to rescue. They are the helping hands for the people like me who would like to work out from the comfort of our home. There are millions of online fitness videos available in our favorite YouTube platform. But there is one thing which itches me always whenever I head onto online fitness videos. Are they quality videos? Are the teaching people qualified instructors? Are the videos approved by fitness experts? If you ask me the answers for the questions, the answer is a big 'NO' for majority of the videos.

I know that fitness is not an easy game and can lead to serious injuries and illness if done wrongly without qualified instructors. With lot of questions and uncertainties in my mind about the quality, I hesitate to trust the online fitness videos. When I came to know about, I am very much impressed by their website.

About Grokker:

Grokker is the Be a Better You video network which provides expert-led videos in Yoga, Fitness, and Cooking. Whether we have 15 or 60 minutes time for fitness, they have 1000s of premium how-to videos that will help us to achieve our wellness goals easily from the comfort of our home. Moreover, you can get personal advice from their hand-picked experts and passionate members. Their At-home workouts are specially designed for busy people like you and me.

Here's what I like the most about Grokker:

1. Two convenient plans to start with:

Below are the two plans available with Grokker.


- 2 Free Grokker Premium videos per week.

- 4 bonus Grokker Premium videos just for joining.

- Free access to all non-premium videos.

- No fees.


- Free unlimited access to all Grokker Premium videos.

- Full access to non-premium videos.

- Free online group glasses.

- Watch the videos on mobile, tablet, web and TV.

- Questions can be directly asked to Grokker Experts.

- Available at just $9.99 per month.

More importantly, we do not need to give any credit card details for subscribing to the basic plan unlike other online subscriptions. We can change the subscription plan anytime.

2. Wide array of videos on crucial topics:

There are lot of videos available in different categories such as Losing Weight, Practicing Yoga, Getting Fit, Being Mindful and Healthy cooking. There are lot of sub categories also available under different categories. For e.g, there are thousands of videos available on different topics such Introduction to Meditation, Yoga for stress reduction, Complete Mindfulness practice, Yoga and the Chakras and Restorative for all levels under 'Being Mindful' category.

3. Caring Q&A Cafe:

Grokker's Q&A Cafe enables you to be part of the Grokker community by asking others, sharing answers and voting on your favorites. There are lot of qualified members available to answer your queries. Apart from that, you have access to view the questions posted by other members and expert answers for the questions. You will also be able to filter the questions based on the category such as Cooking questions, Yoga questions and Fitness questions.

4. Helpful forum for discussions:

Cooking, Yoga, Fitness and General forums are available in Grokker. You can create threads in any forum to get expert's advice and discuss with other forum members. For e.g, if you have a question like whether usage of microwave is good or not for cooking, you can post it in the forum. Grokker experts and other members will pitch in and answer your questions. You are free to discuss anything and everything in the specified categories.

5. Quality:

You do not need to compromise the quality factor when you trust Grokker. The people who teach you are hand-picked experts like James Beard award winners, professional athletes, Royal Marines, and nationally celebrated yoga instructors. The videos with a Grokker Premium badge were created in-house by Grokker's talented production team and features one of their acclaimed experts. You can find only videos that pass their strict editorial, quality, and taste standards.

Don't you think Grokker is something different when compared to other online fitness programmes? I feel that I am well-associated with Grokker already. What are you waiting for? Sign up in Grokker and enjoy fitness from the comfort of your home. 

Note: This is a sponsored post. I was paid for my time and effort I have spent for creating this post. All my thoughts and opinions are my own.
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