How do I save money every time I shop online?

Its not only me but everyone prefers online shopping for convenience and the money one can save through it. Though few products really need direct look, touch & feel, there are numerous products which we can buy online with huge savings. When there are more no of online shopping portals ready to protect us from fake sellers and provide easy return policies, there is no need to have a second thought. Moreover, there are free digital loyal programs which can offer us rewards every time we shop through them. It is a win-win situation. They earn commissions and we can get cash rewards. This is in addition to the discounts we get from the online shopping portals.

My online shopping is not so straight forward. I am always ready to take few extra steps to ensure that I get a quality product in best price with huge saving.

How do I save money every time I shop online?

1. Decide where to shop:

Once I select a product, I do not shop directly from any particular website without comparing the prices from different online shopping websites. There are thousand of online shopping websites available nowadays. But we should be very careful when we put our hard earned money for shopping. Though saving is more important, it is better to spend extra 10 bucks to buy from a trusted website instead of buying it in cheaper price from little known website. You can ensure that your money 'X+10' is safe instead of worrying about the whole money 'X' till you receive a quality product. Anyway, you can save through cashback sites. So, do not compromise on the quality of the shopping portal.

Choose the online website by considering the following factors:

1. Trust and Popularity
2. Price
3. Cashback, discounts and deals available
4. Easy Return Policy
5. Buyer Protection
6. Safer payment options

2. Decide the seller:

Nowadays in most of the online shopping websites, you can buy same product in different prices as there are multiple sellers selling in the site. The competition is highly appreciated. Sellers try hard to attract and retain more customers by concentrating on price, quality of products and smooth delivery.

So, I decide seller based on the following factors.

1. Price
2. Seller Rating
3. Customer Reviews
4. No of orders they have processed
5. Return Policy

3. Choose the cashback site:

Once I decide the online site and seller, I go to cashback sites. There is a lot of cashback sites available in different countries. If you are based in India, and goPaisa are some of the good cashback sites. I compare the cashback available in both of the sites and go with the one which offers higher cashback. If you are based in US, is a good option.

I like the concept of Giving Assistant as they allow us to shop responsibly. You can save cash when you shop and give a little back to charity. Doesn't it make you to feel good whenever you shop? For eg, if you want to shop in Walmart, go to, see the available deals and cashback offers and shop through it. I bet that you can save so much than you can imagine. You can save up to 80% and get a cashback of 5%. Also, if you want to shop from Amazon, you can check and see all the available deals and cashback offers. You get 5% cashback too in addition to different deals and discounts. There are lot of cashback offers available from thousands of stores in Giving Assistant.

You should be cautious when you choose the cashback site. The site should be genuine and have a good customer base. Otherwise, you might lose all the money you have saved suddenly. So, go for a popular and trusted cashback site and shop till you drop.

Note: This is a sponsored content. All my thoughts and opinion are my own.
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