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It was very early in the morning at five, when someone called my mobile number. I was not at all able to get up from bed as I woke up from a deep sleep. It was too cold and no one would be willing to wake up so early in the misty morning. The phone stopped ringing and I immediately fell back to asleep. I do not like forcing myself to wake up early as I would feel very lazy for the rest of the day. The phone started ringing again within just a few minutes.

"Something important.", I convinced myself to get up. I grinned cheerfully as it was Deepa who called me. Deepa is my best friend who always care for me and who is always there for me. She is staying in USA currently for her long term project assignment. "Hello Deepa, How are you dear? Why are you calling so early? Anything important?", I asked her straight away as I know that she would not call me so early without any significant reason.

"Yes dear. I have an extremely good news to share with you. My sister is going to get married early next year. One of my colleague's brother likes my sister. Everything happened all of a sudden. My colleague has initiated this proposal. The groom is working in Tirunelveli Taluk office. He is meritorious and well suited guy for my sister. Both the families are very happy to proceed with the proposal. Betrothal function will be on Dec 5,2015. Be there with your family at least a day before", she said.

"Oh, that's really a great news dear. Convey my best wishes to her. At last you have found the best groom for your sister. So, when are you coming to India? I am eagerly waiting to meet you.", I asked her.

"I will come only few days before marriage. Since I have just come here recently, they would not give leave easily. I could take a maximum of 1 week only. Also, it is not affordable for me to book tickets to travel twice. I have to save more for her wedding. So, I will be able to attend the marriage only.", she told.

I could understand how bad she would feel for not coming to betrothal function. "No worries. I will go a day before with my family. Everything will go fine.", I told her.

"I already know that you will take over my responsibility. Now I need a real quick help from you dear.", she told me. "It's my pleasure. Tell me", I was waiting for her to order me kindly.

"I will transfer you some money. Could you please go to NAC jewelry and buy some jewels for her betrothal? I will ask my brother to come and collect them this weekend. They would not buy jewels if I send money to them directly. They will feel shy to use my money. I can request your parents to buy in Tirunelveli itself. But I want to buy from NAC only. Jewels are something which are going to be used for lifetime. I want to buy only from the best jeweller.  Even though I have a budget constraint, I want to buy the best jewels for her. The quantity of jewels we are going to give for her might be less. But the quality should be quite high. I really hope you agree with me. ", she told.

"Okay. Don't worry. I can do it. I am just thinking whether your brother has to travel all the way just to collect the jewels. I am also afraid whether he will be able to take them safely. Give me one day. I will think about it and tell you the best way we can do.", I told her.

"I am feeling relaxed now only. I was waiting for the Indian time to tell as 6 AM. Sorry for waking up so early. But I could not wait any longer. Go and get some sleep if possible. Bye!", she told.

"Don't worry about it. It's time for me to prepare breakfast. I will catch you up in WhatsApp very soon. Bye!", I told.

Deepa is the eldest girl in her family. She has one sister and a little brother. She is from a small village called Manur located in Tirunelveli. She lost her father due to critical illness when she was studying class IX in a government school. Her mom got mentally disturbed after that and she was not able to take over the responsibilities of her husband. Deepa studied well and became school topper in class XII. She worked as a maid in nearby houses everyday evening. She got engineering seat in Govt. Engineering college as she had high score. On the first day of college, she came and sat next to me and that is when we came to know each other. Her sister and brother started doing small jobs by that time. Some of the lecturers in the college took care of her expenses. She had completed her engineering successfully and got placed in MNC along with me. She really deserved that. She got a chance to fly abroad just recently. I could understand her responsibility very well.

I got a regular call from my sister at 7 AM. When I was telling her about it, she laughed at me. "Both of you are wasting your time. Ask her to buy from Stylori. She can select her favorite jewelries herself and order online. Matter will be over in few minutes and she can concentrate on other tasks.", she told me.

"No, she wants to buy only from NAC. Will you be able to change the jewellers all of a sudden? NAC is the best.", I told her. "Ayyo, akka. Stylori has been founded by N.Anandha Ramanujam, the current generation from the NAC family only. So, ask her to buy from the comfort of her couch itself.  I bought the ring which I gifted you for your birthday was from Stylori only. I ordered and got it delivered to my office address itself. Just ask her to check the website without a second thought. Convey this to her immediately and she will be very happy to choose herself.", she told.

Stylori Logo

I turned on my Wi-fi immediately and sent about Stylori to Deepa through WhatsApp. I told her to check their 'About Us' page first to get convinced.

There was no immediate response from her as I expected. I know that she is too choosy and always scrutinizes more before buying anything. I started cooking and completely forget about it as I was very confident about Stylori. I believed that the things have become easier now. After sending my kid to school, I checked my phone. I was stumbled to see the number of messages from her in WhatsApp. She has sent me loads of jewelry photos from Stylori with a lot of questions like "How is this?", "Will it look good on her?", "Is this not too elegant?" and so on.

"Oh My God! Just wait dear. Give me sometime. WhatsApp is hanging. Let me have a look and get back to you.", I asked her sometime to go through the collection. After seeing the photos, I was unable to resist myself from checking each and every jewelry in their website. Each piece is literally a masterpiece. Everything looks very beautiful, stunning and outstanding. We had to opt some jewelries out with heavy heart. But we have bookmarked them for purchasing during marriage. I have saved the photos of a ring and pendant which I liked very much. I have shared the images to her too. It will be useful when my hubby asks what I want as birthday gift next year:)

She asked me to order the selected jewels with a gift wrap. She gave me the delivery address too. "I have never imagined that I could be able to buy diamond jewelries for you. But God made this possible through Stylori for your lovable character. Many more to come for your marriage. Love you so much.", she asked me to leave a personalized message.

Okay. I can understand how eager you will be in having a look at the jewels we have chosen from Stylori. Here you go.

                                                                       For Bride

Diamond Stud
Diamond Stud

Diamond Ring


Diamond Pendant

For groom

For groom

I picked the below Mini mouse earring as my gift for her sister. She is huge fan of Tom and Jerry. I strongly hope that it will be an unique gift for her.

Mini mouse
Mini Mouse Stud

Just after 2 days, my door bell was ringing at 10.30 AM. A courier boy was waiting to deliver a parcel to me. I shocked to see the parcel as it was from Stylori. I was a nervous wreck, almost crying to think that I have given my address mistakenly instead of my friend's native address. It was just few days left for her betrothal. I was worrying how I am going to send the jewels to her before that.

  Stylori Box 

I opened the parcel with high tension. The message inside the parcel caught my attention and I was just blissed out after reading it. "Nothing in the world can glitter better than you. But I believe this beautiful ring can glitter just like you. From Deepa.", the message said. It was the one which I told her as my favorite. All that's left was cheerful tears.

Ring for me

Other than the unique and elegant jewelries, Stylori have few more reasons to impress you. They have 1 day shipping policy, very easy returns, a photo of clear scale in mm with all jewels so that we can make an informed decision about the size, clear price breakup, options to choose from 14k,  18k gold jewelries, SI IJ, VS GH, and VVS EF diamonds according to our budget and preference, delivery at doorstep, cash on delivery option, reliable and safe Blue Dart shipping, free shipping insurance.


Stylori offers loot offers frequently to enable you to save your hard earned money. Now they offer Rs.10,000 discount on your first purchase. Visit Stylori to buy your favorite jewelry. I swear by the moon and the star in the sky that Stylori is a pure bliss for all your jewelry needs.

Note: This is my entry for the contest conducted by The Chennai Bloggers Club in association with Stylori.

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