The Pirate Ship - Colgate Magical Story

Whenever my kid watched the all new Colgate Ad with magical stories, he asked me to buy Colgate. I promised him to get him Colgate, but asked him to weave stories like those children. He also promised me to come up some great stories if I get Colgate for him. Colgate wrapper is not something that you can easily throw off. It has free magical sea world inside just to mesmerize your kids.

After sending my kid to school, I spent a little more time than usual in the supermarket located in my community. I had observed that there are 4 sets to collect. They are Pirate Ship, Coral Reef, Sea Magic, Treasure Hunt. I wanted to give all 4 sets to my kid.

I was sure that my kid could neither cut them neatly nor come up with truly magical stories as he is too little now.

As soon as I gave him all the collectible packs, he took all of them and spread on the dining table. After giving a quick glance, he asked me to take his blunt scissors from his runner.


When I came back with scissor, I noticed that he was looking into a wrapper deeply. After noticing the same, my hubby asked me not to interrupt him. When he spotted his father, he asked him to come and see the pack he had.

"Appa, who is this?", he asked, pointing to the Pirate in the pack.

"He is Blackbeard, a pirate. Pirates sail the seas looking for treasure mostly", my hubby said.

My hubby continued telling him about all the characters in that pack.

"Parrots can speak like us if they are taught properly", he said.

"In Tirunelveli, Shiyu akka's parrot talks to me. Can you get me one?", he asked.

"Sure. I will get you one once you grow up a little bit more so that you can take care of it well.", he said.

"This is Dolphin. Dolphins are very friendly and smart. They live in groups called pods. The largest member of the dolphin family is called as Killer Whale.", he said.

"Sting Ray uses its stinger for self defense. They will attack humans if they are stepped on.", he said about Sting Ray.

"Appa, who is this akka?", my kid asked pointing to Sadie.

"She is Sadie. She will help BlackBeard find the treasure".

He started telling a story himself and we did not ask him to do so. Here comes the beautiful story weaved by our little one using the pack with 'Pirate Ship'.

"In a sea, a lot of dolphins lived happily. Blackbeard and Sadie started sailing to the sea along with a parrot to guide them for finding a treasure. Blackbeard became very hungry and started catching the dolphins to eat. Hearing the weird sound of dolphins, the Killer Whale got shocked and swum fast to rescue them. Meanwhile, the Sting Ray unexpectedly attacked the pirate and pierced in several places of his body. Blackbeard dropped all the dolphins back in the sea because of the painful injury. When Blackbeard went to attack Sting Ray, the Killer Whale came and attacked him suddenly. Blackbeard collapsed immediately. Parrot asked the Sadie to get away from that place immediately. Sadie diverted the ship and left the place. All the dolphins thanked the Sting Ray and Killer Whale.", my kid told his weaved stories without a break.

Me and my hubby were in a surprise after hearing his story. We never imagined that he could weave such a very big magical story.

"Wait, I will give one pack to each one of you. You have to tell stories like I did.", he told.

"Okay. We can tell stories. Have this milk. Let us brush your teeth and take these packs to the bedroom to continue.", my hubby told.

He immediately nodded and drank the milk happily. The magical stories continued after brushing.

Never underestimate your child's imagination. Just give them something creative like Colgate Magical Sea world packs and watch them weaving magical stories.
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