10000books.in - Donate your kid's school books, college books, story books, stationery, board games, puzzles online

Donate school books, college books, story books, stationery, board games, puzzles online
There are more than 7 crore students in India and 30% of them does not have access to quality education. It's time to take the action and donate your used books to help these unprivileged kids. Books you throw in garbage or sell to raddiwala can be easily donated to these kids which will help in shaping their future." - Says 10000books.in.
This is a very good initiative by QRIO, India's first managed home tuition app and we would like to appreciate them for this meaningful initiative that is going to brighten up the education of several children.

The process just takes minute of your time. You have to fill the form and they will schedule the pickup and collect the books from your home.

What all you can donate via 10000books.in?

  • School books
  • College books
  • Board games
  • Fresh Stationery
  • Story books
  • Other books

It is estimated that there are 30% students who don’t have access to quality education which affects their career. There are some sites that allow the students to donate their unused and old books quickly.
10000books is one such site that accepts all types of college books, school books, and other books. Anyone who wants to donate their books can submit the details online. 

A team will review them immediately and collect the books at the doorsteps allowing a person to save more time. It is possible to become a valuable book donator in the site that can help to transform the lives of unprivileged children.

The website offers services in 29 cities of India that pave ways for donating the books anytime. By donating books, one can share his or her knowledge with others in a study program. It is advisable to follow the instructions before donating the books. 

As the costs of books are increasing day by day owing to printing and other factors, the used books are an ideal one for reducing expenditure. Students can donate the books instead of throwing them to garbage units. Apart from that, it paves ways for educating a poor child and student to become a successful person in life.

Importance of donating books:

Education plays an important role in enlightening the knowledge considerably. Indian education system involves different types allowing the students to focus more on their studies. Another thing is that they help to learn more things step by step for accomplishing their goals in life. Whether it is a school, college, or university, books contribute more to prepare from the exams with ease. There are different types of books available in the markets and students buy them for references and taking notes which exactly suit their studies. The costs of some books are an expensive one and not everyone can afford them.

It is also a difficult one to get books from a library owing to insufficient collections. Many students don’t know how to store them in their homes and other places. As a result, they sell them at lower prices to old booksellers. Keeping the books unused for a long time will result in health problems and unpleasant smell affecting the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the books in a safer place for controlling termites and other insects effectively. This will help a lot to ensure more protection from damages and other problems.

Where to donate the used books?

Donating books will result in major advantages and many students don’t know the process that requires proper guidelines. Many libraries are not accepting the books these days due to limited storage spaces and other things. As a result, there are many websites which offer services for those who want to give their books without any difficulties. In fact, they make the donation process a simple one by addressing essential needs.

The used books are a suitable one for children, school, and college students who are not able to buy them owing to financial constraints. Another thing is that provide opportunities for students to increase their skills efficiently. Apart from that, they are an excellent choice for college and university study programs to score high marks in the subjects.

Since the syllabus of colleges and universities in India vary, it is really a difficult one to buy new books which result in various problems. Sometimes, the demands for certain books increase in the markets that make the buying process a difficult one. The used and old books will help to solve the problems allowing a student to save more money.

What you can do?

Donate the books which you can and share this message to your friends and relatives so that you help this initiative reach more and more people.
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