Bosch Dishwasher India Price, Review, Dimensions

Bosch Dishwasher India Price, Review, Dimensions:

Bosch dishwasher helps you to get spotlessly clean and dry utensils even oily kadai. Bosch dishwasher was launched more than 50 years ago in the year of 1964. Bosch dishwasher comes with superb technology even to clean dishes with stubborn oil and residues. Bosch dishwasher comes with innovative technology.

Washing dishes is a good exercise for our hands. But how many of us have time to spend in dish washing? There might be a kid who is waiting to spend his/her time with you, your hubby who wants you to cook his favorite dish for him, the messy house might need you to pay attention and many other things lined up.

Dishwasher has become one of the need for many women in India for their dish washing task. Not everyone is lucky to get a good maid to do good job.

Bosch dishwasher comes to market after rigorous testing. They test every sheet of metal, screw, hinge and bolt.

Bosch dishwasher comes with different programmes to clean stubborn masala and oil residues. You can clean delicate glass, kadhais, microwave safe plastic and chamach.

Bosch Dishwasher Different options Dimensions:

  • Bosch's free-standing dishwashers look great in any place in the kitchen.
  • Bosch's built-in dishwashers can adapt into available kitchen space.

How dishwasher works generally?

  1. The vessels should be free from bigger left-over food.
  2. Load them into dishwasher upside down.
  3. Select the required program.
  4. The left-over food particles will be collected in the filter during pre-rinse cycle. The stains are also removed. The water will be drained out.
  5. The heater will heat the water according to your selected temperature and washes the vessels. The machine drains out the water again.
  6. The vessels will be rinsed out.
  7. The vessels will be dried out.
The whole process will take around 1 to 2 hours based on the dishwasher type and the programme you select.

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Description for Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS60L18IN, Silver Inox)
FAQs for Dishwashers:

1. There’s no way the dishwasher can clean Indian Masala stains.

It can easily clean all types of Masala, oil stains and greasy food residue. You can also set its temperature from 45°C to 70°C depending on how dirty your dishes are.

2. It can’t scrub the dishes like how I do with my hands.

Its powerful spray arms remove all the stubborn Masala and

oil stains with high water pressure giving you a highly effective wash.

3. If we have to pre-rinse the dishes before putting in, what’s the use?

You don’t have to pre-rinse the dishes. All you have to do is just scrape off the leftovers from the dishes and load them in.

4. It doesn’t have the space for my Kadhai and other large utensils.

With two baskets, it can hold your Kadhais, pots, pans and still have space for your plates, spoons and glassware.

5. It takes a lot of time to wash dishes.

Loading a dishwasher takes only 10 min, and your work is done. And in this time, it not only cleans your dishes but also dries them. VarioSpeed shortens the wash cycle by half, saving you precious time for leisure.

6. It won’t fit in my kitchen.

The dishwasher fits perfectly into any Indian kitchen, requiring space of only 60 cm width. So no more dirty dishes stacked in the sink.

7. My electricity bill will go up.

It is highly energy efficient and uses only 1 kW of energy for each wash.

8. It’s not hygienic to wash baby bottles in it.

Its 70°C temperature wash kills up to 99.9% germs and is suitable for hygienically cleaning baby bottles as well.

9. The dishes have to be taken out if there’s a power failure.

There’s no need for that as it continues washing from where it left.

Bosch Dishwasher Free Standing 12 place setting Features:

EcoSilence Drive
Top Shower
Aqua-Sensor, Load sensor
Inner Tub Stainless steel/Polinox
DosageAssist basket
Glass care system

12 Place Settings
Energy consumption in programme Eco 50 1.02 kwh
Water consumption in programme Eco 50 9.5 litres
Noise level - 52 dB

Dimensions (HxWxD)  - 84.5 x 60 x 60 cm
6 programmes: Intensive Kadhai 70°C, Auto 45-65°C, Express Sparkle 65°C, Eco 50°C, Quick 45°C, Pre-rinse
Time delay - 1 - 24 hr
3 special options: HalfLoad, ExtraDry, VarioEco
Programme remaining time indicator - LED salt refill indicator , LED rinse aid refill indicator

Safety  - Childproof door lock , Door latch, Baskets and Racks, VarioBasket system
Adjustable top basket - Single
2 Folding plate racks - Top
2 folding plate racks - Bottom
Cutlery basket type - fix

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