Top 10 Best Water Purifier in India with Price 2021

Top 10 Best Water Purifier in India with Price 2021:

Water contamination is inevitable in today’s world. Water is polluted with dust, rust, heavy metals, chemicals, organic, bacteria and viruses. Not only does the contaminated water cause harm and diseases it does not taste good too. Higher the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), higher the content of impurities in water. It is advised to consume water lesser than 150 ppm. With the advance in technology, water purification can become easy and requires just the touch of a button. Fill up your water bottle and keep yourself hydrated. Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology helps removes the floating and suspended particles and Ultra Violet (UV) kills bacteria and viruses. 

Here is the list of Top 10 best water purifiers in India with price. These purifiers are selected by our team based on the reviews and ratings from giant e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and reviews from neighbors, relatives and friends.

Top 10 Best Water Purifier in India:

  1. Eureka Forbes – Aquasure Aqua Flo DX Water purifier:
  2. This purifier provides clean and healthy drinking water with its 3 stage purifying process. The water goes through a sediment filter where big dirt particles are removed, then it goes through the carbon block which cleans out the chemical substances and finally the UV filter kills any and all kinds of bacteria and viruses in the water. The product comes with a built in stabilizer and there is also an error indicator which indicates any problem in the purifier. It gives 2 litres of water per minute and is suitable for small families. The cartridge needs replacement after use of 3300 L of water.
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Weight: 2.9 kg
Power consumption: 40W
Installation: Table top/ wall mount
Purification process: 2 stage + UV

  1. Kent Ace Mineral RO + UV+ UF water purifier:

This model in Kent is worth the money as not only does it filter out impurities, chemicals, rust it also retains the minerals naturally available in the water with the use of TDS technology. It purifies 15 L of water at a time and comes with a LED indicator showing on/ off. It consists of sediment filter, activated carbon filter, post carbon filter, UV and UF. There are two colours available: White and Aquamarine.

Power consumption: 60W
Installation: Table top/ wall mount
Purification process: 2 stage+RO+UF+UV
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  1. Aquaguard Geneus RO+UV+UF water purifier:

The advanced technology in this water purifier adjusts the purification water based on the type of water (bore well, salty water etc). The intelligent e-boiling technology provides water that is as pure and safe as water that has been boiled for over 20 minutes. The purifier comes with a LED display that indicates the water level, filter change and any error. The water goes through I-filter which removes sediments, Ro, UF and UV filters coming out pure, clear and with minerals. Its filtering capacity is 15L per hour. It comes in two colours: White and Grey.

Weight: 11.8 kg
Power consumption: 45W
Installation: Table top/ Wall mount
Purification process: 2 stage + RO+UF+UV

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  1. HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO water purifier:

This purifier consists of 6 stage water purification process that clears out sediments, bacteria and viruses. The purifier can hold up to 4 litres of water and has a unique feature that alerts when the Germ kill filter needs to be changed. Other features include auto on/off and auto lock.

Weight: 9 kg
Purification: RO+ MF membrane
Installation: Table top/ Wall mount
Price: Rs. 9, 799.00

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  1. HUL Pureit WPWS100 Classic:
If you are looking for a standard non-electric water purifier then HUL Pureit WPWS100 will meet your requirements. The purifier is made of food grade non-toxic plastic and with a capacity of 14 litres. Its purified water holding capacity is 5 litres and an indicator goes off when the germ kill cartridge needs replacement. It in fact does not give out water and totally shuts off the purifier until the cartridge is replaced.

Total capacity: 14 L
Purified water holding capacity: 5 L
Price: Rs. 1, 399.00

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  1. LG - WAW73JW2RP Stainless steel water tank RO+UV+UF:
The stainless steel tank is double protected keeping the water sterilized and clean. It has another unique feature, the digital sterilizing care that sterilizers water from the tap water inlet to the water outlet.

Weight: 8kg
Installation: Table top/ Wall mount
Price: Rs. 29,900.00

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  1. Tata swatch nova water purifier:
The Tata water purifier uses 4 stage water purification process. It can purify up to 8 litres of water per hour and is ideal for small and medium families. The tank uses silver action technology that helps provide long life to the cartridges. Its indicator shows the current status and also the working condition of the water purifier. It cuts off water supply when the water pressure is low and the Zero contaminant tank makes cleaning hassle free.

Purification: 3 stage + RO
Price: Rs. 8, 159.00

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  1. Kent Pearl RO + UV:
This purifier uses both RO and UV technology to provide clean, clear and pure water. It comes with a TDS controller, UV fail alarm and an indicator showing that the cartridges needs replacement. Cleaning is very easy as the water holding tank is detachable. It can store up to 8 litres of purified water. The body is made of food grade, ABS and non-breakable plastic.

Weight: 10.8 kg
Purification capacity: 15 litres per hour
Operating Voltage: 24 V DC

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  1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Crystal UV water purifier:
It has an in-built voltage stabilizer that protects the device against power surges. It uses 3 stage water purification process and ca purify up to 6000 litres of water before requiring a cartridge change. It is very quick and can purify 2 litres of water in one minute, saving you the waiting time.
Power: 18 watts
Operating voltage: 130 to 230 V
Price: Rs. 6, 995.00

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  1. HUL pureit Marvella RO 10 litre water purifier:
It is an advanced water purifier with 6 stage purification process. It consists of an alert indicator that goes off when the cartridge requires changing. It comes with a TDS controller and uses RO, MF and ROPL technology. The water storage capacity is 10 litres making it ideal for small as well as large families.
Power: 36 watts

Price: Rs. 13, 599.00

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Please use this list of top 10 best water purifier in India just for reference. Please make your decision based on your need and knowledge keeping this article as just one of your references. As individuals preferences might vary widely, please do your own research before buying water purifier for home. Please check with the manufacturers about the maintenance cost too before buying as you have to spend for maintenance of water purifiers quite frequently.

The cost of the water purifier might be less for some water purifiers but the maintenance cost will be higher. So, do not get attracted by the cost of water purifiers. Also, please have your water tested so that the manufacturers can suggest right type of water purifier for your home or office use.

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