10 Must-Have Essentials For A Classy College Look

College girls tend to throw on the first thing they see and get going. Since this has an impact on how you feel, it must be stopped. Wearing clothes that match your personality and make you feel good will help motivate you to work harder. To look great without too much effort, all you need is a few essential clothing types that you can mix and match every day. The famous fashion designer Tan France says, "Choose your hero piece and build an outfit around it". Here are 10 must-have wardrobe essentials for college girl :

  1. Jeans: These are, of course, essential piece of clothing that you can just pair with anything. Pick out different blue, black washes and fits like the tapered fit, baggy fit, loose fit, high waist, etc., to create different looks now and then.

  1. T-shirts:  T-shirts are the most comfortable every day and at any time of the day. Incorporate colour in your wardrobe with vibrant tees, both solid and printed. 

  1. Shirts: These are a great wardrobe essential for college girls as they are effortless to work with and can wear them differently. You can wear them by yourself, tuck them in or use them to layer your tees.

  1. Boots: Boots do go with everything – jeans, shorts, dresses and have the ability to give the simplest outfits an elevated look. Go for a suede brown or leather black boot to get your desired look.

  1. Casual Dresses: Just for the days you feel like changing things up a little bit, pick up some casual dresses like summer, A-line, t-shirt, etc.! Dresses are as comfortable as they get, breathable, beautiful and fun to wear. 

  1. Denim Jacket: A denim jacket is the easiest way to make your outfit look more polished. Having denim jackets as a layer will make it very easy for you to dress up on special events and show up looking your best.

  1. Leggings: When jeans become tiring, leggings are the perfect alternative. They look just as great and are very comfortable. Pick out a pair of great black leggings for your wardrobe.

  1. Sneakers: Sneakers of different kinds like slip-ons can be your regular footwear. Wearing flip flops can make you look dull, so complete your outfits with sneakers. Pick out white ones for the most trendy looks.

  1. Cotton Kurta: An Indian girl's wardrobe is incomplete, with a few good pairs of kurtas. You can wear them to college now and then as cotton kurtas are very convenient. Experiment with the patterns and lengths according to the occasion.

  1.  Accessories: earrings, bracelets, simple lockets, belts, rings, etc., add personality and life to your outfit. Accessory shopping is enjoyable, so get going!

Shopping for these wardrobe essentials for college girl are the most fun when you have a great collection, and that's what online stores offer. They have an extensive range of clothing from all your favourite brands that are perfect for you. Since a new college year is just around the corner, stock up on all these wardrobe essentials for college girl from your favourite brand. Start shopping!

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