Til Ke Ladoo | Ellu Urundai | Sesame balls Recipe with jaggery

Til Ke Ladoo | Ellu Urundai | Sesame balls Recipe with jaggery:

Sesame seeds is one of the most used seeds in India especially in Tamil Nadu. We call sesame balls recipe as ellu urundai recipe in Tamil. We use sesame oil widely in Tamil Nadu. In most of the houses, chutney is a staple recipe along with sesame oil. Sesame oil is called as Nalla ennai in Tamil which means Good oil in English. Sesame has one of the highest oil content when compared with other seeds.

Til Ke Ladoo | Ellu Urundai | Sesame balls Recipe with jaggery

I have tried different methods to make sesame balls aka ellu urundai. I find the below sesame seeds recipe a very easy one. It is also a no fail recipe. Just make sure that you use high quality pure jaggery. If you feel that your jaggery has more dust and impurities, you have to add a very little water just to immerse jaggery and boil it. Filter and strain the impurities. Add this jaggery syrup with sesame seeds while making the powder and follow the same recipe. You might not need to add ghee too.

ellu urundai recipe in tamil - til ke ladoo recipe

Sesame seeds health benefits | Ellu | Til Health benefits:

For a 100-gram serving, dried whole sesame seeds are rich in calories (573 kcal) and are composed of the following - water - 5%, carbohydrates - 23%, dietary fiber - 12%, fat - 50% and protein - 18%.

Reference - Wiki.

36 grams of sesame seeds contains the following:

copper - 163%,  manganese 45%,  calcium 35%,  magnesium 32%,  phosphorus 32%,  iron 29%, zinc 25%,  molybdenum 24%,  selenium 23%,  vitamin B1 23%,  fiber 17%.

Hope you are convinced why sesame seeds are very good for health.

Even ayurvedic doctors prescribe sesame seeds for hair related problems. Sesame seeds are beneficial for women with menstrual problems. 

You can include whole sesame seeds in various ways. You can add the seeds while making chapathi. You can add in your salad.

You can dry roast and powder it. Keep it an air tight container. Just add it with butter milk or yogurt.

There are 3 types of sesame seeds available. Black, white and red sesame seeds. Black and white sesame seeds are quite popular and available widely.

Black sesame seeds is the best in nutrition. White sesame seeds comes the next.

Names of Sesame seeds(English) in different Indian Languages:

Sesame seeds in Tamil - Ellu vithaikal
Sesame seeds in Hindi - Til ke beej
Sesame seeds in Malayalam - Ell or Ellu
Sesame seeds in Telugu - Nuvvu Ginjalu
Sesame seeds in Kannada - Ellu
Sesame seeds in Marathi - Tila
Sesame seeds in Gujarati - Tala
Sesame seeds in Punjabi - Tila de bija
Sesame seeds in Bengali - Tila Bija
Sesame seeds in Oriya - Raashi

Sesame seeds are hard to digest. So, it is better not to give after evening time.

Til Ke Ladoo | Ellu Urundai | Sesame balls Recipe with jaggery:

You can make approximately 10-12 medium size Til ke ladoo if you follow the same measurements.


Sesame seeds - 100 g
Jaggery powder - 50 g - 100 g(depends on your preference and the sweetness of jaggery)
Ghee - 3 tbsp
Sesame Oil/Gingelly oil - As required

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Fab Bag August 2016 Review:

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About Fab Bag:

Getting premium cosmetic samples is now simple with FAB BAG. FAB BAG is a monthly bag of happiness with full of best beauty and grooming products for hair, skin, makeup, bath & body, fragrances and much more. You can subscribe for 1 month, 3-months, 6-months or 1-year plan. There are lot of Indian Beauty Boxes and Bags available in India and this is one of the best Indian Beauty Bags available for both Indian men and women.

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