4 rhymes that cheer up your children

Being a mother is no more an easy job especially for the present generation children. If you expect them to sit quietly in a place like how you were during your childhood, you will end up in disappointing yourself. Kids are no more silent listeners like our generation. They are more active than any of the previous generations. They love to play, learn, act and like to be always busy. If their mood is pleasant, you don't have to worry. They will play themselves and you can concentrate on your household or official work. But it is not the case always. They throw tantrums and the only way you can do is diverting them.

I start diverting my kid as soon as I see him starting throwing tantrums. I find it easy to handle my kid when I and my kid are alone at home. If I have some guests at home, things become quite complicated. I find rhymes to be very helpful in this situation. There are some truly cheerful rhymes to cheer up our children. You might find these rhymes to cheer up dull and unwell kids too. Rhymes are the best and effective way for engaging kids. They learn a lot and have fun. Yes, I swear based on my personal experience. They learn more than what we can imagine.

4 rhymes that cheer up your children:

Below are the 4 rhymes that cheer up my kid instantly. I hope these are some evergreen songs which is liked by almost all children.

1. Wheels On the Bus:

This is my son's favorite rhyme and he loves to watch it multiple times. It is such a joyful rhyme that can make any kid to feel cheerful. It is all about a bus journey.

Check the rhyme from the channel called 'Chuchu TV' which is one of my kid's favorite channel to watch rhymes.

2. Chubby Cheeks:

This is one of the old rhymes that engage the kid easily. It can easily involve any kid as it has cute actions. You can also engage the kids while making them bath or dressing up quite cheerfully by singing this rhyme. It is an all time favorite rhyme.

3. Mary had a Little Lamb:

This rhyme can attract and cheer up any child as it has a little lamb. It makes children laugh and play. It teaches the value of love and kindness. Mary's little lamb follows her everywhere as she was kind to her. This popular rhyme can be used to teach the value of kindness and reciprocation of love.

4. Five Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed:

This rhyme teaches about the safety in a humorous way. While the five little monkeys cheer up any kid, it teaches the kids that they should not jump on a bed. It has a great humour and repetition to engage the kid easily. It is also used to learn mathematics too.

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Paati Vaithiyam - Naatu Vaithiyam - Tamil Maruthuvam

Paati Vaithiyam - Naatu Vaithiyam - Tamil Maruthuvam:

The aim of this page is to document all the tried and tested home remedies with natural ingredients for different ailments. I absolutely agree that we need medical intervention for serious illness. But do you think that a stomach problem due to heat, pimples and common cold needs chemical pills to be taken inside? The answer is no. When your kid catches a common cold, try using Paati Vaithiyam in the initial stage itself to stop them becoming serious. When the cold becomes severe, you might need to give tablets. We might end up in giving antibiotics too sometimes if doctors prescribe. Also, I am seeing some ladies consulting dermatologist for common pimples and end up applying lot of chemical creams on skin. Do you think it is necessary?

Please note that these remedies are only for reference and these are not substitutes for consultation with a qualified doctor.

As I am from Tamil Nadu, you can see most of the naatu vaithiyam and paati vaithiyam are being popularly used in Tamil Nadu.

Note: We will add many more Naatu Vaithiyam tips here. Like Us in Facebook or Subscribe to our newsletter. You can also bookmark this page for future reference.

Paati Vaithiyam | Naatu Vaithiyam | Tamil Maruthuvam:

Paati Vaithiyam For Cold & Cough:

Paati Vaithiyam for Gas Problem:

Paati Vaithiyam for Constipation:

  • Boil a glass of water. Add 1 tsp lemon and 1 tsp honey. It gives relief from constipation. Drink twice a day. 
  • For babies - Give 2 tsp of warm water. You can also soak 3 raisins in water overnight. Next day, crush the raisins and extract the juice. Filter the juice and give along with the soaked water.

Paati Vaithiyam for Indigestion:

Paati Vaithiyam for Pimples:

Paati Vaithiyam for Hair Growth:

Paati Vaithiyam for Glowing Skin:

Paati Vaithiyam For Headache:

  • Headache due to gas in stomach - Take a tbsp of curd, a pinch of Sukku powder, a pinch of Jeera powder, a pinch of Hing and add salt. Whip it either manually or in a mixie. Add a glass of water and drink. If head-ache is due to gas in the stomach, the headache will be gone. - This tip is shared by a beloved Aunty. You can consume this even daily too.
  • Headache due to heaviness 

Paati Vaithiyam for Ulcer:

  • Amla and Honey for stomach ulcer.
  • Manathakkali Keerai for Mouth and stomach ulcer.

Paati Vaithiyam For Weight Loss:

  • Kollu
  • Drink warm water with honey in the morning.

Paati Vaithiyam for Body Heat:

  • Cut 5 small onions into small pieces. Add with buttermilk and drink. You can also eat as such.
  • Rose Kulkand

Paati Vaithiyam for Memory Powder:

  • Thoothuvalai
  • Roast rice and Thippili. Grind it to a fine powder. Store it in a glass jar. Add 3 pinches of the powder and honey. Give it to children.

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How to Reduce Cheeks and lose Face Fat Naturally

Like every individual’s body is different, so is their face. For some, their body will be fit and lean whereas their face will be chubby and few others will have a small face when compared to their body. Both the cases makes the person look odd and even aged. The "Chubby Cheeks, dimple chin" rhymes might seem good to you only during your childhood and not when you are old. Chubby cheeks can be due to unhealthy diet, eating too much of sugar-laden foods or water retention. While it is important to follow a healthy and balanced diet to maintain good health as well as look good, exercise too plays a major role. You might think, “I can reduce weight but how to reduce cheeks?” You will be surprised to see how the following tips and exercises can reduce your cheeks within two weeks.

how to reduce cheeks and lose face fat

How to Reduce Cheeks and Face Fat Naturally?

Not everyone needs to worry about their cheeks. If they are too chubby and look abnormal, your intervention is certainly needed. 

The below tips can help you to reduce cheeks and also helps to lose face fat naturally. Even if you do not have cheek fat or face fat, you can do the facial exercises to keep your facial muscles healthy.

Chew gum:

The best and enjoyable way to exercise those cheek muscles is by chewing gum. Go for sugar-free gum and follow a 2 minute 4 set chewing. Chew for 2 minutes as fast as you can and take a rest for about 30 seconds between each set. Do 4 sets in the morning and evening. It helps reduce fat and works those muscles. Choosing the right chewing gum is important. Do not go for junk ones which will result in spoiling your overall health. You could stop doing it once you see the visible cheek and face fat reduction and continue any of the below exercises to maintain the cheek and face fat.

If you are having any gum disease or problems in your mouth or tooth, you might need to avoid it without getting a medical consultation.

Blowing balloons:

Blowing balloons is another easy way to reduce cheek and face fat. Fill up 10 balloons or you can use the same by letting out air and blowing it again, repeating it for 10 times. When you blow air into the balloons, you will experience your muscles stretch. This will help reduce the cheeks in 10 days and it is also a good exercise for the lungs.

Initially, you might feel difficult to blow 10 balloons at a time. You can do it in intervals. Start with few balloons initially and gradually increase the count of the balloons.

Massage your face:

Massaging your face with an oil, face scrub or face pack to reduce your cheek fat and to lose your face fat naturally. Massaging helps improve blood circulation and reduces any water retention. It makes the blood flow into the vessels and eliminates any retained waste and water. Make sure that you massage in an upward motion (helps skin from sagging) and not in the downward motion.

You can use oils like olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil for massaging your face. Regular massaging helps to lose face fat and cheek reduction easily.

Fish Face exercise:

It is also known as the smiling fish exercise. For this exercise, suck in your cheeks and hold for a count of 10 to 15 seconds. While holding, try to smile and you should be able to feel those muscles pull. Repeat it 5 times in the morning and evening. It helps reduce fat on the lower part of the cheek and strengthens the cheek muscles.

Tongue exercise:

In this exercise, rotate your tongue on the insides of your cheek. Your tongue should touch the mouth while rotating. You can either do it as a big circle to cover your entire mouth or you can make a circle as big as possible just to cover one side at a time. Repeat this 10 times in the morning and evening. While doing this, you must feel the muscles below the eyes and those near the lower jaw stretch.


Another exercise that we do every day without evening knowing is gargling. While gargling, your cheek muscles get stretched and fat is removed. Gargle 10 times with lukewarm water twice a day for effective results.

Gargling not only helps to reduce cheek and face fat but also helps to keep your mouth clean. When you do gargling, pay attention in exercising your cheeks in addition to cleaning your mouth well.

Puff your cheeks  to reduce cheeks and face fat:

Puffing cheeks is a very good facial exercise to reduce cheeks and lose face fat easily.

Take a deep breath. Puff one side of your cheek and hold for 5 seconds. Let out air and repeat it on the other side. Do 10 sets on both the cheeks. 

Take a deep breath. Puff both sides of your cheeks at the same time. Hold on for 5 seconds before letting the air out. But, the first method is more effective.

You might think that it is easier to puff both your cheeks at the same time, but doing so does not stretch your cheek muscles to the maximum. This exercise mainly concentrates on the middle portion of your cheeks.

Smile to reduce cheeks and face fat:

Smile with your lips closed, as wide as possible and hold for 10 seconds. You must widen your smile till you can feel the tightness on your cheeks. Relax and repeat 9 more times.

Smiling is the best exercise to reduce cheeks and face fat fast. This is not only good for cheek reduction and face fat reduction, it is also good for your physical and mental health. So, keep on smiling.

Cheek lift:

Cheek lift can be done in two ways. One is completely a funny way. Smile broadly to lift your cheeks up towards your eyes. Stretch your mouth but only till as much as you can to lift your cheeks. Do not try this when you are at the office. It might look weird and funny to others as they do not know the purpose.

The next way to do cheek lifting is relatively easier. With the help of your fingertips, lift your cheek to your eyes. Lift them until you can feel the muscles strain and hold for 10 seconds. Release and repeat the same 10 more times. You can do once in the morning and once in the evening. This can be done during your wok hours too.

Cheek lifting is one of the easiest facial exercises to lose face fat and also to reduce cheeks naturally.

Reduce salt intake:

Taking salt than the everyday recommended value can be dangerous to health. Sodium in salt causes water retention which in turn bloats up your face in addition to increased body weight. Avoid salty food like chips and go for healthy homemade food. Also, drink lots and lots of water to prevent water retention and to eliminate waste from your body. Keep a water bottle handy so that you do not miss drinking water in regular intervals. 

By reducing the salt intake, you can reduce cheek fat, face fat and overall body fat. Unless you are suffering from high blood pressure, it might sound hard to reduce salt intake. It is always good to check on your salt usage. Taking normal amount of salt is perfectly okay. There are people who add too much salt in their diet. That kind of people definitely needs a check on their salt consumption.

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Get Adventurous with your food

Bored with the same staple food items all the time? Stop being conventional and start getting adventurous with your food. Wondering how to be adventurous when it comes to food? A simple way to start with is adding contrasting flavors to your regular food and you can have multiple experiences with a single dish quite easily. Be ready to get appreciated by your family for creating a new whole sensation of taste.

For example, I love to eat murukku alone. It is normal and that is what everyone doing. At times, I soak the murukku in my filter coffee and leave it for sometime. I wait till the murukku gets softened by the coffee. I drink the coffee quickly and enjoy the soaked murukku for minutes. It is such a delicious combination with contrasting flavors. Murukku is usually made with rice flour, salt, sesame seeds and jeera. Different types of murukku can be prepared by mixing different flours like roasted gram dal flour, ragi flour, besan dal. Coffee has a different flavor altogether. But when you mix both, you will get a wonderful snack item to eat. My hubby looks at me like I am doing something adventurous in this world. You can also serve it to kids or old people who lost teeth. I am sure they would enjoy it thoroughly.

When I am writing about murukku, I remember the day when I tried to create a new flavor with murukku. There are lot of potato chips available in the market in different flavors. Many kids are addicted to them. Thank God, my son is not one among them. If you are a mom who wants to keep your child away from these items, you can try the recipe what I have tried recently. I added tomato paste, few dried herbs like oregano, fresh basil leaves and garlic paste with the rice flour. I have added little butter too. You can also add little sugar if you like. I chose coconut oil for deep frying instead of sunflower oil. What I ended with is a murukku that tastes almost similar to those chips which I was talking about. My  kid liked it very much and I was very happy to serve a healthy snack to my kid with rich flavor. As it is homemade you can stay assured about the quality and you don't need to worry about preservatives and artificial flavors. You can try the same with potato chips, banana chips, kara boondhi etc.

I would love to write about another interesting combination here. Have you tried combining kesari and sambar ever? If you are someone who likes contrasting flavors, I am sure you would like this too. Prepare kesari and moong dal sambar as usual. Take a bowl and mix kesari and sambar. That's it. You will forget yourself as you enjoy a new flavor. Kesari is so sweet and some people do not like to eat too much. For those people, it will be a super food for sure. I discovered this wonderful combination during my childhood. When I went to a wedding, the server mistakenly pour the sambar on kesari instead of idli. He apologized profusely and asked whether he can start serving afresh. I agreed but he was not back for a long time. As I got hungry, I started eating that combination and loved it at once. Once he came back with a new banana leaf, I told him that I could manage with the old one.

Breakfast menu in authentic Tamil Nadu weddings is sure to have Kesari and sambar. Just mix it and have it. You will thank me in case if you like adventurous food. Whenever I make kesari at home in the evening time, I plan to prepare idli and moong dal sambar for dinner. I will mix the leftover kesari and sambar that night and indulge in my favorite combination.

By this time, you must have been reminded of at least 2 different adventurous food items that you like. Am I right? In that case, it is time to showcase your culinary skills. I recently came across something similar that Vikas Khanna and Vir Sanghvi are doing - - #Foodventures. If you know how to create adventure with ingredients, share it with them and stand a chance to feature in a video with celebrities.

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How to remove Dandruff from hair permanently at home fast With Home Remedies

How to remove Dandruff from hair permanently at home fast With Home Remedies?

How frustrating is it when you have little tiny white flakes deposited on your shoulder or settled on the surface of your hairs? Yes, it’s completely annoying! But not to worry as you’re not the only one out there. Dandruff also referred as Seborrhea, is the most common problem that majority of the Indian population face till date irrespective of the gender. Even though it has a high probability of occurring during the teens, it can also be observed among various age groups. So the next question that automatically arises is how to address the issue? To answer that, there are numerous treatments that are readily available but if you want to opt for safe, simple remedies that can be tried at home itself, then read through the article. I am sure that it would be of great help to you!

We call Dandruff problem as Podugu Thollai in Tamil Nadu. Although market is flooded with a lot of anti-dandruff shampoos, we can try some home remedies too to remove the dandruff naturally at home.

Names of Dandruff in different Indian Languages:

Dandruff in Tamil - Podugu
Hindi - Roosi
Marathi - Dokyatila Konda
Malayalam - Taran
Telugu - Cundru
Kannada - Hurupu
Gujarati - Khodo

How to remove Dandruff from hair permanently and naturally at home fast With Home Remedies?

Below are some of the best home remedies to get rid of dandruff permanently at your home itself instead of spending huge bucks in chemical products.

Just try these home remedies to remove your dandruff fast before trying chemical products for dandruff removal.

Lemon for dandruff removal - Home Remedies to remove dandruff permanently at home fast:

Lemon is simply a superb fruit to treat dandruff issues as it contains:
  • Vitamin C and anti-oxidants
  • Anti- fungal and anti – bacterial properties
  • Acidic and healing properties that balance the pH level of the scalp and reduces itchiness

How to use Lemon to remove dandruff permanently at home?

A combination of warm coconut oil and lemon juice is one of the excellent home remedies to treat dandruff. Follow it by rinsing with a mild shampoo. And repeat this process for 3 to 4 times a week.

Add 1 part of lemon juice to 2 parts of pure water. Have this as a last rinse as part of your hair wash routine.

If you are someone who uses egg white for your hair, add lemon juice along with it and apply it on the scalp.
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Drumstick Leaves | Murungai Keerai | Moringa Leaf Uses and Health Benefits

Drumstick Leaves | Murungai Keerai | Moringa Leaf Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits:

Drumstick leaves, also called as Moringa leaf is the leaves of Drumstick tree which is native to India. We call the drumstick leaves as Murungai Keerai in Tamil Nadu and the drumstick tree as Murungai maram in Tamil. Drumstick leaves or Moringa leaf is a regular cooking ingredient, widely used in South India.

National Institutes of Health recognized Drumstick tree as the Botanical of the Year in the year of 2007, 2011 and 2012. Africans have also honoured it as as a tree to "Never Die" and "Mother's Milk".

Drumstick leaves or Moringa leaf or Murungai Keerai is considered to be highly medicinal in nature.
Moringa leaf contains all the essential amino acids for the healthy functioning of our body. Regular consumption of drumstick leaves is recommended for the anemic people.

Drumstick leaves or Moringa leaf is rich in non-allergic protein. Proteins disintegrate into amino acids and are absorbed in our body. Our body requires about 20 amino acids for its good functioning. Drumsticks and murungai keerai leaves are considered to have all the amino acids required for our body. It is also easily digested, making it non-allergic.

Drumstick leaves or Murungai Keerai or Moringa leaf are rich sources of antioxidants, proteins, potassium, vitamin A, C, B3, B2, iron, and magnesium. This rich mineral and vitamin content give drumstick leaves its medicinal value.

Interstingly, drumstick leaves or Moringa leaf or Murungai Keerai has 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants and is able to cure almost 300 types of diseases, according to ancient Ayurveda.

Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits of rumstick Leaves | Murungai Keerai | Moringa Leaf:

Drumsticks leaves or Murungai keerai or Moringa Leaf for Anemia:

Drumstick leaves are rich in iron and is very effective in treating anemia. Iron content is thrice as compared to spinach. Regular consumption of drumstick leaves helps relieve anemia.

Drumstick leaves or Murungai Keerai has high beta Carotene content. When it is consumed with lemon juice which has Vitamin C, it has a positive impact in the mobilization of stored iron and increases hemoglobin levels of people with anemia, according to a research.

Reference: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/233540421_Effect_of_Drumstick_Leaves_supplementation_on_Hematological_Indices_of_young_girls_16-21_years

According to another research, the haemoglobin levels of the women in reproductive age group showed a significant improvment post intervention with drumstick leaves or Moringa leaf and jaggery.

Reference: http://earthjournals.org/ijpr_146.pdf

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Chocolate Cheese Sandwich Recipe | Indian Kids Evening After School Snack Recipe

Chocolate Cheese Sandwich Recipe | Chocolate Cheese Toast Recipe - Kids Evening After-School snacks recipe Indian:

Chocolate Cheese Sandwich, a yummy sandwich recipe that can be served for breakfast, or as after-school snacks for your kids. Which kid does not love it? Forget about the kids. I bet that you can't control yourself from grabbing it.

Use any cheese - I used Amul Mozzarella cheese when I clicked this recipe. You can use Britannia Cheese slice, cheese cubes or any other cheese which you like. If you want, add some pepper power and salt too if it is not a salted one.

Use any chocolate - I have used choco chips in this recipe. You can take any chocolate and grate it on the bread. Just make sure that you cover all over the bread. You can use Chocolate syrup, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, dairy milk chocolate, Nutella or just any chocolate which you love so much.

Okay. Now let us move on to learn how to make Chocolate cheese sandwich at home

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Keezhanelli | Keelanelli Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits

Keezhanelli | Keelanelli Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits | Bhumyamalaki:

Keelanelli plant, also called Keezhanelli plant is scientifically called as Phyllanthus Niruri. It is also called as gale of the wind, stonebreaker or seed-under-leaf. It is a tropical plant, is commonly found everywhere in coastal regions, and is known to grow in wet soil. One can easily grow them at home. Keelanelli leaves or Keezhanelli leaves and roots are known for their medicinal values for treating migraine, jaundice and liver ailments.

Keezhanelli fruits, also called Keezhanelli fruits find their uses for treating problematic skin conditions while the Keezhanelli leaves are proposed as treatments for hair growth.

Ayurveda mentions this plant to be a healer of jaundice, viral, and bacterial infections affecting the liver, and in mitigating kidney stones.

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How To Get Fair Skin At Home Naturally with Home Remedies

How To Get Fair Skin At Home Naturally with Home Remedies fast:

Every woman in this world would love to flaunt fair and glowing skin! However, in the process to achieve radiant skin, many ladies tend to opt for the easiest method that is readily available or that which promises results instantly. Well, take a moment off and think, “What do these products actually contain and are they really safe for my skin?”. Undoubtedly, you and I very well know that these products contain chemicals that harm the skin in every possible way. 

If you want a fair and glowing skin naturally without damaging your skin, first of all, you need to put in a lot of effort and most importantly be patient. You must also clearly understand that no product or treatment can easily change the amount of melanin present in your skin. You strictly need to follow a rigorous schedule and lead a stress-free life to acquire fair skin.

Further, you need to analyse as to what can be the possible reasons for darkened skin. The main factors are:
  • Too much of sun exposure and tanning
  • Improper Diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Reduced water intake
  • Stress
  • Poor personal care
  • Genetic(You should love your skin! Proper care will keep you glowing)
Instead of using the fairness creams that are readily available in the current market, you can consider using effective home remedies to get fair skin that lasts for a long period of time. Mother Nature has been kind enough to provide a diversified range of materials that can help you acquire fair skin naturally and without any harm. So why not use them? Read through below to find out the possible remedies that are widely used by many women folks even today. Hope the below home emedies and tips to get fair skin will be helpful to you.

How To Get Fair Skin At Home Naturally with Home Remedies?

Here are some Easy Home Remedies to get fair skin at home naturally.

Turmeric Remedies to get Fair skin Naturally at home:

Turmeric, an ingredient that dates back right up to ancient times, finding its use in Ayurveda and it’s extremely useful to treat all kinds of skin problems, increase your complexion and make your skin glowing.  The reason being,

  • It’s anti – aging and anti-inflammatory properties purifies the blood, nourishes the skin and adds a glow to the skin.
  • It’s useful to treat pimples, blackheads, dark spots on skin and so on.

Wild turmeric has wonderful beauty benefits and really helpful to get fair skin naturally at home. Check this post to know how to use it for your face -  Kasturi manjal for face.

orange for fair skin

You can even apply wild turmeric on girl babies. It does no harm. It gives natural fairness to the babies if you start applying early.

How to use turmeric to get fair skin naturally?

Turmeric Mask: 

Add a pinch of turmeric to some milk cream or milk. You can use yogurt too instead of milk. Blend well and spread evenly onto your face. You will notice that it starts to dry. Leave it on your face until it’s completely dry. Wash with plain cold water later.

Mint leaves are an excellent ingredient to reduce sunburns on your skin. Take a few mint leaves and mash them. To this add a few drops of honey and half a teaspoon of turmeric.

Mix turmeric with required amount besan flour to cover your face. Sprinkle milk or yogurt to make a paste. Apply it on your face and allow it to to dry. Wash with cold water.

Turmeric Scrub: 

Grind fresh papaya seeds in a mixie. Add 1/4 tsp turmeric powder.  Sprinkle milk if required to get the consistency of a scrub.

You can also make a turmeric scrub with oatmeal. Make a coarse powder of oatmel and add turmeric powder. Sprinkle milk if required to get the consistency of a scrub. Check out my lemon oatmeal face mask recipe.

How to use turmeric scrub to get fair skin?

  • Clean your face with a  good cleanser.
  • Wet your fingers and face. 
  • Take a little amount of turmeric scrub at a time.
  • Move fingers upward-outward in small circular motion. Do not rub too hard. Or else you will damage your skin. Scrub only for 1 minute and not more than that.
  • Cover the whole face and neck.
  • You can even leave the turmeric scrub on face for 30 minutes or wash immediately.
  • Wash with cold water after 30 minutes. 

Turmeric and Sunflower Seeds pack: 

This is one of the best home remedies to get fair skin but you have to follow it continuously to get a visible fair skin.

Soak a few (2 tsp approximately) sunflower seeds in milk overnight. In the morning grind to a smooth paste. To this add a pinch of turmeric. Spread evenly onto face and allow it to act on the skin for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water. Repeat this process regularly to observe changes in the skin complexion.

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Indian Snacks Recipes for Kids - Healthy Quick, Simple Easy to make Snack Recipes Indian

Indian Snacks Recipes for Kids - Healthy Quick, Simple Easy to make Snack Recipes Indian

I have started a new series of posts called 'Healthy Snacks for Kids - Quick, Simple Easy to make Snack Recipes Indian'. I will update this list of Indian snacks recipes for kids as and when I post a healthy Indian Snacks recipes for kids.

Indian Snacks Recipes for Kids - Healthy Quick, Simple Easy to make Snack Recipes Indian:

Check out our lip-smacking Quick, healthy and easy to make Healthy Snacks recipes for kids below. I am planning to add at least 100 snacks ideas:)

Super Healthy Indian Snacks Recipes for kids

Indian Snacks Recipes for kids Photo Indian Snacks Recipes for kids -
Recipe Name and Link
Indian Snacks Recipes for kids  - Description

Ragi Manni | Ragi Halwa Ragi Manni, also called as Ragi halwa made with jaggery and coconut milk. This is one of the healthy, easy snacks recipe for kids that can be made very quickly.

Main Ingredients – Ragi flour, jaggery, coconut
and milk.

Peas Sundal | Pattani Sundal Peas sundal recipe, also popularly called as Pattani sundal made with yellow peas. Peas is a good source of protein, iron, vitamins and magnesium.

Main Ingredients – Peas, Onion and Besan Flour

Masala Oats Masala oats, a healthy snacks recipe that will be very filling too. It tastes very good as the ones available in the market.

Main Ingredients – Oats, Onion, tomato, vegetables

Chocolate Oats Chocolate Oats, a quick snacks recipe that is both healthy and taste. It tastes heavenly with cocoa powder and vanilla essence. No sugar added.

Main Ingredients – Oats, Cocoa powder, vanilla essence, milk, honey.

Chocolate Oats Nuts laddu, a super energy balls recipe. It is the best way to add nuts in your diet on a daily basis. Kids will love this.

Main Ingredients – Almond, Cashew, Pistachios, Groundnuts, Jaggery and Walnuts.

Til Ke Ladoo Til Ke Ladoo Recipe aka healthy sesame balls, an amazing healthy balls. One or two ladoos can be taken per day to get the health benefits of sesame seeds.

Main Ingredients – Sesame seeds, jaggery and ghee.

Paneer Tikka Paneer Tikka, a healthy snacks recipe made with marinated paneer, capsicum, onion and tomato. The marination is quite tasty.

Main Ingredients – Paneer, Onion, Tomato and capsicum.

Roti Pizza Roti Pizza, a healthy Indian snacks recipe for kids made with whole wheat flour, cheese and vegetables. You do not need oven to make this. Just use your dosa tawa to make it on stove top.

Main Ingredients – Whole wheat flour, onion, tomato, capsicum, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce.

Paneer Tikka Thiratu pal, a delicious sweet recipe that tastes heavenly. This is one of the popular festival sweet in Tirunelveli.

Main Ingredients – Milk, sugar, jaggery and coconut.

Bread Based Snacks Recipes

Photo Recipe Name and Link Description

Carrot Cheese Sandwich Carrot sandwich recipe, a simple snacks recipe that can be easily prepared for breakfast too. It is a very healthy snacks recipes for kids if you make this sandwich with whole wheat bread.

Main Ingredients – Bread, carrot, onion, cheese.

Chocolate Cheese Sandwich Chocolate Cheese Sandwich recipe, a tasty yet simple snacks recipe that is prepared with chocolate chips. It is a very quick snacks recipe for kids.

Main Ingredients – Bread, Cheese, Chocolate or Choco chips, Butter or Ghee

Spicy Veg Sandwich Spicy veg Sandwich recipe, a simple snacks recipe that is loaded with vegetables along with normal spice powders. It tastes awesome.

Main Ingredients – Bread, Onion, tomato, carrot and capsicum.

Eggless Sweet French Toast Eggless Sweet French Toast, a quick snacks recipe that is favorite for both children and adults as it is sweet. No eggs are added.

Main Ingredients – Bread, Vanilla custard powder, Sugar and Milk

Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich with green chutney Eggless Sweet French Toast, a quick snacks recipe that is favorite for both children and adults as it is sweet. No eggs are added.

Main Ingredients – Bread, Coriander and mint leaves for green chutney, milk and whole wheat flour for mayonnaise, tomato sauce, cucumber, and tomato.

Whole Wheat Bread Cutlet Whole Wheat Bread cutlet, a soft cutlet that will melt in your mouth made with healthy whole wheat flour. No deep frying is required.

Main Ingredients – Whole Wheat bread, onion, carrot and cheese.

Veg Burger Veg Burger recipe, a recipe that can help you to make restaurant style veg burger at home very easily. It is a very simple snacks recipe.

Main Ingredients – Bun, vegetables, cheese and spices.

Simple Deep Fried Snacks Recipes

Photo Recipe Name and Link Description

Paneer Kofta Paneer Kofta, a deep fried easy snacks recipe that helps you to make paneer kofta that will melt in your mouth. It is loaded with richness of paneer and potato.

Main Ingredients – Oil, Paneer and Potato.

Gobi 65 Gobi 65 recipe, a deep fried easy snacks recipe that helps you to make delicious gobi 65.

Main Ingredient – Cauliflower

Potato Bonda Potato Bonda, a deep fried easy snacks recipe that helps you to make tasty aloo bonda. It is all time favorite for everyone.

Main Ingredients – Oil, Potato, onion and besan flour.

Chilli Bajji Chilli bajji is a very simple snacks recipe. Remove the seeds from the chillies. Otherwise, it will be very spicy.

Main Ingredients – Oil, Chilli bajji, besan flour, red chilli powder, salt.

Drumstick Leaves Pakoda Drumstick leaves pakoda is a very healthy deep fried snack as it has goodness of drumstick leaves. It is the best and easy way to feed drumstick leaves to kids.

Main Ingredients – Oil, Drumstick leaves, besan flour, onion.

Thukkada - Thukdi - Diamond Cuts Diamond cuts - A simple comforting snack. Red chilli powder, garlic, cumin seeds and asafoetida gives Thukada a wonderful taste and nice aroma.

Main Ingredients – Wheat flour and Maida(optional).

Pudding Recipes

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Apple Vanilla Custard Pudding Apple Vanilla custard pudding is a quick snacks recipe that has goodness of apple. Serve this pudding chilled especially during summer. It tastes heavenly.

Main Ingredients – Apple, milk and vanilla custard powder.

Apple Vanilla Custard Pudding Mango Vanilla custard pudding is a very delicious dessert that looks very attractive. It tastes heavenly with mangoes.

Main Ingredients – Mango, milk and vanilla custard powder.

Eggless Apple pudding without sugar Eggless Apple Pudding is made with apple and jaggery. It has no sugar. Hence you can enjoy this simple pudding anytime and as much as you desire. Serve chilled.

Main Ingredients – Apple, milk and jaggery.

Wrap Recipes

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Creamy Potato wrap This creamy potato wrap is a very simple and easy to make snack recipe. It tastes heavenly with cream and potato stuffing. It is a very healthy snacks recipe for kids.

Main Ingredients – Whole wheat flour, low fat cream, curd, potato.

Other Recipes

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Homemade Kinder Joy Homemade Kinderjoy - Who doesn't want kinder joy in this world? This easy to make snack recipe can help your kid to enjoy homemade kinderjoy.

Main Ingredients – Low fat cream, sugar, vanilla essence, corn flakes, chocos, butter, milk powder and coconut oil.

French Fries without oven without deepfrying French Fries - Who doesn't love to enjoy French Fries? No oven? Not willing to deep fry too? Here is the recipe to make french fries at home without oven and without deep frying. Enjoy this low fat french fries at home.

Main Ingredients – Potato, Salt and Pepper powder.
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Veg Cheese Sandwich Recipe - Carrot Cheese Sandwich

Veg Cheese Sandwich Recipe - Carrot Cheese Sandwich:

Veg cheese sandwich is a great breakfast recipe which can make you feel full easily. The crispy golden brown color sandwich with cheese melted inside will make you feel completely satisfied. I used Carrot to make the veg cheese sandwich this time. You can add any vegetable to it or just add carrot alone. Carrot, onions, and cheese just make this sandwich a delicious one. The recipe is so simple and you can even pack it as morning snacks for kids. You can serve it as a healthy evening snacks too.

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Thippili Uses and Health Benefits - Long Pepper - Pippali Powder Benefits

Thippili Uses and Health Benefits - Long Pepper - Pippali Powder Benefits:

Long pepper, sometimes proudly called as Indian Long Pepper, is a flowering, fruit-bearing plant that is used for its medicinal properties. Long Pepper is commonly known as Arisi Thippili or Thippili in Tamil, Pippali in Hindi and has the scientific name, Piper longum. 

Thippili plant or Pippali plant is related to the commonly used black and white pepper family, Piper nigrum. The plant is used for its fruit which resembles chilli pepper because of its red color and shape. 

Thippili or Pippali is usually dried before use and becomes black in color. Evidence of Thippili or Pippali being used in Ayurveda centuries back is available in scriptures. The herb was taken to Greece by Hippocrates during the 5th century BC and slowly spread to other countries. While it is available in scarce in the western countries, it is easily available south-east Asia especially India. Thippili plant or Pippali plant is a climber and its leaves resemble the beetal leaves. The word pepper was derived from the Sanskrit name Pippali. 

Thippili or Pippali has several health benefits, used to cure diseases and increases immunity. Pippali means “drink and digest” and is used as a spice in Indian cooking. It is known for its various capabilities like curing cough, cold, digestion problems, removing toxins, digestive issues and many more. 

How to eat Thippili Or Pippali?

Its powdered form can be taken when mixed with honey or milk. Thippili powder or Pippali powder is sufficient for adults and a pinch is just enough for children. 

Thippili Rasam or Pippali Rasam is another easy form to consumer thippili. For serving 4 people, roast 2 tbsp of thippili and grind it . Add with the rasam along with other spices. Boil it and thippili rasam or pippali rasam is ready. Thippili rasam also has several health benefits. We call it as Kandanthippili rasam in Tamil Nadu.

Thippili Rasayanam, also called Pippali Rasayanam is a sidda medicine. Mostly thippili rasayanam is prepared with few more ingredients. Pippali rasayam has Pippali as the main ingredient. It can be mixed in hot water and taken. But you have to see the label for accurate instructions and dosage. 

Thippili rasayanam is considered as a medicine for cough, bronchitis, tuberclosis, asthma, phelegmatic, cough. But it should be prescribed by qualified doctor.

Chemical composition of Thippili or Pippali:

Volatile oil
Fixed oil
Insoluble acid

Thippili Uses | Pippali Benefits | Health benefits of Long pepper:

Thippili or Pippali for cold and cough: 

Indian Long pepper has rejuvenating property and removes cold from the respiratory tract. Taking a quarter spoon of Thippili Powder or Pippali powder mixed with honey for 3 consecutive days shows immediate results. It can also be used in cooking and Thippili rasam is a south Indian dish famous for curing cold and cough.

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Benefits of Neem Oil For Skin, Face and Hair Care

Benefits of Neem Oil For Skin and Hair Care:

The first thing that comes to our mind when we say neem is its bitterness. The next thing that comes to our mind is that neem has many medicinal qualities and is used for its antifungal, antiseptic, antipyretic (reduces fever) and antihistamine (reverses allergies) properties. Every part of the neem tree, the neem leaves, neem fruits, neem flowers and even the neem bark is used to cure several ailments. It is used in Siddha and Ayurveda to treat skin diseases, pain, repellant, fever, vomiting, diabetes, gum disease, heart problems, remove intestinal worms, cold, eye disorders and so on.

Neem Oil Benefits for hair and skin

Neem tree is considered to have many medicinal properties. Neem oil extracted from its seeds consists of many healing and medicinal properties. Neem oil can be helpful in relieving problems associated with skin, and hair disorders.

What is Neem?

Neem, otherwise known as Indian Lilac is native to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and has the scientific name Azadirachta indica. It is a fast growing tree and is known for its drought-resistant nature.

Neem tree is green throughout the year and bears small white flowers and oval, small yellowish fruits.

What is Neem Oil?

A product of the Neem tree is the Neem oil. Neem oil has several health and skin benefits and you don’t have to worry about the bitterness as the oil is used only for external purposes.

Neem oil is a vegetable extracted from the fruits and seeds of the neem tree. It is golden yellow, brown, dark brown, reddish brown or greenish brown in color and has a strong odor.

Neem oil cannot be used for cooking purposes and the various fatty acids make it beneficial for the skin and hair. Neem oil is mainly used in making cosmetic products like soaps, shampoos, and creams due to its high nutrient value.

Benefits of Neem Oil for hair care:

Some hair problems for which neem oil is beneficial, are listed below.

Benefits of Neem oil for Dry Hair:

Dry hair requires heavy conditioning. Hair conditioners in the market consist of fatty acids such as stearic acid, oleic acid, etc. Neem oil consists of, all kinds of fatty acids which are responsible for, conditioning the hair.

The conditioners moisturize a rough and dry hair, giving them silky texture. To achieve this, one has to mix neem oil with coconut oil and apply on the scalp so that it spreads into scalp properly and then proceed to wrap with a warm or bearably hot towel for few minutes. This helps the oil penetration to the scalp. You may wash it later, to get rid of neem odor.

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