KKR Restaurant Review - Padur, OMR, Chennai

Whenever we want to relish some good north indian dishes, we directly head into KKR Restaurant located in Padur, Chennai. I came to know about this restaurant when I searched in Askme for restaurant listing near Kelambakkam. We prefer Hotel Krishna Bhavan in Kelambakkam for authentic Tamil Nadu dishes like idli, dosa, paratha and so on. But when it comes to north indian dishes, we choose KKR Restaurant. It is quite a decent restaurant where we can go with our family and spend sometime while tasting their dishes.

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Eggless Tutti Frutti Cake Recipe - How to make tutti frutti cake in Pressure Cooker

Eggless Tutti Frutti Cake recipe in Pressure Cooker - Learn how to make Eggless tutti frutti cake easily in your pressure cooker with step by step pictures and instructions. I made this cake with semolina/rava as I prefer Semolina/rava over all-purpose flour/plain flour/maida cake due to the unique taste and health benefits.

Pressure cooker baking will be successful after few trial and errors. Yes, Now I am confident that I can make any cake in pressure cooker.

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Paneer Recipes

Indian Paneer Recipes:

Top Paneer Recipes from this blog are pinned below. Just click on the respective recipe images to view the detailed recipes. This page will be updated as and when I add a new paneer recipe.

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Paneer in White Gravy Recipe

Paneer in White Gravy Recipe with step by step pictures:

Paneer cooked in a delicious white gravy made with onion and cashew paste. I made this Paneer in White recipe gravy after referring several sites including Sanjeev Kapoor recipe. Many recipes were complicated and called to add more cashews to make rich white gravy. It might be good in case we are preparing for guests. But I wanted to keep the recipe simple which can be made any time without any complication.

Paneer In White Gravy

I did not want to add more cashews like 1/2 cup or 1 cup as many recipes called for. So, I made the white gravy in my own way.

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Eggless Chocolate Brownie Recipe - How to Make Brownie in Pressure Cooker

Eggless Chocolate Brownie Recipe Made in Pressure Cooker:

Don't you get excited when you can make brownies in your pressure cooker? I was equally excited when I ate the brownies made in my pressure cooker for the first time. The brownies were chocolaty, moist and gooey in the center with a crackled top. What else you need to delight your little ones?

I really want to tell you that my brownies are not picture perfect because of the fact that they were too good to please my kid. My kid was sleeping when I started making brownie in cooker. The brownie was almost cooked. When I cut a piece directly from the cooker to taste, my kid woke up and came to the kitchen. "Amma, what are you eating?", he asked. He saw the beautiful little piece of brownie on my plate and I was not able to lie to him. I gave him a piece from the plate. "I like it. Give me more.", he ordered actually.

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Wheat Pizza Recipe in Pressure Cooker Without Yeast - How to make Pizza in pressure cooker

Homemade Wheat Pizza Recipe in Pressure cooker Without Yeast and Oven  - Now you can make wheat pizza(no maida) without yeast that too in your pressure cooker and oven is not required. Let me tell you not to expect a crusty pizza like dominos pizza(Yes, it is made in pressure cooker, made of wheat and not cooked in the oven) but you will surely get a decent pizza which you can enjoy without any guilt. You can serve it to your kids happily and confidently as it is purely homemade. Though cooking time is more, preparation time is quite less. So, you do not need to wait for any special day to make pizza at your home.

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How do I save money every time I shop online?

Its not only me but everyone prefers online shopping for convenience and the money one can save through it. Though few products really need direct look, touch & feel, there are numerous products which we can buy online with huge savings. When there are more no of online shopping portals ready to protect us from fake sellers and provide easy return policies, there is no need to have a second thought. Moreover, there are free digital loyal programs which can offer us rewards every time we shop through them. It is a win-win situation. They earn commissions and we can get cash rewards. This is in addition to the discounts we get from the online shopping portals.

My online shopping is not so straight forward. I am always ready to take few extra steps to ensure that I get a quality product in best price with huge saving.

How do I save money every time I shop online?

1. Decide where to shop:

Once I select a product, I do not shop directly from any particular website without comparing the prices from different online shopping websites. There are thousand of online shopping websites available nowadays. But we should be very careful when we put our hard earned money for shopping. Though saving is more important, it is better to spend extra 10 bucks to buy from a trusted website instead of buying it in cheaper price from little known website. You can ensure that your money 'X+10' is safe instead of worrying about the whole money 'X' till you receive a quality product. Anyway, you can save through cashback sites. So, do not compromise on the quality of the shopping portal.

Choose the online website by considering the following factors:

1. Trust and Popularity
2. Price
3. Cashback, discounts and deals available
4. Easy Return Policy
5. Buyer Protection
6. Safer payment options

2. Decide the seller:

Nowadays in most of the online shopping websites, you can buy same product in different prices as there are multiple sellers selling in the site. The competition is highly appreciated. Sellers try hard to attract and retain more customers by concentrating on price, quality of products and smooth delivery.

So, I decide seller based on the following factors.

1. Price
2. Seller Rating
3. Customer Reviews
4. No of orders they have processed
5. Return Policy

3. Choose the cashback site:

Once I decide the online site and seller, I go to cashback sites. There is a lot of cashback sites available in different countries. If you are based in India, Cashkaro.com and goPaisa are some of the good cashback sites. I compare the cashback available in both of the sites and go with the one which offers higher cashback. If you are based in US, https://givingassistant.org/ is a good option.

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Philips HP8314 Hair Straightener Review

Philips HP8314 Hair Straightener Review:

I recently bought Philips HP8314 Hair straightener. I love the straightened hair look. You can do permanent straightening in a beauty salon. But my friends who have done it had been complaining that they could not change the look and it is boring. So, I thought to go with hair straighteners. Of course, it could do damage to your hair. But I thought it is okay to straighten once in a while. Looking good makes us feel good right? So, I bought Philips HP8314 hair straightener to straighten my hair on special occasions  at least.

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Limeroad Review - Online Shopping website Reviews

Limeroad.com Review - Online Shopping website Reviews:

Limeroad is the online shopping site from which I have shopped recently. LimeRoad sells clothing, accessories, footwear, bags, home & kitchen products. Their decor, kitchen and dining collection is awesome. In clothing section, you must check out their wide range of kurtas and kurtis collection. Here is my LimeRoad review for you all based on my recent shopping experience.. 

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Eggless Vanilla Rava Cake Recipe - How to make cake in pressure cooker

Eggless Vanilla Rava Cake Recipe - How to make cake in pressure cooker:

Eggless Pressure Cooker Cake - Doesn't it sound interesting? If you have doubt whether you can get a good rava cake by following this recipe, read the comment from 'Ahalya' who has tried this rava cake. You can check her comment in the comment section. When your cake is perfectly baked and completely homemade, free from unknown ingredients and made from only quality ingredients in pressure cooker, you can serve it anytime for your kids whenever they want.

I made this eggless rava cake(Semolina Cake) in pressure cooker recently for my hubby's birthday this month. I was extremely happy with the outcome. The semolina cake(rava cake) turned out to be so delicious and we all liked it very much. My kid and I had it as next day breakfast since the ingredient is just rava. Baking cake in a pressure cooker is so easy. So, I am here to share the pressure cooker cake recipe.

How to make a cake in a pressure cooker without an oven? - When you know the pressure cooker cake recipe, I bet you that you will try it for all birthday celebrations at your home. Try to use a thick steel lid to cover the cake instead of pressure cooker lid as the safety valve might get damaged. The thick steel lid is more than enough to bake a cake in pressure cooker. It is easy to check the progress and you do not need to afraid at all. I have used the aluminium cooker. I am not sure whether we can use nonstick or any other cooker.

Rava cake/Semolina Cake:

The best part is when we make the cake with Rava/sooji/semolina and not maida/plain flour. So, it is more healthy for sure. The cake turned out to be so spongy and the texture was so good. According to me, the taste of rava cake was better than maida cake.

Eggless Vanilla Cake in pressure cooker 

The only sinful ingredients here are sugar, baking soda, and baking powder. We are not adding too much of baking soda or powder in the cake. You cannot omit them. Otherwise, we will not get cake:) When it comes to sugar, you can control the quantity of sugar or you can use Sugar-free Natura(I have not tried, but I hope that it will work).

Now let us see how to prepare Eggless Vanilla Rava Cake(Semolina cake) in Pressure cooker.

Sooji Cake

You might also like the below recipes:

How to make Eggless Chocolate Brownie in Pressure Cooker
How to make Wheat Pizza in Pressure cooker

Ingredients - Baking rava cake in cooker: 

  • Rava/Sooji - 3/4 cup
  • Yogurt/Fresh Curd - 3/4 cup(should not be too much sour. If soar, add milk and curd in the ration 50:50 or according to the sourness)
  • Sugar - 1/2 cup - 3/4 cup max to taste(I have added 3/4 cup for more sweetness)
  • Baking powder - 3/4 tsp
  • Baking soda/Cooking soda - 1/4 tsp
  • Vanilla Essence - 1/2 - 3/4 tsp as preferred
  • Melted Ghee or Butter or Butter + Ghee -  3 tbsp + 1/2 tsp for greasing the pan(I used ghee)
  • Saffron - 4-5 strands crushed(skip if you do not have)
  • Cardamom powder - 2-3 pinches

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Hibiscus Leaves and flowers for Hair - Hibiscus Hair Pack

Hibiscus Leaves and flowers for Hair - Hibiscus Hair Pack:

Hibiscus is one of the most effective natural treatment for your hair. A very big hibiscus plant is there at my mom's house. There is no one who leaves our home without appreciating the beauty of the plant.  The lady who is running parlor nearby home often gives me natural remedies as she knows I do not go to her except for eye brows threading. She is a good friend of me.  She used to come and collect a lot of hibiscus leaves and flowers from my home. She only told me to use hibiscus leaves and flowers for hair at least twice a week.

Hibiscus Leaves & Flowers Hair Pack

Benefits of Hibiscus Leaves and Flowers for hair:

When you use hibiscus leaves and flowers for your hair continuously(say at least twice a week), the hibiscus hair pack

  • Reduces hair fall
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Prevents premature graying
  • Conditions the hair well
  • Improves the hair texture

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What Causes Ringworm - RingWorm Treatment Series

What Causes Ringworm - RingWorm Treatment Series?

Ringworm - Recently, I got this worst skin infection when I was attending a marriage function in my native place. One person who attended the marriage had ringworm infection. Without knowing that, I had to use that person's towel. The result was ringworm, the worst ever skin infection I had in my life:( Ringworm is not something which has to be taken lite. It is easy to treat if you take good precautions, personal hygiene, consistent treatment. Otherwise, you need to suffer for weeks, months and years sometimes. Now I am completely free from ringworm. I will update all my experiences in the blog. Kindly subscribe to the blog to get updates directly to your mailbox.

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Grokker.com - Achieving Wellness Goals from the comfort of your home Made Easy

With the world of busy people who do not have time to hit the gym, online fitness videos have come to rescue. They are the helping hands for the people like me who would like to work out from the comfort of our home. There are millions of online fitness videos available in our favorite YouTube platform. But there is one thing which itches me always whenever I head onto online fitness videos. Are they quality videos? Are the teaching people qualified instructors? Are the videos approved by fitness experts? If you ask me the answers for the questions, the answer is a big 'NO' for majority of the videos.

I know that fitness is not an easy game and can lead to serious injuries and illness if done wrongly without qualified instructors. With lot of questions and uncertainties in my mind about the quality, I hesitate to trust the online fitness videos. When I came to know about Grokker.com, I am very much impressed by their website.
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Get rewarded for your everyday search with Bing Rewards

How great it will be if you are paid for your everyday activity? Wouldn't it be awesome? Now, you can get rewarded for your everyday online searching. Yes, Bing gives you credits for your everyday searching which you can redeem it for sweepstakes entries, shopping gift cards, and donation to charities.

How to get Bing Rewards?

You search everyday. Now Get Rewarded!

a. Join Bing rewards. Its free.
b. Earn Bing credits every time you use Bing to search the web.
c. You can redeem credits for popular gift cards, sweepstake entries or charitable donations.
d. Sign in with your existing Microsoft account(Outlook, Live, Skype, Hotmail or Xbox accounts)  or create a new Microsoft account to sign in and get 20 bonus credits on sign up.
e. Continue searching every day to earn more credits and you can redeem the credits for more sweepstakes entries, shopping gift cards, and even donations to charities.

Note: Currently, the Bing rewards is available only in US. 

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