Easy Veg Macaroni Recipe in Indian style

Easy Veg Macaroni Recipe in Indian style:

Macaroni cooked in tomato sauce and topped with cheese in Indian style is a heavenly dish. This is a very easy recipe that does not require you to stay for a long time in the kitchen. Once you get the vegetables chopped, the job is half done. This recipe involves just 4 primary steps. First, you have to make the tomato sauce for macaroni. Next you have to chop and saute the vegetables. You have to cook macaroni which you can do in parallel while cooking the vegetables. Mix everything well. Your homemade and easy veg macaroni recipe in Indian style is ready.

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LG Refrigerator Reviews India

LG Fridge Review India - LG Single Door Refrigerator Review:

Looking for a review of LG single door refrigerator? Check out the LG fridge review written by one of our contributors who has been using this fridge for nearly 4 years. I thought this model of LG refrigerator holds a lot of good features and worth to have it reviewed in our blog. I have gone through the specifications and features of this LG fridge. Though I am using whirlpool fridge, I thought of reviewing the features of the fridge whereas the author who has been using the fridge for a long time has reviewed its usage, functionality and other aspects.

LG fridge review
LG Refrigerator Reviews

Fridge Details:

Brand  - LG

Model Number -  205XFDE5 

Type - lg single door refrigerator

Capacity - 190 Ltr

MRP is Rs.17290.

You can buy the LG refrigerator in Amazon for less price below. Also check the rate in Snapdeal here before buying.

Important features:

  • 190 L fridge 
  • Powercut evercool with 9 hours of cooling retention
  • Fastest ice making
  • Base stand drawer
  • Moist balance crisper
  • Beauty and care box

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